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Rand Paul Rips Lindsey Graham's Defense of Democrat Joe Manchin

Politico: Sen. Rand Paul accused fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday of providing aid and comfort to Democrats in the fall battle for Senate control.

An outside spending group controlled by Paul, a Kentucky Republican, launched an ad this week attacking Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) for opposing Paul’s bill to block foreign aid to Libya, Egypt and Pakistan. Graham quickly came to Manchin’s defense, prompting a sharp retort from Paul, a tea party freshman who’s considered an isolationist on foreign policy.

“I don’t see myself campaigning against a Republican in a general election ever, that’s why I think it’s extraordinary that Graham is supporting a Democrat in a general election,” Paul told POLITICO. “That’s fairly extraordinary to do that.”

Paul added, “Which is more important: Defending, I think, a failed policy of foreign aid or getting a Republican majority? And I personally think getting a Republican majority, from my perspective, is very important.”

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If I may do an impersonation

[Jimmy Durante]



For The Power of The Republic!

Despite my misgivings...

...Rand Paul is impressing me. I notice he uses the Establishment's terms (talks a lot about the party, etc.), yet his bills consistently do the opposite. I've come to the conclusion that he's talking their talk, but walking our walk for the most part. He's not his dad, but he's one heck of a Senator, regardless. Ron should be proud of his son.


RandPAC...I love it, lol. Kudos to Rand!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Rand get it ...and he's

Rand gets it ...and he's beating the others upside the head with the ugly truth of it. The fact is this is really not about the ideology to most Senators on "Foriegn Aid". Foreign Aid has become the interchangeable Washington word for "Kickback" ...Kickbacks to their very Military Industrial Complex lobbyists pals on K street who do the dirsty work for the Raytheon's, Lockeed's, and Boeing's and hand off piles of campaign cash. Part of that FA money comes back from the Egypt's of the world to these entities as buyers of American made military arms. It's a way of increasing revenues to the MIC without funding from the Penatagon. Now that we have a country like Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood's military arm flying around in Boeing made F-15's (that you paid for)...well that's a greater threat to Israel right? So, we have to give them more Forieign Aid so they can do what with it again??? It's the dirty little secret of Washington to keep the money flowing and the wars go on.

Here we go again... Politico

Here we go again... Politico and their "isolationist" term.

I now know which superpac to donate to.

Light 'em up Rand. Hit Claire McCaskill next. If there was ever a Democrat willing to play ball with Neocon Republicans it's her.

A "Republican majority" is not important either!

Rand Paul needs to understand that a "Republican majority" is not important either.

A "Republican majority" gave us stolen elections, the false-flag attack of September 11, Multiple Wars and War Crimes, a Police-State at home, a Torture-State abroad, unrestrained Wall-Street corruption and theft, a quadrupling of the National Debt, and a new American Depression.

Rand Paul should instead work with and support the few honest politicians regardless of their political party, like Senator Bernie Sanders (anti-Fed, anti-War), or Gary Johnson.

If I were Rand Paul I would actively Campaign against Lindsey Graham, and call him out as a Treasonist enemy to Peace, Liberty, Constitutional Law, and all of mankind.

All true...but

and particularly when Rand did not get any support from his fellow republican representatives concerning the issue.
However he has managed to make his mark and stay true to his convictions. I do not envy him at all. He is walking the high wire down there in DC. But he has managed to gain the respect of many good representatives, and that has got the "other's" scratching their heads and tripping over their tongues at times.

Good for Rand.


I'm pretty sure he knows that

He is using the very same weapon of rabid partisan politics, that they created, against them. It's actually quite beautiful. Poetic justice really.
He's shaming them with their own rhetoric and tactics. They can't fight back without discrediting themselves. He's hitting two birds with one stone. Rand is saying a republican majority is important with tongue firmly in cheek to make graham look like a democrat sympathizer thus hurting his chances of reelection. He's not saying it because he really believes the party is important, he's just saying it because he knows your regular run of the mill republican will eat that stuff up, see that Rand is the true republican and vote the likes of Graham out. So now not only is he taking down the democrats that supported foreign aid to these countries he's taking down any wrong headed republican that voted for it too and who is foolish enough to try to defend it like Graham did. This plan is brilliant. This forces the rest of the republicans who voted for it to either come to Rand's side and view to escape the ire of the public and hope Rand doesnt mention how they voted or it forces them to out themselves as the traitors they are like Graham. That way we(not us, the general public) know who they are and we can vote them out. He's putting Republicans as well as democrats in a very tough position and I'm loving it!

he has phrased an important issue

In their language and graham took the bait.

Bravo randall

My now deceased father used to call the SC senator

"light in the loafers" Lindsay. Graham supporting Manchin is nothing new. Neo-cons can be found on either side of the war party coin.

We need to change the dialogue from isolationist to non-interventionist. When we accomplish that we'll know we're on the cusp of victory. The neo-cons will probably hit us with a false flag attack at that point but it'll be too late for them and they'll have to crawl back into the shadows of history.

Denise B's picture

or better yet,

crawl into a jailcell where they belong!

"change the dialogue from isolationist to non-interventionist"

We do need to do that, but I believe the actual term "non-interventionist", while accurate, still causes a lot of people confusion as they do not know the difference and it still sounds a lot like isolationism to the uneducated. From a marketing stand point it doesn't draw a clear enough distinction. I believe we need to rebrand the term non-intervention. We need to use a different buzz word that means the same thing but is more catchy, more memorable. Something that will stick in peoples mind better than the "isolationist" albatross currently is.

What are some better terms for non-intervention we can use to help change the dialogue and defeat the isolationist perception and propaganda and rally people to our side? What term can we use that will make it difficult to oppose? You know, like how some legislative bills are effectively named things like "The Sunshine and Puppies Act" even though that's not their purpose. I mean who can oppose sunshine and puppies? That's what we need to do with the term non-interventionism, but in a good way.

Here's some Non-interventionist type alternative terms to describe our foreign policy that may fit this criteria:
Pro American
America First
Pro Peace, Trade and Diplomacy
Common sense
Strong National Defense
Constructive engagement
American Security
American Prosperity

They are simple, hard to oppose, don't cause confusion. Any others anyone can think of?

He himself supports war with

He himself supports war with Iran.. supports Romney, who supports more war, more destruction of liberty etc.. Now he has got his own election coming.. so suddenly he has decided to change his tone.. LAME

His own election coming?

He's about two years in to a 6 year term. That's not right next month or even next year.

yes it's so transparent.

i did wonder why he mildly criticized mitt recently and got away with it. it was basically so he could launch this campaign at dems and not look like a total hypocrite. Naked politicking. Clever but disingenuous and coldly calculated. I hope it backfires.


That's not clever, that would be absurd.

Come on now, out of the echo chamber there guy. Some people really do good things for the cause.

Eric Hoffer



"isolationist on foreign

"isolationist on foreign policy" here we go again... spinmasters demagoguing the issues...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

reading the politico

reading the politico comments, it would seem some people are upset that Rand is putting party before country... what a joke.

to me, it seems Rand is putting country before the ONE party ;)

"My theories explain, but cannot slow the decline of a great civilization. I set out to be a reformer, but only became the historian of decline."
- Ludwig Von Mises

Rand Paul IS Lindsey Graham.

IS Boehner.
IS McConnell.
IS McCain.

He had his chance. He made his choice, by endorsing LEFTIST, PROGRESSIVE, CHICKENHAWKING Romney on the LEFTIST, PROGRESSIVE, CHICKENHAWKING Sean Hannity show.

RAND IS THE GOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

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1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.


Figured you'd be back over here on a new thread bashing Rand after you got housed in the other threads.

Question remains:

If you don't support Rand because he endorsed Romney, why do you support Ron when he endorsed Gingrich and Boehner?

Still waiting on the logically consistent answer here.

Eric Hoffer

winston, your bullshit is

winston, your bullshit is stacking up.


You obviously need to look into the facts a little more. Have you read about Rand bashing Romney on his views on Syria AFTER his endorsement. To say that he is these guys is simply not true.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



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With his Romney endorsement,...

Rand showed us that he is willing to play political games much to the dismay of many Ron Paul supporters, me included. But, that is all.

The rest of what you say is totally wrong, IMO. On foreign policy, Rand differs 100% from Romney and all of the the others that you mention. Yet, he still endorsed Romney. It's called politics. Rand may yet become the thorn in Romney's side on this issue.

He just showed all of those

He just showed all of those SC voters that their War Hawk Senator cares more about spewing money around the planet than helping fellow republicans get elected. I can just see the adds against Miss Lindsey next time he is up.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

I'm thinking that is a weak argument by Rand.

The "failed foreign policy argument" should have been the focus. Or even the cost of this aid to potential "enemies".
Not this defense of the other party garbage.

If there is one thing democrats, republicans, and most of their voters have in common, it is their love of kicking the ass of weaker countries.

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You realize Rand submitted a

You realize Rand submitted a bill last year to end all foreign aid and it never went anywhere just like his bills to give airport security back to the airports and establish a "Traveler's Bill of Rights" (S3302 & S3303)! Have you been contacting your senators about these bills?

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain