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Maine Write-in Sign Bomb Anyone?

I wrote this on the Maine for Ron Paul Facebook page and RonPaulForums:

"Now that Ron Paul is an official write-in candidate, is anyone even remotely interested in a sign bomb on Nov 6 in a city such as Portland? We can make homemade "write-in" signs to put with our Ron Paul ones (hopefully someone could bring one of the huge ones).

If anyone would like to do this, we should plan a location somewhere such as Portland that's at least 250 feet away from the nearest polling location. Let me know what you guys think."

Is anyone here interested? I am available any part of the day I believe.

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henry9's picture

I've got one.

It is almost ready to go up by the blinking light in China ME. Probably tomorrow.

Sorry I cannot make it to Portland or Bangor.

BTW- It will be in the ground kind. Still helpful, I hope.

I would say start daily stand outs in Portland and Bangor now

...from there it will spread. GOOD JOB MAINERS!

Release the Sandy Hook video.