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The case against Barack Obama. The genius of the United States is DYING

Barack Obama will run $1tn+ deficits ad infinitum.
His stated budget plan for 2013 is $1.1tn deficit but it will turn out to be much higher with the coming recession from Europe's fallout.
Europe is the US's largest export market.
Europe is going into a deep recession.
Obama's growth forecasts are far too high at 3%+ they just won't happen.
Average growth for the last 11 years has been just under 2%.

Foreign Policy
Obama's drone warfare program in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan is counter productive and actually recruits more Islamic Extremists and Jihadists because of the high number of civilian casualties (30 to 50 on average per drone strike).

Drones in general are dangerous to the general public.
Obama plans to fly large large numbers of drones in the US from over 60 military bases.

Obama is now interfering in Syria and has formed an alliance with Islamic Extremists against Assad.
Under the terms of NDAA which Obama signed, association and support of Islamic Extremist groups is grounds for indefinite detention without trial and without access to lawyers.

The Genius of the United States is being destroyed

The genius of the United States was to set up a system of competing states that co-operated on National Defense and the Rule of Law.
The Bill of Rights laid out exactly what the Federal government was authorised to do.
Anything not specifically mentioned was not within the remit of the Federal government as per the 10th Amendment.

There were 13 original states.
This system of friendly competition between the 13 states is at the heart of the genius that is the United States.
Each state set it's own tax policy, entitlement policy and social policy.
Education was outside of the states government.
The minimal costs of the Federal government (outside of war) was covered by duties on trade etc.
Each state printed it's own money and set it's own budget.
If a states government, governed well it would prosper and more people would want to live in that state.
If a states government, governed poorly it would not fare well and people would tend to leave that state - they would certainly not choose to go and live there.

This system worked so well that the US grew very rapidly economically and general wealth was created.
Many more states chose to join this union.
Many new immigrants wanted to live there - it was much better than Europe.

There was a dramatic falling out over the civil war and states succession - human beings are by no means perfect.
However the US recovered and now there are 50 states in the union.

Within 134 years of the end of the War of Independence the US was the greatest power on the planet.
This must surely be a record - to go from almost nothing to greatest power in so short a timeframe.
It took Rome about five hundred years to do this.

But for the last 100 years the Federal government has sought to increase it's powers dramatically and operate as a monopoly, the states have less and less say in how they are governed.
Monopoly and dictatorial powers are always bad.
Competition in free markets and differences between suppliers is always good.

Increasingly there is only one supplier of government in the United States. The Federal government.
The many laws now passed in the US congress serve only to weaken the competition between states.
Very little heed is now paid to the Constitution for the United States by Congress and many laws that breach it are passed by the Federal government and the President with Executive Orders.

The genius of the United States is dying, if it is not already dead.
The US has ceased to be a system of competing states and now operates more like a monopoly government.
We can see from the chart below how more centralized control and central planning has worked out for Europe.

The United States reached the peak of its relative strategic and economic power (percentage share of global GDP) in the late 1990's / 2000.
It is now in decline with Asia (read Chinese centred) set to take over.

The US is estimated to comprise only 21.5% of world GDP in 2011, down from 26.7% in 2009.

In 2000 a 100+ year trend was reversed.
For the first time in over 100 years the US started owning less of the world, than the rest of the world owned the US.

The US is now going for another record.
The shortest period of time between peak power and second rate power status.

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The USA is not dying as such..

she is being murdered by people who have ruthlessly used her natural riches,and have turned her government into a printing press for their own agendas and profits. These grand puppet masters who want to own the world spit on your patriotism and slaughter her young men and women in endless wars.
Barry, Mitt, Paul (Ryan), Joe, Hillary etc, are all from the same cess pit.....only Dr Paul stands above them all.

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This young man is the LIVING PROOF that this country dies (NOT)

This young man is the LIVING PROOF that this country's spirit IS NOT willing to die ANY TIME SOON :


One of the comments :

"Someone get this kid a microphone and a stadium."

God Bless.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

You're right!

We cannot have 8 more years of Obama with Romney. We must support Obama so we only have 4 more years of misery. This is the only real lesser of two evils.

No train to Stockholm.

very well put!!

thanks for posting!


blog post!

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton

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