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Bankers’ Man in 2008, Obama's been Dumped by the Money Men

Earlier when Mitt was down big in the polls, the donations by the banks kept nagging at me that maybe this was scripted! The winners is already know to the PTB. The money went to Mitt and I bet that if someone tracked the campaign donations, one would see that the bankers candidate ALWAYS wins! Here's an article on it! If you're cheering one over the over, you are merely an actor in a script playing a role, the ending has been written already, you mean nothing to the outcome!

Bankers’ Man in 2008, Obama's been Dumped by the Money Men

One thing you can say about the financial industry. It has no sense of loyalty.

Back in 2008, most of the biggest contributors to presidential candidate Barack Obama were financial companies. According to the campaign fund tracking website Open Secrets, after the $1.65 million donated by a political action committee (PAC) for the University of California, the next biggest contributor was a PAC for the giant bank, Goldman Sachs, whose employees ponied up a reported $1 million. Right up there among the top contributors to the Obama campaign that year were two other of the nation’s top banks too: JP Morgan Chase, whose employee PAC gave $809,000, and Citigroup, which gave $737,000. Two more big banks, UBS and Morgan Stanley, as well as General Electric, which less than a year later bought a bank to enable itself to benefit from the government’s largesse in doling out billions of “rescue” dollars under the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), were among Obama’s top 20 campaign donors, handing over $533,000, $512,000 and 530,000 respectively to support his election.

Open Secrets reports that this year there is only one Wall Street bank listed among Obama’s top 20 largest donors: Wells Fargo, which only gave the president’s re-election campaign a scant $202,000, less than half what the smallest of his top 20 donors gave four years ago. Over all, big banks gave Obama over $4 million in 2008, and only $200,000, or just five percent as much, in 2012. Romney, meanwhile, this year is awash in Wall Street money, and his donations are even bigger than the donations Obama received from the industry back in 2008. Romney’s number one donor is Goldman Sachs....


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Guess they rode that horse as far they could...

...now it's off to the glue factory. Whaddya say Obama?


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

If Mitt wins, I am going to

If Mitt wins, I am going to start raking it in from Intrade betting on the bankers choice from now on!

Yeah, and Israel backed Gaddafi...

That sure worked out for him.

Bottom line is "controlled opposition". BOTH Obama and McCain were "their men" in 2008. Unless the bankers are taken down nothing will change.