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Am I crazy or is there something to this!?

After watching the news with Libya, what's been going on in Syria, and what happened in Iraq after 9/11, I had a eureka moment. You tell me if it is a eureka moment or a split from reality, or this idea has already been proposed.

The idea formulation started with trying to understand the origins of Al Qaeda, US foreign policy, and the true nature of our Government. Here are my discoveries or "dots" that are later connected:

1. According to General Wesley Clark, the Bush Administration only 10 days after 9/11 had a plan to take out 7 countries in 5 years, which were: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

2. Osama Bin Laden was funded and trained by our CIA to fight off the Russians in Afghanistan.

3. The name "Al Qaeda" was invented by our Government to describe a small group of radical Islamists who we deemed terrorists (even though the leader was formerly CIA trained and funded). The name was adopted by the group.

4. Currently, the U.S. enters strategic alliance with Al Qaeda against Syrian government, as was reported here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0ZCgGJig0c

5. Cover up involving the Libya consulate attack, where an ex-Gitmo detainee was directly involved. Why lie and tell the world that this was due to a youtube video, while they had already known it was a terrorist attack involving an ex-Gitmo detainee? The PROPAGANDA from the U.S. government that it was a youtube video actually created riots elsewhere, as it created more attention and anger to the video.

6. "Al Qaeda has never acted against Israel's interest in the past." source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/08/08/255180/alqaeda-a-too...
In fact, Al Qaeda with funding from Saudi Arabia and US/Israel intelligence, is doing the dirty work in Syria in fighting the Assad regime.

7. Why did we go into Iraq immediately after 9/11, instead of trying to find the main culprits?

All these things, just made me wonder today, WHAT IF Al Qaeda is a CIA front group that cleverly creates a means of entry and US involvement in, primarily, the 7 countries pre-determined for regime change (setting up puppet dictators), all the while making the US look like "terrorist hunters" instead of imperialists. It would seem it would be the perfect vehicle for overt (while also being covert) regime change abroad and police state growth at home.

Anybody else have the same thoughts... ?

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"Rebuilding America's Defenses".

As Skippy D pointed out below "research PNAC".

Regarding your point #1, The plan to take out 7 countries in 5 years goes back to September of 2000, 1 year before 9/11. Read the Project for a New American Century document "Rebuilding America's Defenses".


It's Al-CIA-duh!

Yes, the thought occurred to many of us. Glad you see it now too.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Creature From Jekyll Island

Creature From Jekyll Island by G.E. Griffin will bring you up to speed.


Where Have You Been?

Research PNAC


6. & 7 . is Old and Lame

Bush was itching to attack Iraq to avenge his father before 9/11. Because Saddam supposedly tried to assassinate Bush Sr. The 9/11 attack gave Bush a good excuse. Government agencies, who have their own interests (to boost career, salary, bonus & pension), stepped in to lobby for bigger budget for their departments (Pentagon, CIA, FBI, subcontractors, etc) first via false intelligence and assessment, then via war, then via nation building.

PressTV has less credibility than BBC, especially when PressTV talks about Israel. PressTV is an Iranian government outlet.

+++ NOTE TO DP ADMIN - you can just paste links to todays' Yahoo news than recycle last year posts.

Al Qaeda is

a made up boogeyman for the American dumbed down to hate.

Simple as 1.2.3.

1. Al Qaeda was invented.
2. The agenda is strategic control and soverign natural resource plundering in the Middle East and North Africa.
3. Destabilisation proceeds interventionism.

The how and why, maybe later, if you can't figure it out.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

Maybe "Al Qaeda" is code tor "Terrorist for Sale"

Marketing to tyrannical regimes with money to spare.

Free includes debt-free!

And some other material for

And some other material for you to throw in that same line of thought mix:

Richard Grove - Hour 1 - 9/11 Insider Trading Whistleblower & Voluntary Servitude
October 14, 2012

Richard Grove is the founder of the Tragedy and Hope website, which enables individuals to research and form groups of independent thinkers to solve humanity's most pressing problems. Prior to T&H, Richard worked as an account executive in NYC, selling enterprise software and services to the world’s largest Financial Services companies. After discovering that his corporation was selling software with a “back-door” which allowed illicit transactions to take place beyond oversight- he blew the whistle, which led him into court from 2003-2007. In the first hour, Richard shares his Wall Street whistleblowing experience and connects 9/11, insider trading and conspiracy. He tells his story and shares his witness account of what happened on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 as he had a meeting that day on the 96th floor of the WTC North Tower when it was struck. In the second hour, we cover enslavement through technology, psych warfare,


Mark H. Gaffney - Hour 1 - Black 9/11: Money, Motive and Technology
October 4, 2012

Mark H. Gaffney is an environmentalist, peace activist, and researcher-writer. Over the years, Mark’s articles and essays have appeared in numerous journals, magazines, newspapers, and widely on the Internet. He is the author of five books. He joins us to talk about his book Black 9/11: Money, Motive and Technology. In the first hour, Mark presents evidence for insider trading in the days before 9/11, and other crimes of the US financial elite. He also suggests that secret cutting-edge technologies may have been covertly used on September 11, 2001, such as technology to remotely access/control commercial jetliners. We’ll discuss other interesting details and witness reports related to 9/11. In the second segment, we’ll discuss the destruction of evidence and the demolition of building 7. We’ll talk more about insider trading, money laundering, slush funds and amazing coincidences all connected to 9/11. Later, Mark talks about the future of the US economy, including more laws and regulations.


Al queada is just another type of false flag

They plan to control as much as possible...thus it's easier plausible that they'd create a fake terrorist group.

Heck, people do such things for insurance fraud quite often.

No offense but this is an old theory.

answers and notes to each question/statement


here are some of my own answers that validate you new belief system just through my own research and what is out there on the web and other analysts have been saying for years.

1. pnac had already formalized their GLOBAL DOMINATION war plans many years before sept 2001

2. osama bin = tim osman = cia asset , died dec 2001 due to complications with his disease or was murdered , whoever was killed in pakistan and dumped in the ocean was a double or a cia asset,

3. al ciaduh = the base , was not called that prior to sept 2001 ,
they were simply the taliban or the mujahdeeen

4. FSA or free syrian army has nothing to do with freedom , they are terrorists paid and promoted by other nation states, mainly the israelis , the saudis , american interests. al queda is at the helm currently

5. the video was a hoax , lookup terry jones CIA.
QUMU was the guy that killed the ambassador most likely , Webster Tarpley was talking about him months ago, U.S. press will never bring it up though, our shadow gov hates ambassadors that are actually good at what they do and multi-lingual at the same time, he was murdered by the romney mafioso campaign to further their political agenda which was namely making obama look real bad right before the debates and look at how it has helped Paul Ryans talking points on Foreign Policy so much.

6. Duh, alqueda = al ciaduh

7. we went into afgahanstan immediately to get osama. RON PAUL even voted yes to do that one action, once americans approval stamp were on that , it was'nt much of a stretch to get into iraq and kill SADAM HUSSEINS double since he had already been killed in an airstrike during the war that ensued.

and your last sentence to sum it all up

"All these things, just made me wonder today, WHAT IF Al Qaeda is a CIA front group that cleverly creates a means of entry and US involvement in, primarily, the 7 countries pre-determined for regime change (setting up puppet dictators), all the while making the US look like "terrorist hunters" instead of imperialists. It would seem it would be the perfect vehicle for overt (while also being covert) regime change abroad and police state growth at home. "


now start looking into eugencists like bill gates and kerzweil , monsanto and vaccinations, and you will see


and to answer your very first question , YES you are crazy, as all of us daily paulers are.

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Friends, thanks for the education...

Thanks for this discussion; I continue to learn and fill in pieces of the puzzle I had forgotten, or never got earlier.

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

What purpose does it serve to put radicals in power?

Nice job connecting the dots but let's go further. What purpose does it serve to put radicals in power and chase all the christians out of these countries?

The only thing I can come up with is that it keeps the world polarized, much as they are able to control americans with divide and conquor methods.

Sounds Right ,,

Your summation sounds about as likely as any other I have read.

Where Have You Been?



You should have figured this out long ago. But many are slower

than you are.

We've been duped.

The government has an agenda established by the banks and its downright silly what they try to rally us around and how they push us to war - but it works. Every event occuring in the middle east has been twisted by the government and the unquestioning press to make it seem like what we are going is for freedom and humanitarianism, but nothing is for freedom and humanitarianism, and nothing is as it seems.

But nobody questions because there is no opposition. Both parties support, because both parties are the same.

Haven't we known this for

Haven't we known this for like 10 years?

But way to go connecting the dots.

thats what i was thinking LOL

thats what i was thinking LOL

Add 911

Add 911 in there and you just might have another piece of the puzzle. And Oklahoma City saved Clinton's ass when his popularity was spinning in the drain. That's what the cannon fodder is FOR.
Oh, but wait...That would mean a conspiracy...and we know only low class individuals conspire, never the powerful...
Even when a congressional investigation finds that the Kennedy assassination WAS a conspiracy (look it up) you are lucky to find two people who know that fact. That should put to rest the line that you can't keep a conspiracy in government secret 'cause "someone would talk". You can if the media decides what is real and what isn't.

This is how I sold my parents on other stuff (mostly my dad)

They know the JFK assassination was a sham. They are coming around. It's obvious to their generation about JFK. But now they know why it happened.

Anyone who was an adult when JFK was assassinated would probably tell you it was a setup and all bullcrap and not a "conspiracy theory" but it was an actual conspiracy. But most people don't know why.

Unless I'm just in the bubble of people who know, I was taught JFK was assassinated by the elite when I was a child.

JFK spoke too many truths. He tried to do stuff the elite did not allow. That's what I was taught.

Maybe I'm wrong. But that's what I was taught. I did research and found his security ditched him about 30 seconds prior and even on msm they debunk a bunch of stuff. I found out about his plans for monetary policy and other ideas to be implemented as well.

Many prez and people of office had an attempted or completed assassination for speaking out for something radical or against TPTB or trying to get rid of banksters. I had a list of about 30 but I lost it.

JFK was one of if not the last good democrat prez. Actually since then we've pretty much been shafted regardless of party (they are all the same.) Reagan was okay but his war on drugs was and still is a catastrophe, although initiated by Nixon.

Nobody noticed so many good people speaking out get shot?

I can't find my list. It will take a few days. I may not have saved it. I'll make a new thread.

"Nobody noticed so many good

"Nobody noticed so many good people speaking out get shot?"

George Carlin once said a similar thing:

"You know what's interesting about assas****tion? Well, not only does it change those popularity polls in a big fucking hurry, but it's also interesting to notice who it is we assassinate. Ya ever notice who it is, got to think who it is we kill? It's always people who've told us to live together in harmony and try to love one another. Jesus, Gandhi, Lincoln, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, John Lennon – they all said, "Try to live together peacefully." Bam! Right in the fucking head! Apparently we're not ready for that. Yeah, that's difficult behavior for us. We're too busy thinking around, sitting around trying to think up ways to kill each other."


Probably, but I wouldn't focus

on the names or groups. They'll change as the game changes. It's methodologies that persists. Treachery has been going on since the cavemen days.

Al CIAda

Al CIAda


Uh, the CIA?


Of course, J.F. Kennedy's assasination MAY have been due to the fact that he was in the process of ENDING John Foster Dulles's CIA (as well as printing LEGITIMATE money, instead of Federal reserve debt instruments), but, of course, the naked facts of these actions do not prove, in and of itself, the CIA direction of the removal of a head of state. WE ALL KNOW that the CIA doesn't do this type of thing in foreign nations, let alone OURS.




Lots of research can be done in this ONE MINUTE FACET of the CIA.


Oh, and not only are you right...

...but Bin Laden's CIA code name was Tim Ossman - quite literally, OSS Man. In short, they mock us while they do it.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

I thought...

I thought that everyone who has been paying attention for the past 11 years knew that.

Encourage and Educate

Great support system we have here. (sarcasm) Some of us are playing catch-up with all this information and are excited when we figure it out. If we want ego we can go back to the Republican party that tells us to sit down and shut up.

A little modesty from those who are ahead of us in the info game.


So true!

New initiates to this information should be welcomed with open arms, especially given that our movement is full of youths who, like myself, were more concerned about why recess was cancelled on 9/11 than any kind of cover-up. This information doesn't come naturally to anyone, you have to go out and find it yourself. It's very uplifting to know that there are people are still digging for the truth, in part thanks to people like Dr. Paul.

Besides, I dunno if some of the more rude people in this thread have realized, but the fight for truth is a constant struggle; many more people will have to wake up before change is possible!

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

Al Qaeda IS a CIA front

Al Qaeda IS a CIA front group. Always has been.

Blessings )o(

additional reading

A good summary and time line written by William Norman Grigg is at the link below. It was written when the uproar over the Ground-zero Mosque was taking place. If you scroll down he details the role of American intelligence in fostering radical Islam as a weapon.