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Greta's question to viewers: What kind of President do you think Ron Paul would have made?

After her recent interview with the CEO of overstock.com, Greta Van Susteren wants feedback on the question: What kind of President do you think Ron Paul would have made?


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Ron Paul is for individual liberty

and constitutional government. Need more be said, Greta?

Federal and Competitive

Before the first week was over in a Ron Paul presidency the Federation would have returned to a Federation and it would no longer be an enforced monopoly/despotism/Nation State where the Tax Payers are in factual accurate measure VICTIMS of crimes made legal.

In other words: Ron Paul as president would have immediately sent a shot across the bow to all the criminals who are currently revolving around the Monopoly Door and they would not have anything to fear other than their own loss of their seat on the train that they build as it accelerates into World War III, so their fears concern their War Profits.

Like rats finding the last dry place on a sinking ship those criminals would be cashing in their remaining Federal Reserve Notes and moving their stolen loot offshore, quickly, knowing all the while that their schedule of Raiding America (as in Corporate Raiding) was just NULLIFIED by Ron Paul as president, and Ron Paul doesn't even have to lift a finger yet, not even sign an order, because the fact that a Ron Paul becomes president is the signal that the criminals have lost their strangle hold on America.

The power behind the Legal Money Monopoly Ends in that first week, because their power is fraud, and once the False Fronts are removed the Frauds scatter like roaches in a seedy hotel when the lights are turned on. That means, again in the first week, people now have options, competitive options, not JUST ONE LEGAL MONEY DICTATED as the only one good for "All Debts PubliK and Private" by the Money Tzar at Communist Central Bank Central A.K.A. Bernanke Bucks The FED.

The question of how much longer it takes from that moment on to DISCONNECT the IRS from The People in each State is again a matter of time once the POWER of FALSEHOOD no longer empowers Legalized Extortion at the Nation State Level; from the no longer working Despotic Nation State the IRS begins to evaporate, and The People in each Sovereign State would begin to regain their power of CHOICE gradually as the Tax Payers in each State begin to realize the return of their power to CHOOSE which money is better for them, and they begin to realize that their power to CHOOSE which people they hire to run their Cities, Counties, and States return, and then there are TRUE MARKET FORCES in competitive government, as a FEDERATION is designed to work, where people are then demanding a return to a competitive Federation where one State is so obviously better than another State, so obvious in fact, that The People begin voting with their feet to escape the Dictators who may yet be infesting one State more than another. Those Liberated States will then be employing their new found power over their own money to then squeeze the life out of the Nation State as The People learn how NOT TO PAY FEDERAL TAXES, and the States are then empowered to decide IF, WHEN, and HOW MUCH POWER flows to the Federal Government.

In the Ron Paul Presidency or someone who is as competitive as Ron Paul as President, the following Legalized Crimes END in this order:

The Federal Reserve (system of legal fraud) ENDS
The IRS (system of legal extortion) ENDS
Aggressive Wars for Profit (of the few at the cost of the many) ENDS

Which brings up the concept of a true Federal President whose ONE job is to Defend Liberty in each State whereby each State is voluntarily paying Union Dues for that ONE thing done by a Federal Government.

The Troops who are employed by criminals to keep the profits flowing to the few Central Bankers would be marching home on the first official acknowledgement of Ron Paul being elected, in their own minds, in their own consciences, and before the year is out their actual bodies, whole, not in parts, would return HOME in a Ron Paul Presidency.

Liberty isn't easy, but it isn't impossible either.

If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you get what you pay for, in accurately measurable FACT.


Re Greta, this isn't a precise analogy, so

don't read into it. But I find it something like a doctor asking someone on life support who, through negligence, had the wrong surgery done to him that caused him to unnecessarily lose vital organs while leaving the diseased and deteriorating tissue intact, "Of course, it's too late for anyone to do anything about it now, but I'm just curious. What do you think your life would have been like if I'd done my job properly?"

Of course, Greta isn't solely responsible for the mainstream media blackout of Ron Paul that, at her company, goes back to at least 2008 when Ron Paul was excluded from the debate. But seeing as both personally and as a representative of Fox she was part of the problem (no less for some of us a journalist we once trusted), I find her innocent-sounding inquiry galling.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Dr Paul is the legitimate nominee

Romney should have been disqualified for cheating and arrested for blackmail and threats to Dr Paul. The National GOP "leadership" should be in jail for election tampering as well as the owners of the MSM. The owners of the MSM should be paying Dr Paul damages for their smears and lies against him.

Greta knows all this. She was part of it. She must want hits.

In a nutshell Greta....


Not going to waste my time w/YouTube but....

....he would have been the kind of President who would avoid the disasters that Romney or Obama either will not foresee or will exacerbate.

Too bad for us he'll never get that chance.





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"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Condescendingly antagonistic

Condescendingly antagonistic mocking bitch, taking a break from her propaganda mill just long enough to revel and gloat in her participation in a successful conspiracy of lies against our Good Doctor.....
To her I only reply Ni.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

she seems genuine

this is the first time she came across as a citizen and not a report. I liked it......At any rate we need to make this one viral and every supporter should respond.

We shall sse.

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T'was a pleasre to share a few of my favorite things.

Best to you Greta. Many regards to all,

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The Insiders have a

strangle hold so I doubt Ron Paul would have made it to the front steps.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."