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Daily Iran war propaganda

Keeping up their growing need for war with Iran, and pushing the idea of further government control of "The Internets", Leon Panetta released a fresh piece of propaganda that remarkably ties the two ideas together in a national security fear laced one two punch today with this...

"Hackers in Iran responsible for cyberattacks"


In his speech, Panetta said the Shamoon virus replaced crucial system files at Aramco with the image of a burning U.S. flag, and also overwrote all data on the machine, rendering more than 30,000 computers useless and forcing them to be replaced. He said the Qatar attack was similar...

He added, however, that the Defense Department will not monitor American citizen's personal computers, or provide for the day-to-day security of private or commercial networks.

Panetta used the Persian Gulf attacks in his remarks as a warning to business community that it must embrace stalled legislation that would encourage companies to meet certain cybersecurity standards. And he is endorsing a planned move by President Barack Obama to use his executive powers to put some of those programs, including voluntary standards, in place until Congress acts.

"Before September 11, 2001 the warning signs were there. We weren't organized. We weren't ready. And we suffered terribly for that lack of attention," said Panetta. "We cannot let that happen again. This is a pre-9/11 moment."

So what Leon is saying here... He won't monitor citizen's computers, but will embrace stalled legislation that does. Wait, what? I really like how he added the thing about burning the flag, you can't imagine how far they will go to get what they want. Oh, and we need to attack and impose internet security now, or "The Extremists" will blow up more buildings. Thanks Leon.

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