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Politico Headline: "Rand Paul Gets in the 2012 Game"

DANVILLE, Ky. — For Rand Paul, campaign season is just getting started. Less than a month before the end of the 2012 election, the first-term Kentucky senator is embarking on his most vigorous effort yet to expand his national profile.

Over the last week, Paul used his political committee — RAND PAC — to launch television ads in the Ohio, West Virginia and Florida Senate races, hammering incumbent Democrats on foreign aid. That offensive will intensify in the coming weeks, Paul advisers said, with an additional two or three Senate races on the Republican’s target list.

When Paul’s leadership PAC reports its fundraising haul later this month, a Paul strategist said RAND PAC will have over $1 million in the bank. Paul intends to put that hefty sum to active use: the TV ads he has begun to air bolster congressional efforts to block foreign aid to Libya, Egypt and Pakistan. Paul describes the measure as a response to attacks on American diplomatic outposts in North Africa and Pakistan’s imprisonment of a doctor who helped the U.S. locate Osama bin Laden.

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Well there were a lot of

Well, there were a lot of progressive Democrats throughout the decades that held anti-war or pro-drug positions. These politicians still supported indirect killing by dictators through foreign aid, or allowing the US government to more easily kill it's own people through gun control.

Also, if the far-left progressives were in power for the last 100 years, the USA would be nowhere near as prosperous as it is today and therefore there would be a lot more conflict - militias killing each other just as they do in so many unstable 3rd world socialist states.

Socialist fiscal policy DOES mean suffering and death.

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Ron Paul just brought up

Ron Paul just brought up Kucinich completely unprompted on the CNBC pre-debate interview. He said they agree on the Fed, deficits, wars. Then he went on about how important it is to bring coalitions together, especially with liberal democrats.

They don't exactly 100% agree

They don't exactly 100% agree on the Fed. Kucinich doesn't support ending the Fed. He supports an audit because of his opposition to corporate welfare, just like all but one house Republican and almost 100 other Democrats.

He said coalitions are important, but he also supports coalitions with mainstream conservatives.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Kucincich supports cannabis

17 years with the LP and we never got anywhere.. Nader ran as an Indy on several thid party nominee ballots, including Reform Party.

Thank you for the name spelling correction on Amash.

We'll see what happens in 2016.

First, Ron Paul USED the GOP.
He knows the only way into debates and coverage is to attach yourself to the letter R or D.

Rand will get a primary challenge from an evangelical neocon in 2016.
He will soon see his endorsements mean nothing if he doesn't fall in line.
If he loses his primary, I suspect he will leave the GOP to defend his seat as an Independent. NEVER TO RETURN TO THE GOP.
If he wins, we have the same Rand we have now.
Either outcome is fine with me.

Your treating your loyalty oath as some sort of legal document. Which it isn't.
Tell me, what would happen to you if you didn't vote for Romney. Perhaps NOT VOTE at all.
Would the GOP put you in prison?
Maybe send you off for re-education?

I'm not goiung to wait until 2016

If Ron Paul used the GOP, why can't we, afterall, don't we know the only way to win national elections and into debates is through committees in the major parties backed with MSM corproate sponcers?

Fall in line.. who's in the line? Ron Paul Republicans and people who want constitutional government.. the GOP saw what the RNC did to us, and they admire those of us who are not finding a reason to run away from the GOP. We're not going to run. We're staying in the GOP and fighting. My loyalty oath is a legal document, I signed in the county clerks office. It's under 470, will not commit purgery.

Would the GOP put my in prison.. no they would remove me, which is like being impeached by those who didn't put me in my seat. Romney starts making unconstitutional laws, we don't approve, Romney moves past us to executive order.. as a GOP, what do we do? Arrest him or impeach him?

Flight? or Fidelity.

I am voting for Gary Johnson, in my fight for liberty. I'm a Republican, and I'm supporting the only republican running.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

You're voting GJ

Because you don't have a loyalty oath or a seat or office in the GOP, you don't even try by going to meetings and being vetted, so you have nothing to lose.. after all, GJ is a Republican too... just not inside fighting for Constitutional government with Ron paul Republicans.


What would happen to you if you didn't vote for Romney?
I don't ant a seat in an office where I can't vote however I choose.

I don't care if GJ is/was a republican.
The fact is he isn't Mitt Romney.
The GOP didn't cheat Ron Paul to nominate Gary Johnson.
They did it to nominate Mitt Romney.

If I didn't

Because I'm open, I could lose my seat by not openly saying I will vote Romney. Romney was not my guy, and represents the problem. The solution is constitutional government.. so that is what Romney represents, the opportunity to exercise the constitution..

My ballot comes with two enveslopes, one that I sign contains my marked ballot, the other is to main the county clerk, registrar.. who know me, I took my oath in their office.. so what if they happen to see how I voted.. or what if the treasurer of my committee, who runs the local polling station, just so happened to look.. I am not a stealth person.

A committee has people representing a county in their diosrict, here in CA. Some districts have laerge towns, some have more cows than pothrs, some have ocean, some have lakes, and we represents the republicans who nominated us through petition, and vote4d for us during an election, which I won my seat by default.. I am appointed in the mean time. There are neocons, tea partiers, oath keepers, palin earthquakers and ron Paul Republicans, like me. There are religious Right and fiscal conservatives, rich and poor, men and women.. all have seperate agendas, even between themselves.. but the one thing the majority have right now is the agreement to keep our oaths to the constritution, just as we did for the party, despite Romney. It's not about Romney.. it's about us taking a major party and getting a voice/vote to materialize Ron paul's message: RESTORE THE REPIBLIC.

With a seat you get educated and you get to vote how you want within the GOP Rules of Order..

The GOP appreciates what fellow Republican, who is not a Libertarian Party member, but their nominee, is doing by attracting Ron paul supporters so they can size up the Ron paul RepubliCANs who are seated and voting.

The RNC made a huge mistake marginalizing Ron Paul because the GOP didn't like what it saw the national leaders doing.. and this woke people up, we have lost our way and need to restore the republic with constitutional law. So, this is our mission in the GOP. Either join us and fight the good fight, or floight to Republic GJ in hopes of another body surf and rock concert for liberty.

Geez, Granger. If you think

Geez, Granger. If you think the election officers are going to violate ballot secrecy and ADMIT to the felony by kicking you out of the GOP for voting wrong, vote at a freaking POLLING PLACE.

Meanwhile, your "loyalty oath" doesn't say you have to VOTE for him in the general. It says you have to NOT PUBLICLY CAMPAIGN AGAINST HIM in your (non-anonymous) public statements. Check it and see if I'm right.

(That's why Ron is so careful to not explicitly endorse Johnson, but has said good non-endorsement things about him and refused to endorse Romney.)

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

My polling place

is run by the treasurer of the committee..

It's just better for me to keep my oayj.. Of Ron has won I would have joped that they keep theirs.. I wouldn't want to burst out at the table, "And I didn't vote romney!" Which I could do, if I didn't. It's not about Romney to me.. it's about our future and Romney is going to be held to the constitution..

I doubt Ron Paul will be a write-in and won't know until Oct 26.. Meanwhile.. I'm voting Romney, for loyalty oaths and keeping them.

I am curious Granger, given the fact that Ron Paul is NOT

endorsing Romney, and WILL NOT endorse him, why are you?

I'm not

I have been explaining that to become a national delegate, I needed to be credentialed by my local GOP central committee. I wound up attending as a guest for a year, ran for a seat, won by default, and was then appointed a seat until my elected seat begins in January.

I have been explaining why this seat is important, for Liberty candidates within the party, and the party is important because it is the party Ron Paul selected to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

That is our mission, armed with the constitution, we will exercise that, on Romney, on each other, on the Democrats..

To get a seat, most states have oaths you have to take to the party and the constitution.. they hold us to the party, Romney" and we hold them to the constitution.

Maybe we can make Romney wish he was Ron Paul.. we're going to work at it.

There are no candidiates on the ballot for me personally. I don't want 4 more years of Obama, only Romney can knock him out, and Ron Paul Republicans, GOP constitutionalists, Tea Partiers, Oath Keepers, Earthquakers have all agreed to work together to Restore America to constitutional government in the GOP.

Ron Paul is leaving his office, and so there is no loyalty oath he needs to keep.. they never paid attention to him, but they are us, and this is good because it enables us to teach them what Ron Paul has taught us. I'm not alone on my committee, and more Ron Paul Republicans intend to join after the election. Why not?

It's about us, not Romney, not GJ, not even Ron Paul.. it's about OUR liberty.. they can force me to support Romney, but they can't stop me from not pointing out what is unconstitutional.. only my own ignorance can do that, and why it's great to have many Ron Paul Republicans working together to help the GOP find it's roots.

Fight or flight. Vote Romney and continue to fight, or vote someone else and hope to find a better way than Ron Paul's in the GOP.


Eh, I say if you had to take a loyalty oath and did so then stick to it.

I know this isn't popular, and I'm not saying for everyone, but if you DID take an oath, then that's your word and you should keep it if only for yourself.

Eric Hoffer

Who cares...

That website only caters to average Americow Box of Rocks.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."