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Does writing in Ron Paul just guarantee the two party status quo?

The more I think about this the more I'm convinced that both the democratic and republican parties would prefer you write in Ron Paul than vote for a third party especially if your vote ensured that 3rd party gained automatic ballot access in future general elections. For both of them your write-in vote would be considered wasted as it has no effect in 2012 and no effect on the future either whereas the libertarian party on the ballot in 2016 would annoy them both.

But I'd like to hear your take.

I'd also like to add that I'd totally sympathize with anyone who wanted to write in Ron Paul. If I could, I probably would. So I'm not criticizing anyone or telling them how to vote but I'd like to know what the effect would be if Ron got the biggest write in vote ever versus a third party getting on the ballot automatically in 2016.

edit: My dream is for the libertarians to win ballot access in every state for 2016, appoint Ron Paul party chairmen and then who knows. I'm neither a libertarian nor a Gary Johnson supporter btw.

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I am writing in Ron Jeremy

I figure If I am going to get bent over, I would rather have it done by a pro.

The answer to your question is Yes.

IT will either be Romney or

IT will either be Romney or Obama who wins this coming election, we have to remember, that the President is elected via electoral college votes in most states, thus blocking any third party candidate to win. Living in the Northeast Obama is a sure thing, thus writing in the vote for Ron Paul is making a statement to the Republican establishment, in battleground states, this will make sure that Obama is elected. We must get away from revenege from the party establishment, and vote who would lead and protect the Constitution, to me Romney is better that Obama, this for me Romney would be the better vote, not the perfect vote., I just wish that Ron Paul was on the Libertarian ticket so that he would be a more viable candidate.

Remeber we all muyst vote, but vote for new Senators and Congress People, since this is where the real change will occur in the future, irregardless who wins the Executive

Tonight I made my mind up....

Tonight I made my mind up.... Writing in Doctor Paul is the only way for me to go...

The right vote is any vote

that causes the GOP to lose!
They must pay for what they did to Ron!

i'm voting johnson

both this post is a thinly veiled attempt to get those that are writing in paul, to change their minds.

something, that anyone who has been on these forums for any length of time, would know, has been going on for weeks. embroiled, drawn out, obnoxious back and forth, ad nauseum.

if you're just now coming to the conclusion, "The more I think, the more I'm convinced..." is odd. This has been analyzed to death for years now.

that's a dead horse's corpse you're beating.

now a vote for paul is a vote for romney AND obama. that's what you just said. both parties prefer paulians to write in paul.

well here's one back at you.

a vote for someone for national office, is a vote for the state.

try and grok that.

"I'm gonna fix all this statism, by becoming part of it."

put that on your bumper sticker.


not at all.

To me, it is the only thing that shows rejection of all the

names on the ballot. I hope we will have enough electors filed to have Ron's votes counted in CA, but I will write him in in any event. By voting and not voting for any of the 'official options' my vote would go into the 'undervote count' which is a none of the above rejection of all. It is better than staying home because it shows it wasn't just apathy or contentment but rejection that guided your presidential vote -- EVEN if they don't count it for Ron Paul.

But that is my view, for my vote, and each person may think differently,

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Write-in Republican candidate Ron Paul, write off more war

Write-in Republican candidate Ron Paul, write off more war

Also read the comments in the article.I will be writing in Ron Paul.

writing in IS third party

there's no difference as far as i can see except for the actual candidate to whom you give your support.

i will proudly give evidence of my support for ron paul in a few weeks by writing his name in.

to me, writing in ron paul is kind of analogous to literacy.. the people who check the boxes are like the uneducated, unawakened, illiterate masses that sign their name with an X.

"to me, writing in ron paul

"to me, writing in ron paul is kind of analogous to literacy.. the people who check the boxes are like the uneducated, unawakened, illiterate masses that sign their name with an X."

Thant's beautiful right there.

ANY vote not for a D or an R,

ANY vote not for a D or an R, IS a third party vote.

The RIGHT vote, is the one based on principals. Ron Paul knows this.

Every states ballot access

Every states ballot access rules are different. Your state's Secretary of State's website should have the rules or at least a way of asking.

what's a party anyway???

Its just something for the "powers that be" to co-opt and corrupt anyway. Its already happening in my state. We are so fed up with the Republicans and Democrats that no-one bothered to vote in the last election for Governor (only something like 13% voted for the guy and he won.) Poor voter turn out had been anticipated so a long time democrat changed his affiliation to INDEPENDENT and people came out to vote for him. Today there are INDEPENDENT signs all over the place for the local elections.

I live in a place were write ins count. So I will be voting for Ron Paul. I'm not too concerned about the outcome of any political party at this point. Wasn't it George Washington in his Farewell address that warned "Beware Political Parties"?

Believe me, a significant number of write in votes for Ron Paul will be noticed by who it is intended to piss off - Regardless of whether you hear about it on the news or read it in the paper (or not).