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Eye movements could be the next PC password

Eye movements could be the next PC password

Francie Diep, TechNewsDaily

No two people look at the world in the same way — literally. When looking at a picture, different people will move their eyes among points of interest in different sequences, researchers have found. Even if two people trace the same paths, the exact way they move their eyes differs. That's why Oleg Komogortsev, a computer scientist at Texas State University-San Marcos, is looking to create a system that can identify people by the way they flicker their eyes while looking at a computer screen.

"We are seeing there are enough differences so we can talk about this as a biometric," Komogortsev told TechNewsDaily. A biometric is a measurement of something on the body — fingerprints, for instance — used to identify people. Computer scientists all over the world are studying biometrics for crime solving, for border security, and just as a high-tech way to sign into smartphones, tablets and other devices.

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Oh dayum

"Eyemovements" is already my password on EVERYTHING! those bastages hacked my accounts! just kidding BTW.

First It Was Lips Moving, Now Its Blinking Eyes...Lol..

If you see Nancy Pelosi blinking you know she's lying...

Check it out..Nancy blinks more than anyone I have ever seen. She blinks when she lies...

I got her USER name and her PASSWORD...lol