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Voting Romney Or Obama Is Taking The Lazy Way Out

Couldn't agree more....people just want to pick one of these two cronies and think they have don't there part. They don't want to actually research issues and make a cognitive decision.


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way out?

Way out of what?

Ditto. I am less worried about Romney not keeping campaign...

promises than I am him keeping them.

A vote for either is treason.

In one level

During the nomination process of the campaign, many delegates were stealth.. like a trojan horse.. We are no longer a trojan horse, we are victims of the RNC, and remain in the GOP despite it because we believe Ron Paul, the GOP is the way.. we lose a few battles, but we have not lost the war for liberty.. we remain.. working ion ending loyalty oaths, and materializing Ron Paul's message which is something Romney will have to deal with, while Obama.. no one is planning on holding him to the constitution in the Democratic party.

Yep, from a constitutional

Yep, from a constitutional standpoint, I agree!