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Like Ron Paul? Avoid Mitt Romney

At a town hall event in Ohio last month, Rep. Paul Ryan was asked why supporters of Ron Paul — the iconoclastic congressman from Texas — should back this year’s Republican ticket.

Appearing offended by the implication, Ryan scolded: “Do you want Barack Obama to be reelected?” Paul is a actually “friend,” he claimed, and the two are in agreement on key issues.

Baloney. Paul is one of only three GOP House members to not endorse Mitt Romney — and there are several reasons for this.

Leave aside that Paul is a man of deep principle, while Romney appears to have never held a sincere belief in his life. More important are their governing visions, which stand in profound conflict.

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The article is written by an

The article is written by an Obama supporter and is trying to make a case for RP supporters to get behind Obama, which is just as bad as backing Romney.

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