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Dr. Ron Paul for the Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Storting (Parliament of Norway): Nominate US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul for the Nobel Peace Prize.............

Dr. Ron Paul has been unwavering for decades in his message to end all foreign wars the United States gets involved with. He is the highest ranking US official that wants to bring all of our troops home and close hundreds of pointless US military bases around the world that serve only to extend an imperial presence. This alone justifies recognition.

Dr. Paul represents millions of Americans who want peace. We don't believe in the mainstream rationale that these wars are for a good reason. We are awake to peace. Dr. Paul is responsible for waking more people up than anyone else in recent history.

The power of Dr. Paul's movement for peace and liberty has flourished despite the hostility emanating from the US mainstream media and widespread political cronyism. The power of Dr. Paul and his movement should be recognized with a Nobel Peace Prize.

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I say no. The Nobel Peace

I say no. The Nobel Peace Prize is obviously some kind of sick joke, with Obama winning it, and now the EU, although I guess the EU did need the money.

If it was awarded to people who deserved it...yes, but

since Obama won it a few years ago...then began extrajudicial killings of American Citizens...I think the award has lost whatever honor it may have once had.

Scam Site

This link was up a couple of days ago and is a scam.

The link is not a scam

It was an honest effort to get Ron Paul nominated (does this sound familiar?)... for the Nobel Peace Prize. The real scam is the award itself since it just went to the EU.

I have had nothing but junk

I have had nothing but junk emails after signing the petition.
That's all I was trying to say from my original post.

RON PAUL 2012! problem solved.

I am flat out against this

I don't want my heros name attached to nasty socialist scumbag prize...

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

To the Top with this!!

He earned it.

Not the least qualified candidate, and a wise move

Many lesser men have been nominated, and a number of those have gone on to win the prize. Certainly, even if Dr. Paul is not the most obvious candidate win the prize in a world filled with tortured dissidents and those who risk their life to make the world a better place, the visibility gained from even a nomination would help advance our peace movement in America today.

I signed

wake up dailypaul , we should easily get this to the top!