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National talk radio host misses his flight after TSA detains him twice

Free Talk Live is a syndicated talk radio show heard around the world. The show, airing live seven nights a week, is heard on 110 radio stations and four television stations and broadcasts from Keene, New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. The Liberty Radio Network, LRN.FM, is running because of Free Talk Live and airs liberty-oriented radio around the clock. Mark Edge and Ian Freeman are the hosts of Free Talk Live and have been named one of the 100 most important talk radio shows in America by TALKERS magazine for the last four years running. Ian and Mark do more than just talk about politics on Free Talk Live, they are also activists.

Ian Freeman and Mark Edge are no strangers to being caged, Mark having served nine years in prison and Ian, who is jailed more frequently for things like “obstructing law enforcement” and even having a couch in his yard. Despite their regular activism, the two hosts of Free Talk Live are well known figures and have one of the largest radio shows in the country. The hosts may have made an enemy, however, by regularly speaking out against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Ian Freeman, in particular, believes that he is on a list to be searched every time he travels. Ian is pulled aside and “super-secret-special-searched”.

On Friday morning, Mark and Ian were preparing to fly back to New Hampshire after a business trip. The two had already been through the TSA checkpoint in the airport and were getting ready to board the flight.