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Leaving My Mark for Liberty(the story of my liberty themed Android game)

Well maybe not a real huge gash but I think I left at least a little scuff mark in my first public project devoted to liberty.
This is my story about the journey I took to express myself and promote what I used to take for granted for nearly 4 decades -- freedom.

I heard some advice from several people I respected who said do what you can to help the idea of freedom; however, I am not a Tom Woods speaker, a Stefan Molyneaux philosopher, or a Peter Schiff debater. I am a middle-ware software programmer which is not exactly the most exciting thing to drum up support for one of my favorite causes.

So back last winter I started investigating how to program mobile games; for young people there is nothing more hotter than mobile applications so middle-ware is out and mobile games here I come. I developed a liberty themed Android game called "Freedom Blocks".
My goals were a little selfish in that I wanted to show the world from my point of view like mainstream media lacking neutrality
and honest news reporting, the people's apathy toward freedom, the destruction of war, ever increasing government, the consequences of
oppressive laws (NDAA, PIPA), and the spread of the liberty via the internet and various "advocates".

So what genre could I go with? Being a newbie game developer an arcade style based on a classic game was the obvious choice: simple game play and graphics. I thought about several of my old favorites and the my first choice was a "Breakout" type game. The original objective is to bounce a ball off an rectangular paddle to hit and destroy bricks on the screen; the ball bounces off anything it hits even the screen walls except for the bottom wall. In "Freedom Blocks" I changed the objective to hit sheep (represents the apathetic public) with the ball before the time runs out. I made "the ball" a Silver Eagle coin (represents honest money- also look closely to the ball and it spells out things like T-R-U-T-H). The paddle is made of out the Constitution (represents rule of law and our natural rights). I labeled the bricks with various names and gave them "actions" based on brick types.
Yellow bricks simply disappear when hit and these are labeled with CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc so in my game the media is "blocking" the truth from the people. Also I have green bricks that when hit creates a new ball so "the truth" spreads and these bricks are labeled Dr Paul, internet, Judge Nap, etc. I made 8 levels with new bricks introduced in each level to keep it fresh & entertaining. Lastly, when the ball hits the sheep, the sheep disappears
in a puff of smoke which morphs into a wolf (represents an aggressive predator).

I figured this is very niche product but I think people in this movement deserve more freedom related products. And unfortunately my publisher agreed and refused to publish it even though they said the game play was good. I knew they did not get the theme and symbolism that "Freedom Blocks" had. I was crushed since I spent half a year producing it in most of my spare time and I would even dream of
things to add to the game. My wife and young kids were understanding enough to let me do this so I was determined not to give up for their sacrifice.

I did more research and found another means to go independent and ponied up hundreds of dollars for another development environment that I had to master and I re-wrote my game completely and actually made it better. So now here we are in the fall and I published "Freedom Blocks" myself under the name "Revolution Arcade". I found it a bit therapeutic that I was able to get my thoughts out to others and hopefully steer them to certain freedom
advocates and away from other "bad things". And if anyone wants more technical details so they can produce their own mobile games just contact me and I can tell you what I did.

If you are into Android games please try "Freedom Blocks" in the Google Play store; it is free to download. I would love some feedback. It does get harder and more interesting as you go deeper into the levels. I could develop an iPhone version if the demand and feedback is good but that would cost me hundreds more so I am hesitant right now and Apple could turn it down anyway. Also I originally developed two games but I only ported one of them so far
so after I take a break and listen to feedback I may port the other game where you battle the evil Federal Reserve's Ben Bernanke and Allen Greenspan.
Be sure to look at my splash screen for some familiar faces and I hope you enjoy playing in the Revolution Arcade! Thanks.