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Virgil Goode response to first debate

Here is a link the Virgil Goode's response to the first presidential debate : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gdvDb...!

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Wait, what?

Did he say he wants to kick out legal Green Card holding residents?

Sorry but that is ridiculous!

I don't care about how he talks, I'm more interested in the message, however, the production of this video is poorly presented.

He's not doing his cause any favors whatsoever.

BTW, does he always talk that slow?

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

I like most of what he said

especially PACS

Will the excess funds go to C4L? I donated specifically to ronpaul2012.com, instead of sending it to C4L. While I think C4L may be a good thing, it's still a PAC. Better to our liberties than one which goes to Romney or Obama but it's still a PAC.

Or maybe PACS should take no donations but instead consist of voters writing letters and such. E-mail is cheap or free. I know I get plenty of e-mails from C4L that say the same thing two or three times literally. A few or many volunteers could do the same thing and stuff could go viral. They seem to push for good things but my main concern is they are a PAC.

I'm kind of broken on them. Maybe the scales are balanced at C4L. I just know their e-mails which literally state the same thing in triplicate are annoying. I keep reading thinking there is more and it's the same couple paragraphs. I don't mind getting them but I wish they would just write it once. But I guess I was dumb for reading the whole things until I wised up.

All money should come from private individuals for political campaigns.

I hope Dr. Paul's campaign uses the excess money to continue to educate youth. I can't wait to watch the speech on the 18th. I wish the youth had shown up to vote in the primaries. I think that's why Obama did so well last primary in my state. But at least Dr. Paul is waking up college kids. They are the future and are in even worse need of help than any other generation.

Virgil Goode seems like a decent guy. He talks like he's on medication for parkinsons but that's okay. I can't judge him on one video though and this is the DailyPAUL.

I see some very deep conversation..

in this thread, making fun of a candidate just because of the way he speaks!

Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!


I did the same thing :) But I like the message.

My problem is I want to vote

My problem is I want to vote for him and my only thought after watching the clip was..."Is this the best we can do in America?" I am concerned about the Libertarian Party being co-opted...well, I am wondering the same about the Constitution Party.

Oh yeah...

Perhaps this politician is more to your liking..



Must have just left the

Must have just left the dentist. Mouth full of novacane.

You have to be kidding...

Goode cannot make a coherent sentence with cue cards? My gosh, he sounds as if English were his second language and he got a C-.






Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!