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Historical Records Show: Cuban Missile Crisis solved by Backdoor Diplomacy, not Military Might

CONVENTIONAL WISDOM: The crisis was a triumph of U.S. brinkmanship.

REALITY: Historians say the resolution of the standoff was really a triumph of backdoor diplomacy.

Kennedy resisted pressure from aides advising that he cede nothing to Moscow and even consider a preemptive strike. He instead engaged in intense behind-the-scenes diplomacy with the Soviets, other countries and the U.N. secretary-general.

Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy met secretly with the Soviet ambassador on Oct. 27 and conveyed an olive branch from his brother: Washington would publicly reject any invasion of Cuba, and Khrushchev would withdraw the missiles from the island. The real sweetener was that Kennedy would withdraw Jupiter nuclear missiles from U.S. installations in Turkey, near the Soviet border. It was a secret pledge known only to a handful of presidential advisers that did not emerge until years later.


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Vasili Arkhipov saved the world

"Three officers on board the submarine – Savitsky, the political officer Ivan Semonovich Maslennikov, and the second-in-command Arkhipov – were authorized to launch the torpedo if agreeing unanimously in favor of doing so. An argument broke out among the three, in which only Arkhipov was against the launch.[6] Although Arkhipov was only second-in-command of submarine B-59, he was actually Commander of the flotilla of submarines including B-4, B-36, and B-130 and of equal rank to Captain Savitsky. Arkhipov eventually persuaded Savitsky to surface the submarine and await orders from Moscow. This presumably averted the nuclear warfare which would have ensued had the torpedo been fired."


Wikipedia is

Establishment-based ideas. These newer reports confirm what Dr. Paul kept stating in the debates about using diplomacy rather than force.

Wikipedia is a reflection of the information it is given.

If you know better, upload it. I've done so numerous times.

All that I am saying

is that this is another example of the accepted story given to us by the government and history books being later identified as propaganda to encourage an increase in the military budget. I am well aware of how Wikipedia works(which is why I don't place too much faith in what I read there) but I also know that people will only publish what they know and what they know is usually determined by the information provided. It is sad that a diplomatic solution is covered up in favor of some chest thumping tale to increase our military might!

The face-saving measures

The face-saving measures taken on both sides are more than reminiscent of the collaboration between Democrats and Republicans to maintain power over their in-the-dark citizenry.