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Rand PAC Spokesman Jesse Benton Said...

Read it:


So the guy is working for Mitch McConnel, and he's working for Rand. How far do the octopus's tentacles stretch?

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This just stinks...

"Is John Tate worth the $181,974.00 he was paid to write emails for Campaign for Liberty in 2010? Did C4L really pay nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS in salaries, other compensation, employee benefits on 2010? Did they really spend nearly HALF-A-MILLION DOLLARS just to raise more money?" See for yourself: http://bit.ly/C4L-2010-Form-990


More here: http://dynamodata.fdncenter.org/990s/990search/esearch.php

C4L EIN Number: 262730467

Their web site sucked ever

Their web site sucked ever since they redesigned it years ago

Too Far

I've always suspected there was a familial (Rand and Benton) collaboration which ultimately undermined Ron's chances in 2012 for the sake of both his son's and in-law's political careers. If Ron decides to run for POTUS again (I doubt it) in 2016, I will NOT support his campaign financially if Benton is involved. That's life...

The nerve of that Rand Paul . .

expecting liberty minded individuals to be smart enough to understand what he's doing without having to spell it out for them. At the very least you should ignore what he is doing and focus on the Aholes who are really destroying this country.

Please explain how ending welfare to these countries is against the philosophy of Ron Paul.

Did you read

the article? Rand is not trying to end foreign aid as his father advocates, he wants it witheld from a few countries who are not in lockstep with the Neocon zionists until they obey.

The article is wrong. Rand

The article is wrong. Rand already introduced a bill to end ALL foreign aid. But now his softer bill is being used to better effect; not only did the democrat senators not want to end foreign aid, they would not even consider it with conditions making them appear all the more unreasonable. beware of the Wenzel site, it is an disinfo/agitator site, not interested in liberty, but in causing chaos among liberty minded people.

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