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I drank a beer with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama at the Flying Saucer...Gary Johnson was not invited.

My boss thew some Spurs tickets my way at the last minute as I just got home from a week-long trip to Chicago. How could I resist?

Afterwards, my brother, his girlfriend, and I went to the Flying Saucer for a beer and some eats. I've always liked the Flying Saucer. But I will not be returning.

As we sampled beers from around Texas, supporting local breweries, I noticed this image and this beer coaster...


Apparently, patrons could buy beer mugs with Romney and Obama caricatures, in turn casting a vote limited to two statists.

Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode, and others were missing. If the Flying Saucer was really interested in engaging their patrons in political conversation, they should have offered other non-status-quo candidates.

Then I noticed the coaster which said, "Give us a piece of your mind"!

So I did.

I visited www.beerknurd.com and clicked on "make contact" as the coaster suggested.

I told them that while I loved visiting their establishment, I would not be returning because they did not include Gary Johnson in their beer mug poll.

I doubt it, but maybe, just maybe, a company like that might really be bold like some of the beer they serve and encourage meaningful discussion.

What would you tell them?


Check out my website if you're part of the rEVOLution!

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Up-voted for the headline

Up-voted for the headline alone.

Did you tell them that you

Did you tell them that you think people should have a chance to show their support for invading Uganda? No, keeping abortion legal? No, then how about a national sales tax? No again, how about using the power of the federal government to force states to recognize gay marriage?

The real season they didn't do it is over 95% of their patrons who vote are going to vote for either Romney or Obama so as a business it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend the money for the others.

Dr Ron Paul...Dr Paul anyone??

Did you mention a write in for Dr Paul? Oooops...seem to have stumbled into the Daily Johnson.

I'm actually also considering....

I'm actually still considering GJ, Virgil Goode, or writing-in Dr. Paul. This isn't the Daily Johnson. Don't get your panties in a wad! I'll have to double check, but I believe in Texas, Dr. Paul is not a declared candidate so they wouldn't even count my write-in vote. Also, I was on my mobile when I sent the email to corporate. I didn't write a lot.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Please do not take offence.

It was just a reminder that the Dr's role in politics is not over....not by a long shot. Liberty, delivered by a politician who does not have a deep understanding of ether the constitution or of human nature, will not be liberty for long. I do not think that GJ has the deep understanding of these fundamentals that the Dr has.
How about fighting to get Dr Paul a write in vote in Texas?

That's just like the 711

That's just like the 711 coffee cups that says "You Vote" and have a red cups with Romney and blue for Obomba. I mean what a joke any intelligent person can see it is just a way to reenforce the 2 party idea in people's minds.

I just wrote Ron Paul in at

I just wrote Ron Paul in at the bottom of the notepad. Lol