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Feed My Sheep

Feeding the homeless laws are escalating throughout the country. It makes me sick to think that many cops today are being trained (think programed) to enforce small "l" laws without Constitutional backing.

They got to ask themselves, "What line will I not cross?" Do they not see that they lose they're own humanity and contribute to the problem when they relinquish they're own moral compass of right and wrong? Do they not know, that they're job is not to blindly follow orders, but also to gauge what is Constitutional and/or right & wrong? THAT IS THEY'RE OATH. THAT IS THE LAW!

When people lose the ability to apply their own conscience to the things that they will do is the time when they become robots and that is the time that the world goes to hell.

Feed My Sheep.


A watered-down version of Mayor Annise Parker’s plan to regulate people who feed the homeless has passed through Houston City Council.

Opponents immediately vowed to fight the ordinance in court and petition for a referendum to put the controversy before voters in November.