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I want to personally thank a certain member of the DP

Hey guys, we all claim to be 'independently minded', yet, it seems that the DP is plagued with a hostile zeitgiest as of late toward a certain member.

I have taken a sabbatical to concentrate on my studies for the ministry, however, I come on time to time to read arguments usually from my Android at work.

There is someone on here who is super brave and deserves at the very least our respect. That person is: The Granger. I too have had personal disagreements with her in the past, but never was I vicious, rude or condescending in my very minor disagreements with her.

She is someone who is especially brave who advocates her positions with no apologies. She is uncompromising and truthful about her intentions. She of course also has the requisite background needed to be a Ron Paul supporter. In light of all of this, there are many who pounce on her even as they make similar arguments for their preferred choice in moving the ball forward.

I advocate to not knee-jerk down vote her. Also, do not respond unless you have something of substance to say. No stupid slogans or mottos that end up taking away all the thinking and also detract from her main points.

The Granger is a very welcomed member of the DP community, as all members are. I love and support her in her efforts. We should do the same as we all have the same goal.

If we are champions of peace, should we not make peace with our brothers and sisters on our side first before we challenge the Power-Elite? This is something central to our cause.

Any who, you can now return back to your daily scheduled programing of mainstream media lies, cover ups, distortions, distractions and of course something the mainstream will never talk about... the Truth.

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Wars end, and that's our goal, despites my buddie's

I think the fact Romney has run successful international businesses, and has the crooks, cheats and frauds on his side, (including those of us held hostage by a loyalty oath, not that there si another candidate I would vote FOR.. there isn't. Romney can run the business of the USA better than Obama, Biden and Hillary put together. Even though his business is not free market, so we have a big job to do making that happen, or maybe not, and that will not be us undermining him, keeping our oaths, especially to the constitution and to be prepared to take the GOP into restoring the republic.

I agree that Romney is much better at running the business...

The Business of the USA over the last 30 years (especially the last 15) is war, bloodshed, and global expansion. That along with, keeping Banks, Big Pharma, and Insurance companies happy. All the while destroying whatever is left of the constitution and bill of rights and the middle class.

So yeah, I think Romney would be much better at executing those goals, especially with a GOP controlled congress.

The constitution to Romney and Ryan is equal to Toilet Paper...

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

what are you going to do to change it

that is better than joining the GOP?

Me and my entire family are lifelong republicans, lol

Since my family came to Los Angeles from Cuba in the early 60s we have all been lifelong republicans.

That said no one in my family is voting for Romney.

We are all voting for local and state reps that make sense but no way anyone in my family can vote for Romney. We know that is constitutional suicide...

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Some of my favorite Cuban Food

Arroz con pollo, piccadillo, black beans, yellow rice, plantins, conch fritters..bolichi, lime and avocado, mangos..rompepe ice cream

My Father served whoever was president, so politics was not an issue in my family. It was an issue to me because I was born in the military and I was not appreciative of what that afforded me twenty five years of my life, because all I could see was the damage the military was doing everywhere we went.

I would hope that those of us who got in the GOP, or shifted gears in the GOP to support Ron Paul's nomination and message, lost the nomination, but see no reason to not continue to deliever the message in the GOP. So they selected Romney.. we deal with it. That's not who we wanted, that's who we got, and we'll see if we can hold him to the constitution, or we'll life the lid off the charade.. but I think we're the strongest of all supporters, and those who can't or won't, for whatever reason, join us in the GOP, should not underestlimate us..

I admit, I don't see the Liberty Movement lasting long past the election.. We've gpt two years of inside work.. those on the outside are going to observe and opine, but we are going to be facing the Neocons and standing for Restoring the Republic.

I miss my grandmas black beans and picadillo! :-)

Like I said earlier Granger, I like you but disagree with you on the Liberty movement and the choice to vote for Romney, I know you are bound and have to, but there is no way any of us here who care about liberty or this country could in good conscience vote for that dirt bag.

That said it's good to know that we can still disagree on the details but remained focused on the goal of restoring liberty and constitutional principles to this country.

How we get there is debatable as you have your ideas and I have mine, what we can agree on is the ultimate goal of freedom and liberty and that we are all passionate about achieving it. You are passionate as am I which can lead to a very spirited debate, but let's not lose sight that we are all on the same team... Well most of us... :-)

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

I am addicted


"It's not the destination, it's the journey" WRE

Ron Paul selected the GOP. There is a big learning curve, so it's good if we don't divide during an election, for whatever level we are on. I've been grassroots and astroturf and not I'm in the GOP, a place I fought to have so more people could become vetted for the next election. We have a great message and the GOP is adopting it, slowly, yes, but they are.. time is on our side. We are not going to run away from the corrupt GOP, but we are going to turn it around by Restoring the Republic to constitutional government protecting our bill of rights,

I have a two year committment and I will do my best to be informed and to inform my experience, because I want you to see what I am going through, and you can make up your mind whether you are ready. Some folks are happy looking for the next sign wave. That's ok.

I'm here for those who think they might want to get more involved. Maybe run for an office, learn more about the constituion and Roberts Rules of Order and what's happening in other places. To me, government should be transparent.

It's not about Romney to me. He stole the nomination, he has global bankers to answer, and I'd prefer him to Obama and the Democratic Party. It's not about Romney, it's about what we can do to change Romney as time goes by with keeping ourselves to the constitution.

I know of no third party or Indy giving anyone that opportunity. You can go have fun body surfing GJ, or thinking writing Ron Paul's name in is sending a message. Send a message.. show up to the meetings.

April and August

That's before the convention..

You think he just disappeared?



Romney is possibly the most corrupt, dishonest, and vile person the GOP has ever nominated for office...

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

So Karl Rove stepped in

If you look at the Open Secrets chart you posted me, Obama is paying MSM big bucks by comparison. There was more togetherness between Bush and Clinton.

Do you think he just donates money and goes his merry way?

Come on Granger you're smarter than that.

Of course Obama is paying the MSM big bucks, they are both funded by corrupt lobbyists hoping to extend the war crimes and erosion of our rights indefinitely! They are hedging their bets by playing both sides!

At this point, a Romney win would be their best case scenario because he will have a GOP controlled Congress to operate unchecked.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Yeah, I do

I think guys like Rove make a statement and move on..

I would hope that we're able to check them. I'm willing to try.



I want to thank a certain member too...

That's everyone just because we are good people who believe in good things. We all have our differences but we all kick rear.

Here's My Problem with Granger in a nutshell

The liberty movement is alive in both parties as well as unregistered, third party, and independant people. California is Solid Blue. Granger could make more hay as a Democrat in California but refuses to consider it. She has taken the red pill in a state where she can have much less impact then she could have outside the Republican tent. Reforming the Party from inside is not ever gonna help us in Califonia. Get real. She can afford to suck up to her establishment friends and vote Romney because she knows it doesn't matter and guess what, we do too. Good luck with your quest for the Holy Grail of Republican ethics.

CA is not solid blue, that's MSM's work

CA has it's fair share of Red counties.. but guess who took the most Ron Paul votes? Number one SAN FRANCISCO, #2 Santa Cruz, #3 Mendo (mine). These are sonsidered the bluest of blue.. so what happened?

People in CA are ready to stop building a bigger government and building a better one. The Democratic Party is sewn up tight, while the GOP has room to grow. So why not grow within since we have everything grassroots and astroturf have and more? Aren't we big enough?

Occupying the GOP is already working in CA. Why don't you go to a committee meeting and see for yourself what is going on? THEN tell me how wrong I am. We are the GOP, so if you are fighting us, what do you hope to accomplish outside a major party?

I Too Thank The Granger

Yes Burningsirius, I could not have put it any better. I have always respected how she has respectfully put forward her points, never backed down and always shown respect to those who disagree with her. We salute you Granger. Please keep up your great work!

I am a Professor, my name is Wall.

I'm a Professor, my name is Wall

Not exactly true, Professor.

Not exactly true, Professor. I am one of Granger's biggest fans. That's why it took me by surprise when one day Granger reacted to a comment of mine where I disagreed with her urging the liberty movement to vote for Romney. My comment was not at all in disagreement with all her work to change the Republican Party from within. At first I tried to joke around with Granger about her unexpected antagonism toward me. That didn't work at all. LOL. I'm guessing it was not personal...just a defensive reaction to some flack she might have been getting from others who disagreed with her call to support Romney. After a few exchanges like that, I think now we sort of have a peace truce. I hope so anyway.

Anyway. That's how I see it. This is a good thread. I hope we can put the unpleasantness to rest now and get back to the work we have felt compelled to do. Peace.

I'm sorry realdeal

I never meant to hurt you.

To me, there is a rEVOLution in the GOP and I am part of that. Some consider that part of the Liberty Movement, but the Liberty Movement is not the rEVOLution in the GOP.

I'm here to remind you, and everyone here who is interested, that not everyone left the GOP after the RNC by a long shot. You and the majority here may be done with the GOP, so you have a Liberty Movement.. we have a rEVOKLution and many here seem to not know we have a rEVOLution going.. my guess is after Novemeber 6TH, the Liberty Movement is going to shrink and we'll still hear about tea party, and Ron Paul and Rand Paul and seeing that changed the rEVOLution is bringing to the GOP, despite Romney and MSM.

You're the best, Granger. I

You're the best, Granger.

I haven't left the Republican Party. I'm just not voting for Romney. We have a strong liberty movement in Iowa. We have terrific liberty candidates running for state and local offices via the Republican Party. You would totally approve. Wish us luck.

I wish Iowa luck

knowing Iowa has luck. So I wish the "Liberty candidates of Iowa luck" and a prayer, that they prevail despite the GOP losing it's way.


granger wouldn't know respect

if it crapped on her head

After reading below...

I will be the first to admit personal mental illness and multiple personalities. I am not sure but I will be the first to say you may have all been duped. At least mine take on new personalities under the same user name.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Could you please restate

Could you please restate yourself. I did not understand and it sounds very intersting so I 'd like to know what you are talking about :)

What? :-/

What? :-/

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Again, thank you

Again, thank you Burningsirius for your understanding of The Granger. Many of our DP friends are no longer posting or commenting here. I suspect many of those who left DP would understand and agree with The Granger, much more so than the new breed, many of whom may mean well but, have caused a rift, nevertheless. I give The Granger credit for sticking around and holding on.

I was thrilled that your post got one of our MIA friends to come out of the woodwork and post a beautiful analogy between Miko and The Granger. Fonta's post adds to this one and gives tremendous insight:


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

For what it's worth...

...my only criticism of Granger has been her choice to vote for Romney, which makes no sense to me at all (she seems to think she has to vote for Romney to keep her seat, but that can't be right since she can cast a secret ballot). But anyway, I think her involvement in her local GOP is fantastic, we need more Paulites in the party apparatus.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


from what I understand cannot cast a secret ballot.


She has to cast her vote on paper, which ballot is seen (as in reviewed) by the other members of the committee on which she sits. One false move and she's tossed out of there.

I don't know if that's how other committees across the country operate but, I do know that's how the committee she's on operates.

Thank you for pointing that out, bear. It has been posted on DP many times but, it would seem that not everyone got those memos.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox