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Gary Johnson says...

In one of Gary Johnson's new series of superslick Hollywood quality ads (with only $2 million total taken in including federal funds) he says:

"I am the only one that agrees with you 100%"

What does that even mean? Hypnotic suggestion?

Ron Paul says recovery will be slow and painful. Gary Johnson says he will rebuild our manufacturing base in four years and his Fair Tax will cause money to flow into the markets.

Historically it takes 15-25 years to recover from a failed currency. He doesn't mention the trillions upon trillions upon trillions of $'s of our debt and fake money shoveled to foreign central banks around the world. We MUST write this debt off which will cause massive global shock waves and a period of stark austerity.

If I sell him my soul will he make me a guitar god and cause harems of beautiful women to beg at my feet?

This guy is beginning to scare me...

The new ads can be found here (they autostart):

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What does it mean?

It means that he agrees with the majority in all the polls that were mentioned in the ad. They all suggested that a majority of Americans favoured certain things and he is saying he agrees with the majority 100%.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

it's all bullshit...

the intensity Ron Paul exudes is not impressionable...
Ron Paul write-in 2012 - Oregon.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

You should be very scared for

You should be very scared for if you think he has even a 1 in a trillion chance of ever being president, you are stark raving mad and should immediately proceed to the nearest mental hospital!

The difference....

I asked what "I am the only one that agree you 100% of the time" means. What DOES it mean? It sounds nice. It's in a political ad. Ads try to convince people of things. It's a meaningless phrase in an ad. So I ask is it meant to hypnotize people?

Your response is to call me crazy. (typical first response style of GJ fanboys)

I suggest that Gary Johnson is making utopian claims:

Ron Paul makes dire videos and commentaries about the inevitable collapse of the dollar about coming social upheaval, a period of austerity and BLOOD IN THE STREETS and how families will be destroyed if they have not gotten out of the dollar into safer investments. Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers echo these same sentiments. "WARNING! DANGER! PREPARE!" is their message. They speak of $QUADRILLIONS of malinvestment in derivatives that is the foundation of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE'S RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS which will disappear when derivatives are written-off and liquidated. And derivatives are an entirely seperate issue from the trillions upon trillions the Fed has been sending to foreign central banks which has not come back to haunt us yet but that Rogers, Schiff, Faber, and even nearly all mainstream economists are now admitting is about to hit us NEXT YEAR. The ones who used to laugh at us are not laughing anymore.

Gary Johnson paints this rosy whistling and grinning picture of money flowing freely in the markets because of some budget cuts and a rearranging of taxes while maintaining that we FIX THE FED??????

Then you frickin' turn around and call **me** crazy? You are under a delusion and spell. Your comment below shows you do somewhat understand the true danger we are in. What makes you ignore the truth of my original points in favor of calling me crazy? Think about it.

When the dollar collapses, and it will be soon, we will experience difficult social upheaval, political turmoil, a disruption of mechanisms that feed, clothe and house us and other forms of austerity. Ron Paul is somber with us about it. Gary Johnson shows pictures of happy idyllic scenes and "don't worry, be happy" music and sparkling promises.

I'm not the crazy one. I'm tired of liars and deceivers. Millions of old people are about to lose their retirements and pensions and you are bitching at me for complaining about utopian political ads? Bravo.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


that is what they told him when he ran for Governor too. He did win. He won twice which is more than Romney or Obama can say at this point. Of course if he doesn't get in the debates it is extremely unlikely which is why they won't let him in.


A thoughtful mature response to my assertions and inquiries. I am super impressed. Thanks. :)

You are very articulate and well-spoken. GJ is lucky to have so many followers with your exact level of intellectual prowess and social graces.

I think you have brought me to the very edge of converting to GJ. Keep up the good work!

Have you watched the movie A Clockwork Orange? You reminded me of it. A classic work of cinematic art.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

On the other hand, you may

On the other hand, you may have a point, I think Gary Johnson is trying to hypnotize us all! He may already have me under his spell! OMG! What if he hypnotizes everybody and takes over the world? I take back what I said, you are right, Gary Johnson is the anti-Christ, and it is too late to stop his world domination plans! We're all doomed now! If only you could have warned us sooner! Anybody know the number of a good de-programmer?

actually ron paul

said recovery will be slow and painful the way they are doing it now. But it would be quick if they would liquidate debts and let markets drive the recovery. Anyway, what Gary Johnson is proposing could have a big impact.

Ron Paul said....

in his video warning of the inevitable collapse of the dollar that if we change our domestic economic policies and ***implement sound money*** that it might shorten the period of austerity.

Gary Johnson does NOT propose sound money! He suggests FIXING the Fed and returning it to its original purpose (???). Fix the Fed! Fix the Fed! Fix the Fed!

The Fed is the counterfeiting operation that allows to finance the wars! And it is what allows them to transfer our wealth into their coffers leaving us with little. It cannot be fixed.

Ron Paul is a student of economic history. He would not tell you that currency collapse recoveries were EVER fast. It takes 15-25 years to rebuild a currency under NORMAL circumstances. In Ron Paul's video about the INEVITABLE collapse of the dollar he describes the disruption and it will cause GLOBALLY. The dollar is the world's reserve currency which will makes its collapse especially disruptive.

It took 15-20 after the US ***revalued the $ in the 1930's to recover from the Great Depression. It took 15-20 years for the economy to recover from the Vietnam war debt shock (not even a currency collapse). This time around MILLIONS of pensions and retirements are about to collapse and VANISH. Around 40% of people's retirements have already vanished since 2008 although most have not been informed.
(***a revalued currency is basically a new replacement currency even though it was still called "dollar")

A rearranging of taxes and tweaking spending isn't going to have a big impact. And Gary Johnson is expressing no plans for giving us sound money. He likes the fake money we have. It just needs fixing, he says.

We are insanely and impossibly mathematically in debt and have created $QUADRILLIONS in fraudulent financial instruments (derivatives) that are sitting as time bombs in people's retirement and government funding bonds and the dollar MUST collapse. Gary Johnson is not warning you and he has ZERO plans for real sound money as he says it not the problem. Literally, Gary Johnson says that the problem is not fake money. He literally says it's because we print too much.

Good luck with all that...

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you obviously didn't read my post below

I was not talking about a currency collapse because we are not there yet. I was talking about recovery from where we are now. funny that you chose to respond to the first one after I had already responded to you below.


Thanks ahead of time...

I am working on a comprehensive response to your comment with supporting materials but I have several other non-computer/non-internet things going on at the moment. Stay tuned! :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

I'll look in my spare time

but we might be talking about different things. I am talking about the current recession and debt problem. You might be talking about a monetary collapse which isn't here (yet?). I am running from memory but heard it multiple times when he was talking about how they are dealing with this recession and also about the recovery from WWII. In fact the graphs of debt now look very much like WWII. We had a sharp recovery from that. It is possible, but things are not looking good at this point.

What Gary Johnson is proposing is a balanced budget so no increase in debt. That is huge in and of itself. The fair tax, well I am not thrilled but tax simplification is critical in my view for the reason he states and Ron Paul as well. These guys line up for the loopholes. It is sad. We will fight over how the taxes get paid for eternity. Keep in mind though a President isn't all powerful. Gary Johnson has plenty of experience vetoing legislation so I am confident he will use that very important power as President.

Pretty much all the 3rd party candidates would be a step up from the choices the Democrats and Republicans are supplying us.

He's not asking you to sell your soul...

He's advertising to people who have voted Rep or Dem their entire lives, and encouraging them to go third party for this election.

Now, I have to say:
I'm a little tired of these posts... we get it! A lot of folks here are writing in Ron Paul. COMMENDABLE! A lot of folks here are voting for Gary Johnson. THAT'S FINE! Just about all the folks here believe in Liberty and Freedom. Please stop trying to cause a divide amongst us, and simply do what Ron Paul said and VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE. We all have minds of our own, and we all live in different states with different write in rules.

A 'Write-In Paul' campaign will not result in the election of Ron Paul (I really wish it could...) and, most likely, Johnson won't get into the debates and win either. The system is rigged so any vote that isn't for establishment candidates is a vote for our cause.

I for one was thinking about voting for Obama.

but now I'm leaning toward Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson could give a real numbers count in the fall as to how many people in the movement there actually are. A write in Ron Paul vote would likely not be counted and discarded.


Glad to see someone is finally waking up to the GJ charade.
I suspect as time draws near more and more will see he is a COMPLETELY CLOAKED FRAUD!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

I'm patiently waiting...

for a GJ'er to counter or explain one of assertions/inquiries. :)

There's quite a few of us who are putting the pieces together. I have to say the new ads are REALLY slick and pack a very powerful emotional punch...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~