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Calling ALL open minded DP libertarians...

I NEVER thought I would entertain this thought..
Do we really have a choice now ????
Just watch a while...and think..


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"Open-minded" libertarians...

you mean the people who don't support Gitmo Gary, right? Because his supporters are some of the most closed-minded individuals I've ever been in contact with.

I don't play, I commission the league.

You just have to admit...

the ad spots are outstanding!!
And the other 2 candidates just can't hold a candle to this truth...

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

+ 1


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i think gj people on here

have probably put off more people than they've turned on.

That said there's some people who were ridiculously against him and call him gitmo gary while telling people to vote for romney (as if romney isn't going to expand the wars and probably build a few new gitmos)

I hope GJ gets enough votes to get matching funds so we can have a huge big fight on here in four years about how matching funds for the libertarians is an anathema to liberty.

Is the OP implying that I

Is the OP implying that I cant be an open minded libertarian if i refuse to vote for Gary Johnson?


No, it appears he is saying if you are open-minded, feel free to check out Gary Johnson and consider voting for him. I think this is a good idea, whether you give him your vote or not.

Love it. Re-energizing. Let's

Love it. Re-energizing. Let's do work!!

I'm going to vote for GJ for one reason only

Because a Ron Paul write-in vote in Ohio won't be tallied. Right before checking the box, though, I will attempt to telepathically contact Ron Paul to let him know that it is an indirect vote for him.