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Nigel Farage TROUNCES Media Talking Head on EU Nobel Peace Prize

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Media kick boxing with the Master... always refreshing. :)

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Got his heart in the right place, Feel like sending him

A book on Austrian Economics.

Someone asked him about

Someone asked him about Austrian economics on Twitter, he said he supports it.
He didn't go into any detail though.

He also came out against the drug war:

Additionally he came out against the burqa ban his party previously supported:

But also said he is pro-choice on abortion (which is probably a problem for the few British pro-lifers that exist):

He is still supportive of the British military-industrial complex however and supports government action against private businesses in this case:

It was good to find out a little more about this guy's political positions. Can't wait to see him debate in 2015.

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Awesome, I hope he's on any debate.

His party is for sure the closest to libertarian on the ballot in the UK.

In the UK any Pro-life politician would be destroyed by msm propaganda. Also I agree with what Dr Paul say's its a moral issue for society nothing laws or any state force bearing down upon people can solve. It happened before it was legal in front of Dr Paul's eyes due to a changed post war public.

In the U.S that issue is generally a useful tool to get people to vote for their perceived lesser of two evils...

Got to say I was more than impressed with his drug war stance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxyPw8Q3gyM

But the militarism does concern me. However I have always thought though his believes in military spending come from his realistic take on the things. In that his increases are what we'd have to spend to get what our present politicians ask of our military...

I'd still vote for them, they are our best hope not a lesser evil.

I doubt the EU will let him

I doubt the EU will let him in to their presidential debates in 2014, that is if they even have any.
In the UK I fear if he polls high enough they may resort to dirty tricks to keep him off.

His party is probably the most libertarian, but he probably isn't the most libertarian. He rarely talks about Austrian economics, while Conservatives Daniel Hannan and Douglas Carswell often do often and seem to understand it very well.

Still, compared to the other 3 main parties, he's definitely very libertarian.

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I doubt they will, what's the point its decided by the Elites.

Not the public vote, were they're even listed candidates? Can one campaign or does one need to be nominated.

It's like saying would someone debate to become the Communist Party of China's Chairman. That's for the party elites to deal with not the plebians.

Hmm I like Hannan sometimes but I think there was an article on here with Hannan supporting Romney saying he supported Obama last time...

Here's the Romney thing, disappointing he calls himself a libertarian talks of our shared Anglo-saxon cultural heritage the liberties not so treasured he but spawning from here. Then makes the case for Romney silence as Mitt cheers their end with his NDAA support.


Each Europarty nominates a

Each Europarty nominates a candidate or endorses a candidate by another Europarty. The MEPs vote for the candidate their party supports. It's similar to the British system, you vote for the Prime Minister/Commission President by voting for someone who supports him. In 2009 there was only one candidate, Barroso, nominated by the EPP (one of the two European sister parties of the GOP). He got the support of the European "right wing" for being a current "right winger" and the support of the European left wing for being a former Maoist revolutionary and continuing to be a proponent of greater bailouts, spending and regulation - but mainly he was elected because there was really no one else to vote for.

In 2014 we will see more parties nominate candidates. The Socialists, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens will also have their own candidates (I believe the Socialists are the only party holding a primary). Nigel Farage is not part of a Europarty (he's an Independent in the European Parliament) but he is a leader of a Eurosceptic parliamentary group consisting of other Independents on a European level who will most likely back him as their presidential candidate. Should the national parties forming this parliamentary group somehow gain a plurality of MEPs in 2014, Farage would be their choice for the presidency. The odds of this are very low, so I expect the debates, if any, to be held between the Socialist nominee and whoever the EPP choose this time.

With the 2015 UK debates, if Farage is still leading the Lib Dems in the polls coming up to the 2015 elections I expect both UKIP and the Lib Dems will be prevented from debating.

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I think you're right.

When I said it's for the party elites to decide I meant MEP's, It is like the UK system, which I'm almost as unhappy with.

The chances of him winning would be very low, he's messing with these peoples bread and butter... Most Mep's are very much Euro-philes

I again agree they'd work squeeze out UKIP at any cost if they can help it. They'll base it on current MP's or something, anything but the polls.

I do like Hannan, it just irks me that he can look past Romney's flaws and no strategic gain from sucking up to him.

The UK doesn't have a Ron Paul thus it doesn't have anywhere near as many people who've woken up and seen the BoE in its true light.

I don't think the UK or any

I don't think the UK or any other country (even the US) will ever have another Ron Paul. Ron Paul is one of a kind. Rand Paul is close, Amash is close, but there is really no one quite like Ron Paul.

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True, my friend, would I be here other wise?

Probably not as often.

True, my friend, would I be here other wise.

Probably not as often.

Who Hannan supports in the

Who Hannan supports in the USA general election is largely irrelevant as he has no vote. To my knowledge, Hannan endorsed Ron Paul in the primaries in both 2008 and 2012. Hannan has also met Dr. Paul a few times.
I believe he backed Obama in 2008 largely based on foreign policy, much like many Americans including some people who are now RP supporters - McCain was the most interventionist presidential nominee to date. As well as that, McCain wasn't good on fiscal issues either. Hannan isn't a non-interventionist but he's not a neo-con either. He is like a British Mike Lee.

This year he is supporting Romney because although Romney is very moderate, he is still more fiscally conservative than McCain was. More a lesser of two evils thing - Hannan was quite critical of Romney at first. Of course I don't agree with Hannan, but I can understand his reasoning.

Hannan is a very smart guy who is doing a great job promoting libertarian ideas among young British Conservatives. Sure, he's not perfect, but he's better than 99.5% of British politicians. Remember the Bank of England is still quite popular in the UK compared to the Fed in the USA and for years he's been the sole voice criticising it.

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There are a couple of mildly

There are a couple of mildly pro-life guys in the Conservative Party who want to reduce abortion to 12 weeks, although they try to justify this biologically, not religiously, and have been attacked by the MSM. I don't think Dr. Paul spoke about abortion as a social problem, wasn't that contraception? He said he's in favour of an abortion ban at the state level.

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This was based on what he wrote in Liberty Defined

True isn't the new health minister one of them? It's very differerent to America though were that'd be the stance of almost all republicans...


At 6.45 He describes it as a profound moral issue to be dealt with by society.

Also I think the opening story explains why he thinks such laws would be infective. How often does a libertarian espouse the state as the solution to a problem?

This is the opening topic in the book, a book I'd recommend to anyone on the Dailypaul.

He's also been very vocal

He's also been very vocal against the police state and Iraq war.

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

Nigel goes HARD!

Nigel goes HARD!