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Am I crazy or is there something to this!?

After watching the news with Libya, what's been going on in Syria, and what happened in Iraq after 9/11, I had a eureka moment. You tell me if it is a eureka moment or a split from reality, or this idea has already been proposed.

The idea formulation started with trying to understand the origins of Al Qaeda, US foreign policy, and the true nature of our Government. Here are my discoveries or "dots" that are later connected:

1. According to General Wesley Clark, the Bush Administration only 10 days after 9/11 had a plan to take out 7 countries in 5 years, which were: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

2. Osama Bin Laden was funded and trained by our CIA to fight off the Russians in Afghanistan.

3. The name "Al Qaeda" was invented by our Government to describe a small group of radical Islamists who we deemed terrorists (even though the leader was formerly CIA trained and funded). The name was adopted by the group.

4. Currently, the U.S. enters strategic alliance with Al Qaeda against Syrian government, as was reported here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0ZCgGJig0c

5. Cover up involving the Libya consulate attack, where an ex-Gitmo detainee was directly involved. Why lie and tell the world that this was due to a youtube video, while they had already known it was a terrorist attack involving an ex-Gitmo detainee? The PROPAGANDA from the U.S. government that it was a youtube video actually created riots elsewhere, as it created more attention and anger to the video.

6. "Al Qaeda has never acted against Israel's interest in the past." source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/08/08/255180/alqaeda-a-too...
In fact, Al Qaeda with funding from Saudi Arabia and US/Israel intelligence, is doing the dirty work in Syria in fighting the Assad regime.

7. Why did we go into Iraq immediately after 9/11, instead of trying to find the main culprits?

All these things, just made me wonder today, WHAT IF Al Qaeda is a CIA front group that cleverly creates a means of entry and US involvement in, primarily, the 7 countries pre-determined for regime change (setting up puppet dictators), all the while making the US look like "terrorist hunters" instead of imperialists. It would seem it would be the perfect vehicle for overt (while also being covert) regime change abroad and police state growth at home.

Anybody else have the same thoughts... ?

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As an organization, the CIA does not operate the way people are describing on this forum. If it did, there would be endless whistleblowers reporting criminal activity. Just because someone is employed by the CIA or FBI, doesn't mean they do not work or report to someone else in the private sector.

If you want to fix the problem, you have to understand it. These are criminals that have infiltrated the US government and usurped control of various agencies; it is not the agencies themselves to blame.

Most Americans working in the federal government believe they are doing the right thing. They are responding to what they perceive to be a legitimate threat. Whoever the ultimate provocateur is, they are operating outside official US intelligence agencies and working illegally with Saudi intelligence and the ISI.

I think...

I think what you are missing is that over 90% of EVERYTHING the federal government does is illegal and most government employees are either oblivious to that fact or like it that way and are not inclined to blow any whistles and overturn their gravy train.

I agree that most of what

I agree that most of what they do is unconstitutional and therefore illegal. But the courts do not see it that way.

Look at http://cleanupatf.org/ which is run by the ATF Whistleblower. Of course, they tried to silence him but the scandal is widely known now.


"If you want to fix the problem, you have to understand it. These are criminals that have infiltrated the US government and usurped control of various agencies; it is not the agencies themselves to blame."

This is something I've been thinking a lot more about recently; specifically from a Philosophical perspective. Often our immediate reaction is to say it's Gov. that's the problem, and that is correct, but there is more to it than that. Gov. is really nothing more than a tool. The problem stems from the powers that this tool can enforce. When you have an Offensive Government with ever expanding powers, it allows for more coercion, manipulation, and essentially more tyranny to ensue.

If you have a Defensive Gov., one that can only exhibit negative powers, you rein in the power it has to enforce over other people. There is essentially no way to eliminate people from manipulating or coercing others, however there is a way to greatly reduce these sorts of tyrannical acts and that is by restricting the powers a Gov. can have. While Manipulation and Coercion are impossible to eradicate, It needs to be made a point that if they are going to remain prevalent, it's much better to have them expressed through the hands and power of individuals rather than through the powers of Gov. and Law.

Not sure if that makes any sense. Essentially IMO the core of the problem stems from the powers that a particular Gov. can exercise. There is no way to stop people from wanting to manipulate and coerce others, but you can limit the means by which they can have such power to do so. The only way to do this is limit the powers a Gov. can have. Then, no matter how big a corporation or special interest group with what they seek to accomplish can be much easier countered or deterred.

That was the intent...

That was the intent of the Founding Fathers when they wrote the US constitution. The problem is that such a form of government requires an intelligent and educated population, something we do not have in this country. Most people think that the federal government is allowed to do whatever it pleases as long as such actions are not prohibited by the US constitution. They have it 100% backwards. The federal government is ONLY allowed to do what the US constitution explicitly states it has authority to do and the tenth amendment makes it clear that the federal government has no authority to do ANYTHING that is not explicitly delineated in the US constitution.

My father used to say to me: "Mark, half the people in the US have below average intelligence and average is not too good to begin with."

A republican (constitution-based) government protects the rights of the minority from the whims of the masses. A democracy allows "majority rule" to abuse minorities. That is why there has been an active effort to democratize the USA, all to our detriment.

The Birth of Al Qaeda

You are right about the CIA training bin Laden in Afghanistan to resist the Soviets back in the 1980's. That is well-established. It's what happened next that seems to be a mystery to many.

As the Soviets began withdrawing from Afghanistan, bin Laden and other began wondering what to do next. So in the late 1980's, bin Laden and other Saudi financiers met to discuss the future. The notes of the meetings and the list of financiers was found in 2002, in Bosnia, and date to August 1988. This document is known as "The Golden Chain" and it is dated to three years before Yugoslavia began coming apart and the Bosnian war began. Al Qaeda was actually formed in Bosnia, not in the Middle East. And Bosnia, with US and Western help, became al Qaeda's first triumph. http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=a081188alqaed...

It's not that hard

to figure out; it shouldn't be a what if type question. These are facts that you have pointed out, there is an answer that holds more merit than others, The CIA and the leading Private interest groups (Oligarchs) indeed want this.

Just to add some more points, look into the whole Reece Committee from back in '66, and check out a guy named Carroll Quigley. This will only re-inforce further the true nature and intent of the goals of the Oligarchy that run our country. It's all info that makes your stomach churn once you figure it out, but the truth needs to be exposed.

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I try to keep my sanity even with all this sobering realization

by revisiting the great traditional teachings of "living in the world, but not of the world" :-)

WORLD was never perfect (in the myopic eyes of humans) from the beginning of history. . .

I think many have thought about the same things--

you're not crazy.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Your one common dot: Zbigniew Brzezinski

Click below to learn more about this despicable monster:


HE is responsible for the formation of al Qaeda in the late 70s under Carter...they were formed with cooperation of leaders of the Mujahideen to fight against the Russians who were invading Afghanistan at the time. Armed and trained by the CIA under Brzezinski's watch, they were able to wear-down the Red Army until they retreated!!
He is a founding member of the Trilateral Commission, a member of CFR, Bilderberg Group, etc. And he has been working behind the scenes in this global chess game for 40+ years!!
This A-hole needs Arnold to park his limo on some railroad tracks!!

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Zbigniew is a good guy

He co-founded Trilateral in 1973 but hasn't worked with David Rockefeller in decades. Do you see his name on any Bilderberg lists?

Zbigniew was genuinely against the Soviets and Communism, and he saw giving the Soviets their own Vietnam via provoking them to invade Afghanistan as a way to bankrupt them.

Zbigniew has criticized Bush for the Iraq war, criticized the Israeli lobby (he wrote a book on it!) and warned of a false flag attack blamed on Iran in the US Senate.



Hello! You just getting

Hello! You just getting around to taking the red pill? Welcome to reality, what have you been doing all this time?

Like...the same CIA people

****that post here on the DP and promote romney and obama on other sites
****that screwed over Ron Paul while pretending to be part of his active base

THAT cia????

Ill just say

That does not sound far fetched.

Seems you are right.

One correction/addition: CIA/MOSAD.

One thing to add

the first narrative people get is the narrative most stay with. For instance, even though no wmd have been found in iraq most people still think iraq had wmd. Even though it's been admitted that there were no protests in in benghazi most people still think it's all about a video. Again and again this happens and the majority are either too lazy or ignorant to find the real truth. Sites like this are the exception and if there wasn't an election coming up the gop probably wouldn't have even raised the questions and we'd all still think muslims are crazy mad people who kill because of outrage at videos they haven't even seen.

Another thing about conspiracies to remember is the famous quote from
Helmuth von Moltke:

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. So to think that elaborate conspiracies go to plan is naive. Yes, Al Qaeda were helped by the USA initially but the CIA doesn't have total control, never had and never will. Same with 911, rather than one big elaborate planned conspiracy it's a series of conspiracies and blunders.

"al kaida" literally in Arbic means "the base".

idk, but not heard of a major cultural or historical base in this name.

feel free to correct me.

Wrong, Alqaeda means "toilet"

"Ana raicha Al Qaeda" is colloquial for "I'm going to the toilet". A very common and widespread use of the word "Al-Qaeda".

They're literally laughing about our ignorance in our face even...

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

The Database

The Base, as in "The Database."

The CIA's database of Islamist assets.


Al Qaeda is a CIA front group "boogeyman" for the rubes to fear to justify invading other countries. William F. Buckley was CIA, Anderson Cooper was CIA, Obamas mother and grandfather worked for CIA fronts so what's that say about him and his ability to completely hide his past? The CIA very probably killed JFK because he would not go along with their Bay of Pigs scheme, fired Dulles and planned to dismantle them. The CIA is all over the world acting as agents provacateur, creating "rebel" groups in foreign countries to topple regimes that "need changed". They are a rogue gang.

Yes and yes.

The CIA starts most "rebel" movements, and if one gets started without them they infiltrate it immediately. But you are still crazy, you are not blindly swallowing all the nonsense that spews from Hollywood, Washington DC and NYC, you question authority and believe you have rights - totally nuts!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You're Not Crazy

You figured it out, welcome to reality. Now share this information relentlessly with everyone you know. I've been talking about this stuff, 9/11 and the grassroots liberty movement to friends and family for years, and it's changed a lot of lives. Some are harder to reach than others and it takes time, just keep at it, you'll know when you've woken them up and it's a great feeling.

training camp?*

"WHAT IF Al Qaeda is a CIA front group..." -entanglementtheory

That is the origin of Al Qaeda. Your point number 3 needs a bit of a tweak...
3. The name "Al Qaeda" was invented by our Government to describe a group of radical Islamists who we deemed ASSETS. It wasn't until years later in 2001 that they were presented as a group to the public as "terrorists".

8. Just what are you trying to say here, that Gitmo is a ...[see header]

*I wouldn't disbelieve you at this point, on that point.

You can also add the Muslim Brotherhood

to the CIA created front groups. Why do you think Dr Paul has stated he wants to end the CIA? There are some good people who work/worked in the CIA, but their are two factions, one who try to work for the American people, and the larger faction who work for the Rothschild Zionist Sabbatean's. This Sabbatean faction are followers of the Luciferian deist Apostate teachings of the Babylonian Talmud, or the other book of Judaism. Since, this group controls the world money supply, they are able to buy off, blackmail, and threaten our elected officials to follow their plan under the guise of their Zionist created myth, that Palestine is Jewish land. As a Christian, if you actually read the Bible yourself, instead of following what your Judas ministry promotes, you would see in Matthew 16:6, and especially Rev. 2:9 and 3:9, what these people are working to fulfill. If you read this recent article by Rev Ted Pike, it proves the Rev. prophecy is occuring at the present. http://www.truthtellers.org/alerts/GeneticResearchConfirmsKh...

If you watch the real exposure of the 9/11 attacks, 9/11 Missing Links, you will understand it was a Mossad/Israeli dual citizen false flag event. Our politicians were either bribed, blackmailed, threatened, or just evil SOB's who support the Luciferian mission.
Remember, there was a long stretch of time where al Qaeda wasn't even talked about, nor was bin Laden. The press even questioned Bush on this fact, where he erogantly stated he wasn't concerned about them. Now, these arrogant SOB's believe the public is so ignorant, they can now praise their hired mercenary terrorists, aka al Qaeda. However, these stupid fools are now being exposed for their arrogance, and must force their hired boogeymen back to the enemy side to quell the public.

I believe the only way to defeat this evil faction controlled by these Talmudic Sabbatean Money Controllers, is to expose to the deceived Christian populace what Judaism really means, the following of the Torah and the Babylonian Talmud(the oral writings of the Pharisees). Christians believe the Jews are just lost souls who follow the Torah/OT, but they know nothing or even heard about the other book the Babylonian Talmud. They have been deceived by their Judas Ministry who preach using the Apostate teachings of the Scofield Reference Bible, which was strongly backed by the Rothschild Sabbatean agents in its creation. The alleged author was a known con-artist criminal, Cyrus Scofield, who would do anything to make a buck. If you know any staunch Zionist believing Christians you can help to save their souls from Judgement of Christ by having them watch this video. http://vimeo.com/29901084

W H T T * ,

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+1. You would see in Matthew 16:6, & especially Rev. 2:9 and 3:9

"you would see in Matthew 16:6, and especially Rev. 2:9 and 3:9"

Interesting, I'm glad you do, that you mention the same I had recalled (quoted) in that comment, earlier, on a related topic :


For he/she who has ears...

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Welcome my friend, to the real world...

the one where you learn that your government and truth parted company many many years ago...where your tax dollars benefit no-one except Big Business...where the CIA and MOSSAD are rouge terrorist organisations that have the protection, funding and backing of the US, the UN and NATO. You will also learn that paid mercenaries from many countries, shoot up, bomb, maim and murder innocent people and then the Western media spreads the lie that it is the doing of a despot leader, giving the US, the UN and NATO the excuse to drone bomb sleeping citizens in foreign countries, and murder their leaders...all in the name of Democracy.
The only thing you wont learn is how Barry, the Bushes, the Kissinger's, Cheney's, Rumsfeld's et el sleep at night.
It is great to know that you have joined the dots,....spread the word.

True, + more info.

1) The plan to take out 7 countries in 5 years dates back to the Project for a New American Century document "Rebuilding Americas Defenses" published in Sept. 2000. http://www.newamericancentury.org/RebuildingAmericasDefenses...

2) True

3) I believe is true, although I have never seen the proof. I have read that Al Qaeda was a name invented by the CIA that means "The Database", but I can't remember where I saw that.

4) True

5) I didn't know about the Ex-Gitmo detainee. I learned something new. Thanks!

6) True

7) See number 1.

You're getting very close.

I highly recommend you watch the film Who Killed John O'Neill, as well as Truth and Lies of 9/11, a lecture by Mike Ruppert, as each do a good job of expounding your theory to its logical end: The CIA and American government create its opposition to use as militants and drug runners, and then conveniently mold them into enemies of the state when the time for resource grabbing abroad and civil liberties limitation at home is right.

If a mere peek into the rabbit hole isn't enough after that, find a recording of Project Constellation by Richard Andrew Grove. The who, how, and why will have been answers, and not so coincidentally, large financial institutions and the Military Industrial Complex are at the proverbial belly of the beast.

Tread lightly, friend, and remember to fact-check as much information as you're personally capable of. It gets scary down here.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat