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Overstock.com CEO tells Greta Van MSM "I will write in Ron Paul"

Overstock.com CEO, Patrick Bryne tells Greta only Ron Paul understands the constitution and the concept of limited government.


You can shop at Overstock.com here

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Establishment mouthpiece needs ratings.Hmmmm!

Hey I know how I can get some ratings.Hmmm!
Typical Media hack.
Her and her ilk are of similar mindset and are the ones truly responsible for continuing the horrible status qou we are stuck in.
Greta I really hope you are sincere but I highly doubt it.
You are constantly pushing the establishments narrative.
What ever happened to a free and unpropagandized press---where did it go?
Why don't you bring some ron paul supporters or independents who support the return to sanity and liberty on your show and talk about it?Do you have the courage to bring Ron Paul,Jesse Ventura Gary Johnson on your show and have supporters call in and ask them why they support these great patriots as opposed to status qou goldman sach's establishment tory whores?
Go ahead greta I dare you to be bold and interview all 3 of these guys immediately--and don't forget there are many women in this fight too lets hear you talk to some of our excellent liberty ladies too.
We are all joining together and we are determined to free our country from the yoke of those who are trying their best to enslave us. Enough is enough already.
Do these interviews if you want real ratings greta.We will respond if you do these interviews with fairness. Have a nice day.

Opresso De Liber
Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Conscious of Our Creator and Source of our Liberties.

This interchange with Greta Van MSM

led to her "curiosity" about Ron Paul

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I think it's clear...

that if a successful business such as Overstock.Com is verbally promoting the decision of their CEO to write-in Ron Paul, then this is the biggest news for Ron Paul in the last 4 years and here's why...

Are we to believe that the majority of Corporate America has any advantage or reason for sustaining their practice(s) when the Fed is mathematically commiting genocide on the US Dollar?...

Are we to believe that all of Corporate America is in collusion with the Fed in order to ultimately squandor their own interests and abilities to retain feasible margins for any but if only one reason in solvency?...

This proclamation caught on MSM by a CEO of one of the most successful businesses in America today is the brushfire to start them all...

Write-In Ron Paul 2012...there cannot be waste in your vote when it is done so conscientiously and the whole purpose of a vote is to vote as such.

Peace and Love first

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness