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NBC Admits Ross Perot Actually Once Led George Bush by 8 Points and Bill Clinton by 14

Of course, you did not hear this in 1992, because the MSM BLACKED OUT poll results after Perot started leading and until he temporarily withdrew from the race.


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Why don't you do the math for him.

He's kinda busy right now.

I've heard Gary Johnson speak of dollar inflation vs. asset value. He does know the value of yesterday's money. He supports money backed by gold and silver. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an-ZrLZmWBo
Seriously, I'd be curious to know. If a guy started paying into Social Security at $15 a week in 1970 when he's 15 years old like I was, and the contribution increased 10% per year for increased income and then you factor in inflation, how much would you have 50 years later?
Less or more value with a zero percent interest rate?
Less or more value than a savings account at 4 percent interest rate?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

How much was gold worth in 1970?

At 5.30 mintues Gary Johnson says Medicare is a budget buster...Says people only put $30 into medicare and are getting $100 out....

Regarding your question about the 1970s investment into medicare at $15 a week:

Gold started the year 1970 at 34.94 per ounce. By the conclusion of 1970, the price was at 37.44 per ounce. http://www.usagold.com/reference/prices/history.html

If you had been able to invest in gold at $15 a week in 1970 alone, how much gold would you have now after buying for 1 year and how much would it be worth today?

I did not spend the time to do the precise math...but you get the idea:

You would have in the neighborhood of $37,000 for the 1970 investment in gold alone because you would have been able to purchase about 21oz that year at $15 a week.

The problem is not that people put in too little and are getting more out of medicare now. The problem is that the Federal Government stole and wasted the people's money and now cannot deliver on its "promise."

I do not appreciate a bait and switch on the facts of the matter. I am sick and tired of watching my mom and Pop scrimp and worry after paying into SS/Med all their years only to be told they did not do enough. I could care less about my so called future "investment." I see it for what it is. P O N Z I And when I hear Gary Johnson speak the truth I will applaud it. How about "People, I know you paid into the system and the government wasted and defrauded you, but you have to understand, we can no longer afford it...I personally am sorry for you, but know, we will work together and pull thru..."

It seems to me, we are now in the process of dividing the young against the elderly and if you are in your 50s?, you are not far from being "culled"...and I am not too far behind you.



The video report simply referenced a Gallup Poll from the time that had Perot ahead of Clinton/Bush. Your headline is deceptively written to make it look like NBC was finally 'fessing up to some 20 year-old cover-up. Please abandon this intentional misleading of others. It is the very thing we are trying to get away from with the Obama manipulated media.

It WAS a 20 year old coverup!

Get your head out of your backside, all of you.

According to The Todd

"All our votes are belong to Romney and Obama"

It's like they've already been counted and Johnson is trying to steal what rightfully belong to the duopoly.

Yeah it's..

Vote third party or I would've stayed home.. jackasses

Go go gadget Johnson! Oh

Go go gadget Johnson!
Oh wait. That's not appropriate.
I meant, "Go go Gary Johnson!"
That's the one.

Perot droped out right after

Perot droped out right after Bilderberg Conference did'nt he?

And did that not happen with Ron Paul this year as well?


I remember this

Perot was way up, and then the mysterious drop out.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Garan's picture

I remember clearly...

Ross Perot announced why he pulled out, which was because he thought that he was loosing.

Then, when he saw a large reaction to his withdrawal, he figured he was wrong, and then continued his pursuit to be President.

P.S. I still have his book, entitled "United We Stand".

The guy made too much sense and (heaven forbid), enhanced his talks with illustrations, which people laughed at. It was disgusting how people misunderstood Perot.

And to this day.. the politicians use props

A thing that Perot got laughed at for. And from that day, Presidential debates were taken away from the Women League of Voters and given to this who knows what "commission" so that never again could a Ross Perot stand up there in front of the American people and tell the truth. They don't play and you know why Perot and Paul are now vamoos. We havn't heard from Ross the boss for 20 years. An outspoken American icon driven out of the county. I understand he's been living in New Zealand. Hats off to the patriots.
God Bless you both.

That was reported, I recall that was prior to him dropping out

I followed it at the time, there was a point Ross Perot was in the lead. Things sure would have been different if Ross was elected.

I followed it as well in the WASHINGTON POST, ...

WASHINGTON TIMES and NEW YORK TIMES. I read them every day and not one of these newspapers reported a national presidential preference poll for SIX WEEKS, between mid April when Perot took the lead to early June, when Perot's support dropped over a comment he made about "gay rights" and "adulterers". Perot dropped out shortly after this, later claiming George Bush's goons threatened his daughter's wedding, or something to that effect.

I called one of the radio talk shows at the time, when the discussion of a possible Perot win came up. I pointed out that this was a possibility, but that I predicted Bill Clinton would win and was laughed off the show.



Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul


Thanks for posting.

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