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Thomas Lucente: Live free: Vote for Gary Johnson

Anyone paying attention to the presidential campaign has to admit the former governor is the best candidate in the race.

When the two-term governor left office, his state was only one of four in the nation with a balanced budget. He created more than 20,000 jobs and he reduced the state’s workforce by 1,200 government jobs without firing anyone.

Yet, despite his obvious qualifications, the media won’t cover him and he wasn’t allowed to participate in the debates.

Yet, if Gary Johnson had a R after his name instead of an L, the Libertarian Party candidate would probably be leading the race right now.

That little letter after his name is truly the only thing standing between him and the White House.

This is the problem with our electoral system today.

The R’s and the D’s have run the government for so long that they have written the rules to exclude candidates who belong to other clubs. Simply getting on the ballot is more difficult if you don’t belong to one of the two evil parties.

For example, in Pennsylvania, the Republican and Democratic party candidates only have to turn in 2,000 signatures. Other parties, such as Johnson’s Libertarian Party, have to turn in about 10 times as many this year. In past years, because of the way the law is written, that number has been as high as 30 times more signatures.

Then, after the minor-party candidate turns in his or her signatures, one of the evil parties will challenge the signatures and sue the candidate to keep him or her off the ballot.


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Very true! Its amazing to me

Very true! Its amazing to me people will not even help themselves and more over actively fight against what is in their best interests. They fall for the simple psychological trick of "he can't win" force fed into their brains by media and they repeat it like a mantra. Of course he can win it is just a simple matter of math by people voting for him. Just goes to show how powerful the media influence is and how susceptible a majority of people are to it.

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Well said

The MSM's job is to basically black-out Liberty candidates like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.
Watching the CNN makes me feel like I 'm watching freaking CIA channel.

But there is hope.
I see GJ has well over 1 million followers on Google+ social site almost 200K more than 'Bomb Iran' Romney.

The question is: can GJ go mega-viral before Nov 6th?

Thanks for a bump Hawkiye.
Enjoy your Sunday evening.

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