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Politico Headline: "Rand Paul Gets in the 2012 Game"

DANVILLE, Ky. — For Rand Paul, campaign season is just getting started. Less than a month before the end of the 2012 election, the first-term Kentucky senator is embarking on his most vigorous effort yet to expand his national profile.

Over the last week, Paul used his political committee — RAND PAC — to launch television ads in the Ohio, West Virginia and Florida Senate races, hammering incumbent Democrats on foreign aid. That offensive will intensify in the coming weeks, Paul advisers said, with an additional two or three Senate races on the Republican’s target list.

When Paul’s leadership PAC reports its fundraising haul later this month, a Paul strategist said RAND PAC will have over $1 million in the bank. Paul intends to put that hefty sum to active use: the TV ads he has begun to air bolster congressional efforts to block foreign aid to Libya, Egypt and Pakistan. Paul describes the measure as a response to attacks on American diplomatic outposts in North Africa and Pakistan’s imprisonment of a doctor who helped the U.S. locate Osama bin Laden.

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If you don't vote because of a political endorsement...

...why would you think anyone else would?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ


You realize he IS elected right?

Eric Hoffer

You are not keeping up, we

You are not keeping up, we are talking about Rand running for the GOP nomination and President for 2016.


I figured the irony of the statement would be self evident and it was lost on you.

Rand already IS an elected figure and is holding to the Liberty line and even criticizing Republicans on foreign aid and the like. It's making him very unpopular with some of the big power blocs in the Senate.

We DID elect Rand, and he DID hold to his word. He's the best Senator I've EVER seen. Judging on the past actions (as in Senate votes and maneuvers), if he became President he'd be the best President we've ever seen.

Sorry, I think everyone else got the irony inherent in your statement except you. I'll be more careful to spell things out for you next time.

Eric Hoffer

Eric, Rand Paul supports Mitt

Eric, Rand Paul supports Mitt Romney. 70 percent of the Romney staff are neocons, they worked for GW Bush. I rest my case. BTW: sarcasim is the lowest form of wit. Vote your conscience, I plan to do the same.


And Ron Paul supported Newt Gingrich and John Boehner for Speaker of the House. Do you damn him unequivocally for it as well? Or is that "different"?

Your case blows, as does your ability to discern the difference between irony and sarcasm. I wasn't being sarcastic in my post, I was pointing out the irony of you talking about what he'd do when he was elected... when he was already elected. You're talking about what he'd do when he's elected, when we can already see what he does while elected... and the incongruity between your postulation and the reality.

So... I'm not certain what you're talking about when you're flabbing your gums about irony being the lowest form of wit. Congratulations? I guess?

Irony =/= Sarcasm

Eric Hoffer


Talk about putting him in his place

who cares what romney has in

who cares what romney has in his staff?
Rand has power in the senate ALL READY.
He has a pac that ran ads against THREE DEMS in THREE DIFF states, over wait for it..... Their support of foreign aid! DEMS? Support foreign aid? since when?? The libs they serve do not want foreign aid. Libs Loathe foreign aid thats why Rand chose his fight and he made the snakes at the bottom of the republican pit come to the surface for air to defend their fellow shills on the other side.
Can you say EXPOSED?
Lindsay was exposed and she has a cooch under there! sorry but its true! Rand lifted Lindsays dress for all the world to see.

Rand was a GENIUS IN what he just did.
He deserves a medal for slamming graham and the dems..
McCain and Lieberman kept their traps shut for the most part! That was very telling how hard rand punched them.
Make them squirm I call it.
What about when he has the "energy saver" committee on the stand and asked them what business is it of theirs how much water HE PAYS for runs in his toilet or bathroom shower. and what type of lightbulb he buys for his reading the wait for it...

Rand is just like his father only RAND BITES!
Just wait.
Rand has only just begun and has ALL the statists QUAKING in their boots, or grahams case, PUMPS!
If Rand did not endorse romney he would have been thrown out of the party, why do you think justin did the same thing? They are bound or discarded and after all the work to get Rand in there- no WAY!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

1777, Ron Paul has not, nor

1777, Ron Paul has not, nor will he ever, endorse Mitt Romney. He did not get thrown out of the Party. You folks supporting Rand who turned his back on his father's movement and joined the neocons, are closet neocons (or trolls). By all means support your hero and see where it gets you. As for me I will continue to support Ron Paul, a true patriot, and the Ron Paul movement.

Just answer the question

Do you unequivocally reject Ron Paul for endorsing Newt Gingrich and John Boehner for Speaker of the House like you do Rand Paul for endorsing Mitt Romney?

Eric Hoffer


Beat me to this one.

Logic is just SO awesome.

Eric Hoffer

I don't think I've gotten a request from "RandPAC" to donate

I get so much junk mail from various Republicans, Romney, and the RNC. Too much from C4L, too. It mostly goes straight to the trash can, unopened.

But stuff from Rand I at least try to look at. I am proud to say I was an early contributor to Ron (around June 2007, I think) and Rand Paul. I have been planning to donate again for his next campaign.

It would be awesome if his next campaign was actually a run for President. But whatever...I am very pleased with the way Rand has amplified his influence while making crystal clear he is on my side with regard to the issues which matter most to me. Go Rand!

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28

All I know is, if we had a

All I know is, if we had a congress full of Ron Pauls and a senate full of Rand Pauls, this country would be thriving.

Check out this comment

"Way to go Rand Paul!!! Rand is the SANE face of conservative libertarianism.

Don't get me started on his nutty dad, and the frothing-at-the-mouth conspiracy freaks that he drags around.

After helping Romney win this election, I will turn my energy and resources towards helping Rand Paul!"


But you know what, I'll gladly be considered a frothing-at-the-mouth freak if people will start supporting Rand. Despite what this person is saying, Rand is very close to Ron Paul philosophically. I find it odd that the commenter doesn't notice that, but whatever. It is probably better that way IMO. Maybe that will help the Ron Paul haters save face by ultimately supporting his views, but in a different person. I'm all for allowing people to come out smelling like a rose, even if I am angry at them, if they would only come to my way of looking at things.

I'll gladly take it on the chin if people will start waking up.

Most of the rest of comments are total tangents

LOL I guess it would kill some people to stay focused on the article at hand?

SteveMT's picture

Great read until the very last sentence.

Benton explained the brand Paul’s cultivating in these terms: “He is the most independent voice in the U.S. Senate and he wants to make sure his word means something.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1012/82369_Page3.html#i...

Benton ought to know the opposite of this by now, when his word means nothing.

If I ever meet Benton in

If I ever meet Benton in person I plan on excoriating him for almost single-handedly ruining Ron's campaign.

Well played Rand. This really

Well played Rand.

This really is a brilliant move: Rand is using the left-right paradigm against the system itself. Both sides support foreign aid, against the will of Americans, because they're beholden to lobbyists. Rand is going out there, playing the game of attacking Democrats for supporting foreign aid, in order to shame Republicans for supporting it. Support for foreign aid will become no different than support for the Federal Reserve, ie toxic for Republicans to support, and slightly dangerous for Democrats as well.

Democratic and Republican parties

must be destroyed.

They've devolved into the feuding families, like the Hatfields and McCoys.

Yah know, this OP was at a

Yah know, this OP was at a negative 2 this morning when I first looked...made me wonder, what in the world is going on here at the DP.

idealism vs realism

Those are "idealists" who wish Rand Paul was with us here, posting on Internet message boards, "changing the world".

Washington State Could use his help...

Sen. Cantwell is up against a Liberty Oriented candidate Micheal Baumgartner. He has endorsed a few things that are anti-establishment so the fund stream isn't there. He is holding his own though. She is right behind Harry Reid for the most progressive senator out there.

What I'm wondering is...

how much of our Ron Paul contributions are going into this PAC???

To what end does Rand Paul

To what end does Rand Paul become so active? I almost sense that his job is to create the illusion that "Paul" a tea partier, advocate for Romney, is campaigning for Romney and will hopefully manipulate the ignorant masses into believing Romney stands for the same economic and foreign policy as touted by Ron Paul's (Paul Ryan) son. I have not become a paranoid cynic without good reason.

Don't Worry

The only thing worse than seeing evil, is seeing evil where it isn't--or assuming the sound you hear is zebras, not horses.

Rand wants help in Congress. Simple. He doesn't want to be a lone vote, he wants help.

His position as having endorsed Romney gave him much more clout when he criticized Romney than if he had opposed him; and, it sent a warning shot to others who make deals with Rand that he won't tolerate certain bad positions or actions. Good move.

Now he's giving away money -- with strings attached. Helpers will be lining up. He's a power broker.

Ron Paul never expected to "win" (although he has won); Rand is playing to win in a different way. I may prefer the former's personality (typical of natural libertarians), but Rand's approach and personality will get way more traction and appeal to more people. We need more like him.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

It is despite Romney


Politics is a low down dirty game, which many of us KNOW that, but what we don't KNOW, is what's being hidden on us today, right now. It causes us to become cynical when we get burned. We learn from being burned. You get burned and you have two choices, fight or flight.

We saw the censorship, the lying, cheating, robbery, with the help of MSM, YouTube, blogs like DP. To be honest, as a former Nader volunteer who worked in mutible states for open debates nad ballot access, Ron Paul volunteers had it much easier, I kid you not. It was more brutal, and not restricted to Ron Paul supporters who were fighting to become credentialed delegates, but BOTH parties and their supporters in the government, NGOs, played dirty tricks and false arrests, spit on, broken noses, arms, cars and homes vandalized, offices, harrassment.. fights between Greens, Libertarians, third parties who wanted ballot access and open debates, and talk about herding cats.. look, I'm not saying Ron Paul's delegate process was not met with plenty of crime, but the Democrats stayed out of the fight.. just as they stay out of the the GJ fight.. no interest even though they are losing voters.

Ron Paul picked the GOP, invited us through C4L to become national delegates (established Republicans) and fight to Restore America to constitutional government, his message. We are not alone. Many of us did not leave our seats, placed however so low, it's still where you need to be to advance from within the GOP.

Rand Paul, being a popular senator who is working on issues that make aliences in powerful positions.. he's getting them to help.. for example, it now appears Kentucky will legalize cannabis hemp. This is wonderful for the industry, environment, economy.. this is exciting. We have a senator!!!! He's changing minds at the top and getting national news.. look at what GOOD he is doing, and like his father, right now, he is alone AT THE TOP. He definately is presidential material, by his own right. He LEARNED being Ron Paul's son. He did not betray his father.

When Rand Paul endorsed Romney, he woke up many delegates to the GOP's intention to hold us to our loyalty oaths.. Ron was was THE EXCEPTION, exceptional.. he could endorse anyone he wanted becase no one in the GOP gave a damn about him or what he did. Dr. NO, was alone. Now he is not. And that's their problem. WE ARE WINNING! WE ARE THE FUTURE!!

Romney stands for the last of the NWO CEO warmongering globalists from the GOP. We all know he stood back as he bennifited off the RNC's lying, cheating, stealing, thratening, abusing, assulting and harming Ron Paul Republicans and supporters. We are not leaving this fight. Sure they knocked us.. fight or flight?

To me, those who stay are gearing up to hold the GOP accountable to the loyalty oath we all took to the constitution.. this is what Rand is doing. This is what the goal of Ron Paul's message. Rand is doing it his way at the top, Amish, Dennis, others are doing it at congressional level, many more are running for congress, and they are known as Liberty Candidates, they are sponcers by C4L and FREEDOM PACs. There is a difference and that is important, and these are the things you learn when you attend, besides Robert's Rules of Order and the vetting process in your state. There are committee members, councils, board members who are in to fight to restore the Republic. They are in the good FIGHT.

The ones who took flight are voting for GJ, write-in, Obama, Goode, Barr.. Mickey Mouse (the most popular candidate since the 40s). That's ok.. they have their reasons and agendas and that's ok. Not everyone is prepared to FIGHT even a good fight (I don't care how much survival rice you have for apocolyptic nightmares).

Endorsing Romney, is not campaigning for Romney. MSM may make it appear like that, but that is NOT what it is. It is accepting the fact Ron Paul was not going to get the nomination because they were lying, stealing..(they changed plurality from 5 to 8 states). Ron Paul had suspended his campaign when it achieved 5 states. MSM censored that, Ron Paul stopped actively campaigning because he was not going to waste our money when MSM would not let the TRUTH be told.

Many people vote FOR a president, THE MAN.. but that's not what we're doing. We can't. But we also see in the GOP, plenty of others who didn't support Romney. That's NOT who they wanted. They also feel forced. Santorum Religious Right, Palin Tea Partiers, Baldwin Constitutionalists, and Oath Keepers/ vets, didn't get their candidates either..and they, like us, are pretty new to the GOP, and ALL ready, willing, and able to hold the GOP, Romney, to the loyalty oaths we took to the constitution. So, we are establishing a new GOP, and that is what Romney represents that MSM is not telling you.. sure the bankers got him in.. no doubt.. it wasn't us.. but that's not going to stop us from doing what we love the most, voting NO to unconstitutional issues.

FEAR is an acronym, False Evidense Appearing Real.. don't let it ruin your life. Don't be afraid to get out of your chair and go to a GOP committee meeting and how many Ron Paul Republicans are there.

Amash not Amish - he doesn't

Amash not Amish - he doesn't have a beard.

Dennis Kucinich is not part of the liberty movement. He is a progressive, a social democrat and a leftist who wants more foreign aid, more gun control and more UN. I'm sick of the praise this guy gets on this site for simply being anti-establishment. Although it's unsurprising from you, given your history as a Nader supporter.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

I wonder if you would take

I wonder if you would take that same tone about Kucinich to Dr. Paul's face, after all he has praised Mr. Kucinich on several occasions- going so far to say as he would consider putting him in his cabinet.


He was joking. Ron Paul wants to get rid of federal departments, he wouldn't set up a department of peace.

Dr. Paul is a nice guy. He normally looks on the bright side of people. Kucinich was very helpful in getting progressive Democrats to support Audit the Fed. That doesn't mean Kucinich is at all deserving of our support. His positions on many key issues instantly rule him out, and I've barely mentioned his far-left fiscal policy.

We are quick to demonize real libertarians who do something unexpected as traitors (like Amash when he praised Paul Ryan, Rand Paul when he endorsed Romney, etc) while eagerly embracing people like Kucinich who only really agree with us on civil liberties (except the 2nd amendment) and some aspects of foreign and drug policy.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

All those years that Dr. Paul

All those years that Dr. Paul was alone in the wilderness, you would be hard pressed to find any other congressman willing to support him when it comes to trying to stop killing innocent people around the globe, and stop locking them up here at home. Honestly, someones fiscal or environmental policy are almost irrelevant compared to the idea of killing people or not killing people.