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A Ron Paul Candidate Losing My Vote? Ken Cuccinelli

Ken Cuccinelli was endorsed by Ron Paul himself. His term as Virginia's attorney general has been exemplary. Why, now, is he acting like Mitt Romney is the second coming of Ron Paul?

Rand Paul lost my respect when he "happily" endorsed Mitt Romney, and I said that I would be the first one to welcome him back when he un-endorses him. Now we have Rand Paul, Mitt Romney's surrogate, criticizing his foreign policy. At the same time, we have Ken Cuccinelli praising the country's savior, Mitt Wrongly.

With what I've heard from Ken, my current position is that I will abstain from the gubernatorial race. (Ken's trying for that spot, and I would nominate him above MacDumass.) With what I've heard from Gary Johnson, I'm going to be voting for him. With what I've heard from Rand Paul, I'm starting to think he's feeling dirty and wants to clean up.

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Politics, as we call it, is never a clean sport

if you want to call it a "sport" with people's lives and labors at stake.
But it really is a strange collection of shadowy tongue in cheek public pronouncements while wishing for a different outcome.
Just look at Cuccinelli's record as VAAG. What does it say? How consistent to more limited government is it? That's what we should look at. Little else except where he gets the bulk of his campaign money.
The Dem. Gov. Assn. has just yesterday announced their opposition to his election:

This just received from the Democratic Governors Association:

"Breaking news: Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has dropped out of the race for governor, leaving Tea Party Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as the likely Republican nominee.

Cuccinelli would be the most extreme major party nominee for governor Virginia has ever seen. The Washington Post calls Cuccinelli “the most overtly partisan Attorney General in Virginia history” who “has waged war on Obamacare, harassed climate-change scientists, sanctioned discrimination against homosexuals and embraced Arizona's (now mostly gutted) immigration law.”

We spent this year working hard to re-elect President Obama and defend Democratic governorships. We cannot let our hard fought gains slip away."

Well my friends, if this is how they feel about Cuccinelli, imagine how they'd feel about you!!! I really don't know if all this ballyhoo is warranted or not. Perhaps my FB friends in Virginia can tell us the story on Cuccinelli? I'd love to get the straight "scoop"!!!

O U R P L A N = R O N P U A L (Coinsidence? I think not.)

I agree with you re. Cuccinelli...

I've had problems all along with Cuccinelli becsuse he makes a big deal about unfurling Gadsen flags, etc., received an endorsement from Dr. Paul, and NEVER endorsed Dr. Paul. Pretty bad imo!

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