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Biden looked like an idiot with all his giggling and laughing -

I thought that was ignorant , although I think Ryan said nothing, and he pretty much agreed with Biden on foreign policy. Palin did much better than Ryan did in 2008.

What a crappy debate.

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Biden believes in "truth in advertising".

His motto is "What you see is what you get."

What I Would Have Liked to Have Seen ...

One of my dream tickets would have been Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano, although it might have made more sense for Napolitano to be the Attorney General. Just think of how someone like Napolitano would have shredded Biden! Every time Biden was caught lying he laughed and he laughed often. The public is so stupid most of them will be swayed by the sold-out media. As we have seen all year long, the debates are one giant sham.


beat that Republicrat like a drum..boom boom boom boom... ;)

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Biden has an excuse for his

Biden has an excuse for his odd behavior, he had part of his brain operated on several years ago. Lyin' Ryan has no excuse for his performance. I don't want to offend but anyone voting for either of these guys need their head examined.

Just can't bring myself to watch.

Seriously - I'd probably have a nervous breakdown if I sat and listened to these pathological establishment liars. Throw something heavy at the TV. Tear all my hair out. Collapse in exhaustion.

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I Really Miss Ron Paul...

in these debates. We need a champion of the constitution to stand up say "Why are we even discussing this, these plans are totally outside the powers afforded to the executive branch in the US Constitution." It is laughable to me that these people are vying for the presidency and no one mention or understanding of the US Constitution. Truly Sad.

People Here

Actually could bring themselves to WATCH that shit? I want to gag just looking at pictures of those jokers much less LISTENING to them blab. Must be a "Know your enemy" thing. Right?


I'm taking a class on the

I'm taking a class on the 2012 Election. The workload is a joke, and part of it is watching this crap. It's a good opportunity to educate other students though. I'm watching right now and it is quite painful.

Same sham shame

John Jackson vs. Jack Johnson! Woo! I would hate to be either one of them. Both of these butt pipes know they're inconsequential at this stage. They both are ruled by their hoard of paying corporate masters and are simply staging an act that will give the uninformed population something to waste time on. It's like some sports oriented contest for the masses to wave their red or blue pom poms while they pretend to make a difference. The only elections that can make a difference now is those at the absolute local level. Vote for people who have integrity. That's all we have left. I'll be writing in Ron Paul even if he picks a cow as a vice presidential candidate.


... I didn't even watch the debate. I wouldn't waste my time. I know the outcome. They're both paid to screw the American people.

You're not the only one who thought so


The Diamond Dog is a real cool cat. | Reporting on the world from an altitude of 420.

Palin was derided because

Palin was derided because she was an actual conservative. Paul Ryan is just a fake, exactly what the MSM love.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Boring Debate

What a sham these debates are. Yak yak yak, but nothing really said. Anybody who can't see through these set up debates is a bigger idiot than Biden.

Not so. Foreign Policy Was Debated. War was discussed.

Not so. Foreign Policy Was Debated. War was discussed.

And NO again: True or not Joe Biden spoke against war. Pauly Ryan spoke in favor of war. This will sink The Republican Party.

The World Loves Ron Paul Because He Is The World's #1 World Peace Statesman. That sparked THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION in 2007

That did not happen in the Obama / Romney "circus debate".

People are tired of war. Nobody wants that anymore except the Neo-Con Extremists and this is what finished The Republican Party Tonight.

Their continued thirst for war and bloodshed (human sacrifice).


But Pauly Ryan got DEMOLISHED.

Made my night :)

R.I.P. - G.O.P. :)

Wisdom Strategies

It's Foreign Policy, Stupid....

Foreign Policy Debated, but not much difference between 'em...
Clearly illustrated by Mark' Fiore's Cartoon:


There are Many Bobs...I'm the Maine Bob!

You Are Obviously Biased and WRONG

From the perspective of an independent:

First, it was borining to most independents.
Second, neither "demolished" the other - it was rather even
(which isn't surprising as there really isn't much difference)
Third, Biden's laughs, etc. were not well received by independents
Fourth, BOTH men FAVOR WAR - it is just a question of how much war!
Biden wants to be out by 2014 and Ryan doesn't want to set a date.
- Well, if 2014 is good for Obama/Biden, then today is better - so let's bring them home NOW!
- On the other hand, if no set date is good for Romney/Ryan, then maybe they will bring them home before 2014.

The point is, BOTH parties believe we can continue to police the world and do not have a clue as to the financial ruin this is causing.

No. Actually Joe Biden DEMOLISHED Pauly Ryan :)

No. Actually Joe Biden DEMOLISHED Pauly Ryan :)

I loved seeing that. Pauly Ryan was scared of a politician with far more teeth and experience than him. He got ridiculed over and over.

And that is crucial: Experience. That is why RON PAUL DEMOLISHES THEM ALL.


But it was funny to see Pauly Ryan get RUN OVER BY A BULLDOZER.

In this case, that is what happened.

The Romney Neo-Cons must be truly terrified now.

If I were a Strategist for The Democrat Party I would say:

What are you people thinking having Obama as President when he cannot win an argument without a teleprompter?

I would say: Switch the Vice-President to President. Better chance of winning. Put Obama on the background and put Joe Biden at the front. This is what a Strategist would do.

I wish The Ron Paul Campaign would have had better Strategists.

Everything was going so very well this spring. The Grassroots should have been at the helm, NOT The "Official Campaign".

And: If Joe Biden takes Obama's place as Public Relations Representative of The Democratic Party?

They will win - Unless RON PAUL GETS FULL SUPPORT from The Party That Destroyed Itself.

It was far better than the Obama / Romney Circus Debate.


Without Ron Paul The Republican Party Is History. Karma. Well Earned.


Wisdom Strategies

Totally agree...

Biden all but bent Ryan over his knee for a good old fashion spanking.

Biden came off as genuine & experienced while Ryan looked like a dumb kid fumbling around looking for places to input little tidbits he's been practicing for weeks. Sad

We have Ron Paul supporters younger than Ryan that could have done FAR better.

Tomorrow, people are going to be asking why Biden isn't president instead of Obama.

Biden SMOKED him.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

Absolutely Correct. Especially Democratic Party Strategists.

Absolutely Correct. Especially Democratic Party Strategists.

And I quote you:

"Tomorrow, people are going to be asking why Biden isn't president instead of Obama."

And speaking of SMOKING: Maybe now Joe Biden can have a side business marketing his own brand of cigars: He should brand them Ryans :) Give free samples to the G.O.P. :)

Just like we in THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION say and know RON PAUL IS THE GREATEST STATESMAN OF THE UNITED STATES IN THE 21st. CENTURY (I say that and stand by my statement), Democratic Strategists will probably be praying: Obama: Please don't talk anymore. Just like Dan Quayle, just like George W. Bush, just like Mitt Romney:


Now The Democratic Party is well positioned to DEMOLISH Romney - If Obama takes a back seat to Joe Biden - and they win, Joe Biden is well positioned for a Presidential Campaign in 2016 - if they change course and really begin to change course towards World Peace. That's #1. Above all else, nothing is more important. I hope they do.

If they do, they will win in 2016 also. Up to them.

To me, RON PAUL is my President. He won my heart and the heart of millions.

I hope a miracle happens and he would be our next President.

This are simply observations.

The Republican Party Destroyed Itself by neglecting RON PAUL and THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION.

What if: We start influencing The Democratic Party? Hmmmm?

I have always thought we messed up by having had that "blind-spot" (I didn't and could already see it as early as 2007. I was really surprised that Ron Paul was running as a Republican! I knew Third Party was not an option. Ron Paul cited his own experience with Third Parties as well as that of Ross Perot - and he was a Billionaire!)

For whatever is worth: The Democrats would have never treated us as the G.O.P. / RNC treated us.


Without Ron Paul they may be "out of political business" for many years to come :)



Wisdom Strategies



The Diamond Dog is a real cool cat. | Reporting on the world from an altitude of 420.


I mean Biden looked like Chester the Cat.lol

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

ecorob's picture

about what we expected, right?

glad I didn't watch it, thanks for the update...

i hate zionists
i hate nazis
i hate joe biden!

also, i hate dickhead cheney and his boy wonder, paul ryan...

what I like?

Ron Paul!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

That is one awesome post!!!!!!!!

Thank you for that post, I needed it tonight.

it was a puke Fest

i puked on nearly everything they said Biden = Ryan

But Biden was just rude with all that laughing and giggling. At least Ryan actually looked serious, instead of a crack head like Biden.

He must have thought he would look like Romney

with his fake smile during any debates. He didn't realize he should not actually laugh out loud.


Undecided women voters...

...who don't understand they are actually one party made to look like two, will choose the "right" just because of Biden's pompous attitude and Ryan acting like a polite gentleman. Bet I hear this from the women at work tomorrow. They are already "attracted" to Ryan.

I see Wrong Paul Ryan

I see Eddie Munster, Just like when I see Romney I see Count Dracula. Maybe it's just because I've been spending too much time on my Animatronics for our haunted house lol

"Eddie Munster" haircut

That was the first thing my husband said when Paul Ryan appeared on the debate!

Ann in Florida


I guess if you really look at the haircut, I would say it does remind me of Eddie. That's funny!