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The Sign of the Dawn

This morning, while I was taking a ride to a nearby mall with my parents, I saw a political sign that was, really my first

It says the following:


Stop Obama now!

IT shows an image of the map of Israel in the shape of the country(not sure if it was including the occupied regions). and a nuclear missile with "Iran" labeled on it

No where does it mention Israel has hundreds of Nukes
No where does it say Israel did not sign the non-proliferation treaty
No where does it mention that Jerusalem is a holy city of Islam, right after Mecca and Medina
And many more

I almost wanted to laugh out, but I fear this may convince many uninformed Americans to choose to go to war with Iran for nukes that they do not have and will not use, again!

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Jeru'SaLeM - Altar of Sacrifice

3 DPers appreciated the song on JeruSaLeM, by Lauryn Hill - with lyrics, posted below, I enjoyed it too, it was like a soft cry. This one is in a male voice - heavy, admonishes.

quote on site = "The battle for the control of Jerusalem is the epitome of everything ugly about the condition of humanity. Drenched in the blood-soaked garb of religious zeal, armies have come and gone across the world's landscape murdering and savagely pillaging for ultimate control of the "City of Peace"."


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Bookmarked, Najam.

It's a long one: I'll be able to watch it in a month or so :-)

(Thanks for expanding my video- collection, Njm! BTW: what is the etymology of your name?. . . if you don't mind exposing the "inner meanings" of your name ;-)

for Peace, = One Day,

the video above is 9 min, and this song is 3.5 min, =
One Day - Matisyahu / f. Akon (lyrics & trivia)
http://vimeo.com/34688871 - enjoy.

re 'meaning', you know, is not rare (]:)>
& ytc ?

This is the reason for all the pro-Romney spin.

Obama is under TREMENDOUS pressure from the Israeli Lobby right now. One of the "conspiracy" sites says the collision between an US fast attack submarine and a US AEGIS missile cruiser last weekend was no accident. Had that AEGIS detonted a nuke into the upper atmosphere, the EMP would have knocked out the power on most of the Baltimore-Washington area, the EXACT "scare scenario" the neocons have been warning us about for years. Interestingly, the last collision between a US submarine and a surface ship occurred in the Strait of Hormuz in 2009.

"Last Resort",

+1. there is a new movie (ABC Tv series) called "Last Resort", where they show scenarios similar to what you described above. There seems to be collusion between Hollywood and the Pentagon /CIA / Wall $t.
Wonder - how Hollywood has access to so many inside stories, then turns it into fiction. They even made movies about terrorists' plot to hit the Twin-Towers well before 911 events, preparing the public's mind and sending hints about who are the alleged terrorists.

"Oh JeruSaLeM * with Lyrics

Lauryn Hill renders - so well, pls hear, its on YouTube -

follow the lyrics, I enjoyed it the 2nd time.

this is really beautiful--

thank you, Najam--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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Najam, I've never heard of Lauryn H before. . . but this is

absolutely VERY beautiful! Thank you for introducing her to me.

"Jerusalem" is also each of us, isn't it? Full of past glory and also sinfulness. Where Christ came and shared with us his last supper. Where he shed his rare tears for us, the unrepentant. Where WE hysterically demanded that HE be crucified. Where he died the most abject death, while forgiving and LOVING us. Where he entrusted us to his mother, who witnessed and endured it all with him, right in front of his cross. Where the curtain of the elites' temple tore asunder, allowing us to approach the glory of God directly in person. Where the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples gathered around the Mother. Where the formerly coward timid fearful disciples gained courage to SPEAK to people from different nations in THEIR languages.

Yes, I do pray for the descent of the Holy Sprit upon us, little people. So that we, too, may have the courage to cry out for PEACE & love within us and on earth. . .

(Gosh, Lauryn H's song really got me started on my rant. . . Najam. I hope it's not offensive to any of you ;-J

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Beautiful and

moving song...thanks for sharing.:)

replay Lauryn's O' JeruSalem ~

+1, thanks for the appreciation, it encourages. I really do not recall how I reached Lauryn's song, was it thru DP ? am not sure. Now I have downloaded it so I do not lose it.

Powerful song...

Thanks for sharing

a Soft Cry,

+1, touching, & for self-correction too. am glad you liked it, & thanks for your positive comment,= a bump for others' attention.

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Objective, yet personal, marvelous account of what JERUSALEM is

to Miko Paled, a son of an honorable Israeli general:


*** When I have more free time later, I will purchase this book for myself and friends through DailyPaul Amazon widget :-) ***

oh, my! YES--

Yes, I haven't read the book, but I got on his website and watched a youtube about him--

what a courageous and inspiring man!!! I mean, YES!!!


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

ytc...So Glad

...others like you were moved by Miko's journey and his passionate mission. I have been thinking about it (and Jerusalem, Najam) ever since viewing several days ago. It gave me so much hope in humanity and cleared up so many questions.

When I was a little girl, my mother told me there was a place called Israel that was very different from all others. It was a place where all religions lived together in peace. Of course, that was the "sell-in" and it turned out to be false. Or did it? Maybe "in the fullness of time"...

Perhaps, through the activism and optimism of people like Miko, Israel will rise to be exactly that...a place where Muslims, Christians and Jews live together in peace.



"in the fullness of time"--

I needed this today--

I have been so discouraged about the elections and all the 'trash' that they involve--

(not using that term to refer to any human being, however unworthy)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

How do you get 300 million...

brainwashed Amerikans to understand that israel is NOT our friend?

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

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I believe and trust that there are many freedom-loving

Israelis and Jews, who are truly concerned about their Arab, Farsi-speaking, Turkish & other neighbors.

We, freedom-lovers in USA, KNOW how difficult it is to undo the cheating government elites' grips of the State apparatus! ("Remember Maine!")

We KNOW and we sympathize with ALL liberty-lovers in the world, including those in Israel, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and other nations. . . We don't want to nuke or drone-bomb any of them. We want peace & prosperity for all of us, little people.

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Friends don't let Friends Nuke Friends. . .

Stop Obm and MitMitt now!

No nukes with ill-conceived destination inscribed!
No nukes from the HOLY land, where the prince of peace died and resurrected to save us from SINs (of hubris, greed, gluttony for absolute power & more money, envy of resources of other nations. . . )

The sign of the Dawn for the new kingdom MUST start there at ground zero of golgotha. (We, too, were born naked and will die as ashes. Then, WHY be obsessed with excessive wealth & power on this temporary abode?)

Wise & SANE

+1, ytc, thanks for the very wise reminder, your inputs enrich the DP.
Your reverence & concern for the Holy-land shows faith. Best wishes.

S.A.N.E. = Society Against Nuclear Explosives.

well, I have many so-called 'friends'--

who are so rabid about protecting Israel that there can be no conversations with them--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I Have Many Friends, 1988vote

...who are *not* rabid about protecting Israel.

As Miko points out, propaganda words and phrases like "self-hating Jew" and "anti-semetic" as well as untrue or slanted public education in both the US and Israel about the history of Israel, its military and our collusion with that Zionist mentality coupled with media demonizing any country ripe for plundering. encouraging fear through lies and false flags and even slanting the meaning of religious texts....may have slanted our perception of what really "is."

Until, we understand the landscape of what is, there is great difficulty in changing the landscape.


you're lucky--

you've been wise in your choice of friends, apparently--


Most of the friends I am talking about are Christian Zionists and think that Netanyahu is some kind of 'prophet'--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

1988vote/Possibly Not Lucky

...but more like I sought them out to resolve some questions I had. When you get to be my age, you tend to look back at people who have influenced your life. Sometimes seemingly chance encounters...other times real relationships. Some of those people were Jewish.

I need to tell this story and am grateful for the opportunity. Anyone who does not like overly long posts or my writing which was recently called "dribble" (lol)...please move on to something that interests you.

As I became like so many of us steeped in history of Zionism, concerned about all the dual citizens in politics, well-read in things like "The Elders of Zion" etc....I scared myself to death and even questioned my ability to judge character. What did those Jewish people I'd admired and who had influenced me really think. Was I wrong about them.

Here are just four of them: A female friend who long ago answered a few of my questions like I wondered if life in a kibbutz was akin to my one time hippy fantasy of living in a commune. Asked this Jewish lady and she laughed and said, "Oh, Nena, that's where we send our bad little teenage sons for the summer so they will come back and appreciate what they have."

Another was an influential Rabbi in Dallas and the most popular teacher in the theological school at SMU. I once wandered up a staircase in the theological library and found Rabbi Olin at the top working on restoring old religious texts. It was his hobby and he told me how he revered all the old texts regardless of what religion they represented because they all were the history of man's search for God. He was the kingpin at that time of the interfaith movement and the drive behind a lot of really good outreach service in the community. I ended up going to Rabbi Olin's Friday night services for a spell. He was so wise and unbelievably funny. Nobody looked at me funny or asked why I was there. Lots of students went, because they liked the Rabbi. I didn't find the services particularly stimulating to worship, but I found them entertaining and educational.

Another was the CEO of a company I worked for which at that time was the world's largest manufacturer of Christmas gift wrap. He was Jewish and his phone extension was 666 (he thought that was funny.) He and I worked on charitable donations in Memphis...both money and product and it was one of the most rewarding times of my life. He was my mentor in many ways. He and his wife quietly gave so many new bikes at Christmas that few poor kids from all religions seldom lacked the experience of a new bike. The company actually began as a toilet paper company...got into gift wrap and, then, Christmas gift wrap. Mr. Jalenak was very respectful of the Christian faith. I thought he was more "Jesusonian" in his actions than most Christians I knew.

Lastly, a young ex-Rabbi came to our table to talk about silver and Ron Paul. When I found out he was or had been a Rabbi, I told him about an experience I had moments before. I went to an "Ask the Rabbi" booth and simply asked.."Are you a Zionist?" After saying, "and why would I not be" he went into a litany of the most vile things I have ever heard. After relating this to the young Rabbi, he shook his head and said sadly "they hate us all over the world, but we are not all like that."

So, I have sought out like-minded Jewish friends who think as I do about the world and humanity, because I wanted to trust experiences like the above. Fortunately, I have found many. This perhaps explains why reading about Miko and what he is doing impacted me so. I wish Miko and others like him success in trying to build bridges and unity. It is the only thing ultimately that will move us toward peace. Thank you to anyone who read this far. I am out of here for the day now : )


beautiful--I read it--

oh, this is good to hear and, yes, I believe you. I appreciate long posts from thoughtful, wise people--

I know that the good in each/every religion/ethnic group are quietly being good, while those who are not good in each/every religion/ethnic group . . .

make it hard on the rest of us.

I find like-minded Christians (and Jews and Bhuddists and Muslims) on here, on DP--

and I appreciate all of them/you.


The Jews united against Zionism have really inspired me, as have the young Jews in Israel who have spoken out against Israeli occupation of Gaza, as have the Iraqi Veterans against the war--

as have . . .

but you have been blessed in the people you have known. I've known more Bhuddists and Muslims than Jews, as friends (none of my Muslim friends have ever been extreme; they are some of the most hospitable people I've ever met); I have Jewish relatives; they are, *sigh*, Zionists--

My Bhuddist friends are peaceful and a comfort to me--

back back to the family--

we don't talk about religion or politics when we are together with the family; most of us are Christians; the rest are Jews, and spouse and I (and our children) are the only non-Zionists--

I LOVE these people--

and most of the people in my Christian denomination (in my congregation at any rate) are Zionists--

so I am fighting cynicism. But I know that there are people like your friends in all faiths OUT THERE--

and knowing they are out there gives me hope and courage--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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fonta, the seeker. I am very honored and grateful that I came

across you. . . of all the places . . . at DailyPaul!

But, then, Dr. Ron Paul, Michael N et al are like that, aren't they. They attract those who are seeking the ultimate Truth, Goodness & Beauty. Political arena was the last place my husband & I thought we would find these gems, but watching and listening to Dr. RonP stirred our hearts so much that we decided to plunge in and help his campaign in 2007.

We are in transition to become two a-political hermits, but post like yours and Najam's sure lure me back here. . .

In NH I've seen sign by the

In NH I've seen sign by the side of the road saying stop foreign aid to Israel. :)

Blessings )o(

I'm curious about the title of

your thread. How did you come to use that title?

Ron Paul is My President


It's a lot more simple than what most people here are making it out to be...

It was near the morning and I was half asleep. And when I turned around, suddenly, I saw a HUGE sign that says what is in the OP

Dawn = Morning
Sign = Sign

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.