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Lions of Liberty VP Debate Tweet Recap

Sorry for the late posting of the great VP Debate of 2012, also known as the “BLUSTER’S LAST STAND!” But…better late than never. This was originally live-Tweeted last night from our @lionsofliberty feed, so if you’re on Twitter, give us a follow.

- Predictions for 1st #VPDebate: #Biden walks out with bucket stuck to his foot; Ryan rips suit at bicep pointing to cost saving tax cuts.

- Is the firm arm grab and fake 5 seconds of banter mandatory? #VPDebate

- Ooooh getting right to the thick! Libya! #VPDebate

- Biden criticizes Romney for having wanted to keep 30,000 troops in Iraq; has no problem with even more contractors making 3x $ #VPDebate

-Biden: The last thing we need now is another war (unless it’s against Syria…or Iran) #VPDebate

-Oooh Paul Ryan gives Bo Biden a shout out! Wait a minute, Joe named his son “Bo”? BO BIDEN?! This really is pro wrestling. #VPDebate

-Biden pulls out “Mularkey” early. He’s got his full bag of tricks tonight! #debates

-Paul Ryan just looks happy to be here. #VPDebate

-Paul Ryan: I am opposed to urinating on Caliban Corpses. #VPDebate #debates

Full recap at Lions of Liberty

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Didn't watch last

night, but read the tweets live. Funny stuff. Listened to it today and I thought Biden won by a slight margin. Of course, most of the topics they debated were based on lies.

This was a labor of hate

To sit through. Hope it's appreciated!

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