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Batman and Ryan

The world needs a Superhero duo. Are they fake, or are they incognito real?

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan don't come close to Ron Paul, but they are at least trying to give us just one open crack into the giant communist door. All it takes is a crack to break the world wide open....

After watching last night's debate, I must confess that I liked what Paul Ryan had to say for many reasons, but one stood out the most to me.

Paul Ryan was the first politician to say Russia has a lot to do with what the United States is doing right now, and how the United Nations is preventing American forces from performing essential military operations....sounds like Vietnam all over again. Vietnam was a war controlled by the UN. And the UN is ran by communists.

Go figure...

PLEASE ask yourself a simple question...why are we in their backyards? Why are we on the footsteps of Russia and China?

Why are we there? We are fighting over there for a very important reason. Whoever wins will decide the future of the human race.

Here's the bottom line...somebody is going to win the BIG PRIZE. It's a battle between the West vs. the East and the fight is being waged in the MIDDLE east.

The future of the world is literally at stake.

One nation is going to eventually win CONTROL, like it or not. George Washington said to mind your own business, but that was over 230 years ago. Things have changed, a lot.

The country that wins CONTROL over the MIDDLE will control the world in the 21st century and beyond. That may seem sour, but it's true.

What are we fighting for? Vital energy resources and world dominance. Like it or not, that is human nature. ONE will eventually win. It sucks but it is true.

Who do you want to win? Because eventually, one will win regardless of whether you like it or not....it's like the seasons changing, it's going to happen eventually.

What direction do you want the future of the world to move in? Towards Russia, China, Iran, Syria, all of Africa, and the EU?

Just kidding about the EU, sort of...

I hate to say it, but I'm becoming more of a war hawk in my ripe old age of 33.

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Lemme see if I have the

Lemme see if I have the morality of your argument straight.

You and I are both big kids on the block. There are other, smaller kids on the block. I should beat up the smaller kids on the block and take their shit In order to keep you from doing the same, otherwise you'd have more shit than me.

Is that about it?

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein