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Need list of Oregon liberty candidates.

Hi everyone I am from Oregon and I received my voters pamphlet today and am ashamed I don't know who (if any) are liberty candidates. I would greatly appreciate any input so I can maybe get my group of friends and family to vote for them like I did for Dr. Paul. Again thanks for any help you can provide.

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[] Art Robinson House Rep Dist 4
[] James Leuenberger (nominee of both Constitution and Libertarian Parties) Attorney General
[] John Mahler State Treasurer
[] Bruce Knight Secretary of State
[] Joe Tabor House Rep Dist 2
[] Geri Hauser (nominee of Democrat, Working Families and Libertarian Parties) Senate Dist 27
[] Steven Reynolds House Rep Dist 1
[] Michael Cline House Rep Dist 3
[] Mark Vetanen Senate Dist 14
[] Herbert Booth Senate Dist 22
[] Eugene A. Newell, Jr. Senate Dist 25
[] Jeff Adams (State) House Rep Dist 2
[] Guy Rosinbaum House Rep Dist 9
[] Mark Callahan House Rep Dist 13
[] Rachel J. Feigner House Rep Dist 16
[] Kohler Johnson House Rep Dist 24
[] Kyle Markley House Rep Dist 30
[] Robert Miller House Rep Dist 31
[] Perry Roll House Rep Dist 32
[] John Goodhouse Senate Dist 35
[] Katie Eyre House Rep Dist 29
[] James Buchal Attorney General
[] John Cook Tigard City Mayor
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Nationwide List: http://www.dailypaul.com/242897/updated-list-of-liberty-cand...

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SovereignJ, you are the


I do what I can :)

I do what I can :)

is delia lopez running?

is delia lopez running?


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Liberty Candidates

I am working hard knocking on doors for John Goodhouse who is a candidate for State Representative #35.

Katie Eyre is also a good one but not in my district.

James Buchal is a no brainer for Attorney General.

John Cook for Tigard City Mayor.

I am sure there are more...