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Did You Know? Pt 2

Link to "did you know part 1."

Did you know, before the 2008 election Ron Paul couldn't even bring himself to ask his constituents for donations for his house campaigns? That's true! 1000's of speeches, TV, Radio and thousands of campaign events over 40 or so years, and NOT ONCE did he ask us for a donation.
Do you ever remember hearing RP ask for a contribution to any of his house campaigns? No! And here's why.

He has been over heard saying "The gvt takes so much from them all ready, how can I ask for more?" !!!!
Here is a politician that could not bring himself to ask for even one donation from one person all these years. As broke as his campaigns were, always running and winning on a shoe string budget- and wont even ask for money!



Once, and sometimes MAYBE twice a year, Dr. Paul would send out a fairly large mailer to all his constituents. Inside this VERY large and VERY bland mailer one would find writings from Dr. Paul. He would write about all the bills he had written that year and sponsored( EVERY YEAR he wrote more bills then anyone in congress!) He would write about votes he has made and the reasons why he voted the way he did. He would speak about the current issues in gvt that we all should be concerned about and what the Constitution has to say about these issues and always drew a direct link to it, so we could understand.
He would go on to speak of his remedies for the issues at hand and promised to work hard in the coming year, towards the goals he lined out and set for himself.
In this mailer, which came in a large manilla envelope, there were those writings to us, he would sometimes include a family photo- with any new editions added that year ;) (photos were in B and W of course!lol) and maybe even a good crab-stuffed flounder or an AWESOME seafood gumbo recipe his wife Carrol came across and wanted to share with us. So, you dump out the envelope and all this stuff falls out and you're reading.... Then way at the bottom, behind everything else in this big envelope, there was a MUCH smaller envelope... No bigger then a folded check!! No directions on what the envelope was for, it was just there chillin! The only words written on it were where the stamp would go it read "your stamp will save this office much needed funds"! and THAT WAS IT!lol
Not even a mention for what that little envelope was for! it was just... there!

Dr. Paul couldn't even bring himself to ask for a campaign donation from us for all those years! I guess he figured if we wanted him to represent us, then we should know what to do!! AND WE DID!
We loved him for that, and GAVE HIM MORE EVERY TIME because of it!

The politician that couldn't even bring himself to ask his constituents for a donation... That's how we will remember Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul!

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Please keep writing your posts about Ron Paul

I was going through the top posts of the day and saw your post. I clicked on it right away and once again couldn't keep from smiling and getting grateful. I look forward to part 3 and thanks again!

In the interest of accuracy

He has asked for donations before, though very seldom and almost as if someone had to twist his arm to do it. Here's one for example:

Perhaps this thread was talking specifically about just his congressional district and campaigns and not his presidential campaign, in which case I'm not knowledgeable whether he made requests or not. Its not his style, but I wouldn't say or imply he never asked.

I think Ron's approach as described here is the best and most respectful toward his constituency and potential donors. I absolutely loathe Campaign for liberty's atrocious mailer's and constant sleazy pleas for more money. They should really take a cue from the good doctor on this, if people see you doing the right thing and standing up for correct principles the people will know what to do.


The first few months of his 2008 campaign Dr. Paul was ferociously against asking, and told his staffers he was NOT asking anyone for money.... He held this position publicly for about 2 weeks or so, into the campaign.
After much discussion and and arm twisting by his staffers Dr. Paul finally relented and allowed them to start asking. Essentially his staffers revolted against this and he almost lost some of them. but he caved!

either way, maybe you could read the first few sentences in the first paragraph again!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

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What a beautiful account of

Ron & Carol's LOVE for their constituents, which was reciprocated many folds over.

(Looking forward to Part 3, 1777free4all.)


wait till you hear what he did for returning vets and also the ones he delivered!!!


"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Lovely Story

Thanks you so much for that example of his humility. Beautiful.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

What a beautiful post

One of the nicest articles I've read in weeks. Thank you.

Just Wanted To Let You Know

How much I appreciate your sharing this information.

Definitely bookmarked.


Rothbard: "Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."

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