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The Ron Paul Revolution 2012 And The End Of The Republican Party.

Hello, Everyone.

I wish to share a few thoughts with all of you after these 5 years we have spent building THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION from The Grassroots.

I feel the Vice-Presidential Debate last night, October 11, 2012 was a turning point.

I support Ron Paul and Only Ron Paul, but as a Strategist of 5 Years - Independent from The "Official Ron Paul Presidential Campaigns" 2008 - 2012 I wish to share my observations with you: My New Found Family ♥

The People who run The Democratic Party and The Republican Party are ALL STUPID.

The irony is that Vice President Biden DEMOLISHED wanna-be vice-president Paul Ryan.


Ron Paul Is The Greatest Statesman Of The United States In The 21st. Century.

The World knows that.

Unless The Electoral College Wakes Up, and FAST and nominates Ron Paul, The Republican Party is finished at this 2012 "election".

The Democratic party will win (I take no sides) and if they do a good - or better and improved job in the next four years - Joe Biden would be in a very good position for a 2016 Presidential Campaign and then The Republican Neo-Con Party will be "Out Of Business" for a very long time to come.

A Ron Paul Is Not Born Every Day.

If I were a Strategist for The Democratic Party I would ask them: What are you doing having Obama as President? He cannot win a debate unless he is reading from a script on a teleprompter!

Switch positions and bring Joe Biden to the forefront. Then you win.

I think as a strategist. Our lives are all based on our decision making: Our Strategies.

I find it unbelievable that Grassroots, Independent, Unpaid Strategists are far more Professional that those who go to college to study "Political Science" simply because they want a career in a potentially financially rewarding field. Just for "status, money and apparent power".

But it is LOVE AND PASSION that win in the end.

My mother always told me:

"Where there is pay, There is no glory".

In the materialistic, fiat-fake-"money" based society we live in that may sound unreal. But it is true.

I took my mother's advise and I have worked to help others without asking for compensation. I am a musician and I teach children guitar lessons for free: I know learning their first song will raise their self-esteem - especially if it is a song from an artist they admire - and they will know how much potential they have within.

That is how you change the world. One child, one man, one woman at a time.

That is what we are doing here - those of us who are sincere - and may God Bless Michael Nystrom for having made a home for all of us here at The Daily Paul.

It has been an honor for me to befriend and network with so many of you, and this love for one another and our cause for a peaceful, happy world is not going away. WE ARE HERE TO STAY.

I Love All Of You With All My Heart ♥


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