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MSNBC video link for Ron Paul speech at Tampa Rally

title edited. the video just said 'rally' and being uploaded on the 14th, I thought it would be the one from the 13th - but apparently not.


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is always screwing around with their videos, reposting old videos with the current date. im always looking for stuff to post, and ive come across this many times. they just reposted the SunDome speech, but if i find the Victoria event, ill be sure to post the audio with a link at ronpaul2012podcast.com

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Can anyone YOUTUBE this?

Can anyone YOUTUBE this?


Thanks for posting.

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Did you get to watch the video from the link?

Holy load-times, Batman! Does

Holy load-times, Batman!

Does this clip ever load?

MSNBC is all like

MSNBC is all like "trollololol."


Judging by the picture, isn't this the... Sun Dome Rally?

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I cannot get it to load!!!!!!!

I have been at that link for many many minutes--it's STILL informing me that my video is loading!!! Grrrrr!

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It's not just you

same here :/

sorry! I posted it as soon as it came up, maybe it is uploading

his speeches can be up to an hour long, at rallies.

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