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Mind Control

I heard the horror many times now.

I am amazed no one has already pointed it out ?!

The level of propaganda is out of control.

Someone/Entity is placing specific noise markers to disrupt thought and focus. Specifically anything to do with Ron Paul, and I have also seen a few others affected that were about liberty or government criminality.

The most obvious is the 'video feed dropped' moment that most are aware of, however, few seem aware of just how far they will go to distort the truth.

Listen at 42 seconds and hear the sound overlayed onto the word "PAUL"


Listen at seconds 33, 158, 306

This has the effect of disrupting thought and focus.
It's nearly subliminal.

For people who are newly introduced to RP, it disrupts their memory of his name. In effect it replaces his name with the sound.

In other instances it places noise where there was a coherent message in the mind. What were they talking about again ? says the mind as it is awoken from it's concentration.

Mostly this will occur at the subconscious level. The now disrupted thought will not be coherent.

I have seen this occur a multitude of times before. Quirky sounds overlayed. Volume drop off. Background noise momentarily increased. 'Technical difficulties', scratch and static and any number of other tactics.

This really is war on the mind.

How sick are these people ?

Who put the sound there and when ?

Was it after it hit Youtube ?
Does the CIA backend to Youtube as it does with Google ?

We need a compilation of these video's to bring it to peoples attention !

People need to become aware of just how insidious this is.

No less not calling his name out on vote counts as per the RNC Tampa. Same tactic only this is less obvious.

This would make a great project for someone with the talent.

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If you can find it, I cannot, I had a personal example

Indy in Asia interviewed me at the 2008 RNC. I went back to listen to it again about a year ago, and every time I said "Ron Paul" the name was slurred beyond understanding. now the interview is gone entirely.
Ron Paul was scheduled to meet with some Idaho volunteers, but "technical difficulties" during a CNN interview kept him from the meeting, which was a pretty serious morale beating. These are two incidents I have personally experienced dealing with Ron Paul. I have put probably hundreds of hours of youtubes up on other topics, never had a problem.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I think you're looking WAY

I think you're looking WAY too far into these two "examples" of "mind control".

Try these:


Mind control doesn't have to be so subtle

It is done through repetition such as the education system.
Religion is a form of Mind Control that has been used for thousands of years.........

....The End is near. The End is near, repent for all your sins.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

try this one on for size....

notice the ad that proceeds it.... then listen to and try to make sense of the lyrics. whithin context of the images presented of course.