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The "Other" Candidates for President


Old news, but still a nice summary of three of the other presidential candidates (namely Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode, and Jill Stein) and their personal stances, and a bit on their past actions, too. This article sadly relegates these people as spoilers (which I strongly disagree with), but otherwise points out where they are constitutionally consistent and where they are not. I'm sure it's biased some (the opinion of Jill Stein is rather unfavorable, and I am not familiar enough with her to counter it), but overall still very good, I think.


Are you unhappy with the choice between big-spending incumbent Barack Obama and the Republican Mitt Romney, who refuses to outline any significant spending cuts over Obama’s agenda? Take heart! In November, you’ll likely have one or more alternatives on the ballot for president who provide real differences from the two major-party candidates. In fact, third-party candidates not only provide a choice instead of an echo for those who see the race between Obama and Romney as picking the lesser of two evils, these third-party candidates could help shape the debate and even tilt the election. But even if they don’t, they at least offer an alternative for those who cannot in conscience vote for either Romney or Obama. It’s a factor that both the Romney and Obama camps are reportedly watching closely.

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