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Kucinich Demands Accountability On Foreign Policy Interventionism

Kucinich is stronger here than I've heard him. He has little to fear as the termination of his term nears. Sad to lose both Ron Paul and Kucinich from the House:

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RP and Kucinich should run together in 2016...

I don't agree with several of Kucinich's views, but he's the closest thing to a Ron Paul the Democrats have and could broaden RP's appeal.... plus he's one of the few willing to stand up to our out-of-control foreign policy.

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I was just thinking along similar lines. These two

should form some sort of 3rd party alliance to unify all truthseekers in America; and a 2016 ticket would be hard to deny with Paul-Kucinich I also think Dr. Paul could further educate Kucinich on economics.

I really want both of them

to ride off into the sunset of happiness -- but if they're willing, I like the idea myself. I really liked DK's "Office of Peace" idea much like the first surgeon general Benjamin Rush:

Benjamin Rush's Peace Office

People on here freak out at the mention of DK and his "socialistic" ideas etc etc. My "vibe-o-meter" never got jammed by DK in that even if he suggested ridiculous "warm fuzzy" socialistic ideas, he was a reasonable enough man to weigh intentions and blowback. Dennis is/was teachable and I never found the idea of him and Dr. P together as threatening to Liberty.

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You are right, they deserve to just

"ride off into the sunset of happiness." But as passionate warriors I suspect they won't ride off to rocking chairs. Somehow they'll still be working for peace. Together would be powerful.