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The "Good General's" Daughter

Perhaps if BurningSirus had “acknowledged” rather than thanked Granger, the voices that divide would have been silenced. Who among us can believe in the Bill of Rights, higher human motivations, the conviction and consistency of Ron Paul and, yet, attack the intellect and character of another. That is not the Ron Paul message nor is it in accordance with our Constitution or in the best interests of progressive change. The DP often digresses into attacking the messenger rather than acknowledging the right of the messenger to have a personal plan of attack against the powers that be and the evil that lurks in our world. Drawing from a well-known RP “incident”…I compare that to laughing and ridiculing “The Golden Rule”… a concept found in most religions and even the best of humanism.

One number separates Granger and me as far as longevity on the DP…#406 and #408. You are absolutely right in thinking that “longevity on the DP” means very little; however, I have read Granger’s posts for a very long time and feel certain that I know where she is coming from. Knowing that she has struggled to find her footing…what she believes and what she can do…I acknowledge her right to do so and applaud her tenacity and conviction. I also acknowledge that she is human and as such can be provoked…can bristle…can, like all of us, respond to a personal attack.

I am one of many who now visit the DP and seldom post and there are many reasons for that. On the same day that I saw the “thank Granger post,” I watched the video about Mikko and “The General’s Son.” Intellectual contortionist that I have sometimes been accused of being , my mind drew analogies between the journey of the Israeli General’s Son and Granger, daughter of the “Good” General Ron Paul …one member of his diverse family of those sincerely dedicated to bringing about a better world and fighting amongst themselves about the best way to do so…even believing “their way” is the only way.

After hitting DP “search” I saw that the Mikko video had been posted. There were many interesting reactions to it; however, none about the re-education, change and actions of Mikko. At least there were few attacks on his personhood and yet all the evils of Zionism, hatred of Israelis, distrust of Iran, came out. Perhaps I got something far different from the video than most. I acknowledge Mikko and find in his transition and activism hope for a better world and a blueprint of “one way” inroads can take place.

Mikko points out that “if” Jews had a right to their biblical and historical homeland than many other races and people do as well. His heart and mind told him…”the Zionist stance can’t be right.” He openly addresses this moral and logical discrepancy in speeches despite the fact that it is an uncomfortable truth to many. Many Jews were against the State of Israel…many are very anti-Zionist, but afraid to say so.

Mikko bravely dug into the “real” history of Israeli aggression and imperialism as well as the real beginning of Zionism and the map of Israel today. He fortunately had a mother and in his later years, a Father , who saw through the ruse and embraced change in attitude. He forgave himself for being caught up in and believing the educational “propaganda” that led him at one time to fight for Zionism and Israel. Mikko was “teachable” …seeking truth and being able to change was “his” road less traveled and he now bravely tells others

Mikko speaks to activist groups where he finds the issues far more important than race or color or religion or nationalism. His stance, which is not the only possible stance, is that what happened happened. The issue is no longer whether or not there should be an Israel. The issue is no longer how to divide Israel and “give” the Palestinians who remain some tiny proportion. The issue is to look at the current situation and recognize everyone’s right to live together in peace and equality. To dispel any notion of “pie in the sky” ideology…he says that he EXPECTS it to happen in his lifetime or he would not be doing what he is doing.

Mikko won his battle against early indoctrination not by “villainizing” Zionism or Palestinians or the UN or US aggression brought about by greed and avarice. He won his personal battle by entering into honest dialogue with those he had once been taught to hate. Not only does he acknowledge that he had been wrong, he disavows the myth of Jewish intellectual and racial superiority as pure bunk…propaganda of the most transparent kind and, in doing so, exposes the power of propaganda to sway a people.

Mikko ventured into Palestinian territory and found that what he had been taught to fear posed no threat whatsoever. In fact, he was welcomed and found way more that he agreed with than that he disagreed with. He began working with the Palestinians and bringing what he had learned to church groups…Christian and Jewish.

Mikko goes into the “enemy camp” speaking to his Jewish roots in synagogues telling the story of his journey and the conclusions he has come to. He tells them not to be “afraid” of rejection and being called a self-hating Jew, instead to laugh at such rebukes because the inequity and violence in the world are far more serious than reacting to “name calling” and ignorance. Mikko goes into Christian communities and tells the story of his journey and the conclusions he has come to. He leaves religion out of it…as he bravely answers so many of the questions I have had about the Jewish people and their “texts” not by addressing these questions, but by the stance he has bravely taken. He even says, don’t be afraid of being called “anti-Semitic” as there are far more important things going on in the world than to cower to “name calling.” He only briefly touches upon the meaning of “Semitic” because that is not the issue unless you want to miss the forest by focusing on the trees.

So how does this relate to Granger? To me it is a direct parallel. Granger has been an activist for most of her adult life. She has researched the history of the political parties from the inside of many. She has stepped back and looked at the entire landscape of where we are now. She has asked herself, “What can I do personally.” And, then she has done it with passion, conviction, consistency and tenacity. She has entered “enemy camp” and through her character found a voice and become respected and listened to.

She has brought to the DP her stories of Committee experiences. She has acknowledged over and over others’ right to disagree and has remained in the battlefield of her choosing even when brutally attacked. Not everyone likes Granger’s manner of expressing herself. Her steadfastness propels some into feeling attacked when she is only explaining her position. Undoubtedly she will remain in the grassroots, local Republican arena long after this election.

She does not like what she sees historically in the Republican Party…it once and even now represents everything she is against. However, she is taking a road less traveled as others are doing because she sees the possibility for change and the probability that among elected Republicans and those who vote for them, Mr. Romney will have to contend with passionate voices of dissent. She acknowledges that the validity of a multi-pronged attack. To each his own.

I acknowledge the right of the “Good General Ron Paul’s Daughter” and the “General’s Son” to work from a grassroots level making inroads toward peace and change. Personally, I applaud their efforts. I applaud your efforts, whatever your stance if you recognize others’ right to have a position they fervently believe in as well. However, I do not applaud anyone throwing stones, reveling in erudite rhetoric, basking in feelings of intellectual superiority, disavowing that there are many valid paths to truth and change. I have never known Granger to do so.

I will fade back into the DP woodwork now. Fonta over and out.

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BUMP Please....More People Need....

...To read these words....REALLY read them....and think about it..

When I first came here, these were the posts that balanced out the many factions here with an important idea;

Comraderie in UNITY of PURPOSE...

Yeah..."The Long Haul View"....

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

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everybody has a right to their own opinion...

mine is,

your wasting your time here with this dribble

have a great day...

i've seen granger in action and she is no lover of liberty, imho

gitmo gary?

you are welcome to your likes and dislikes...like romney or gitmo gary here and prepare for the consequences

a waste of time...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Well I am glad I am acknowledged

lol, seriously, it seems that I relate more with the 'old guard' than the new guard. Most of the 'old guard' have gone through what the new guard is trying to do, but got wise and grew up.

Unfortunately, they will not listen to their elders. I however have a respect for advice not wanting to do the same mistakes as my forbearers. This knowledge we have is especially crucial. I wish not to squander it.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
Follow me on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/Burning_Sirius

Burning Sirius Acknowledged lol

" Most of the 'old guard' have gone through what the new guard is trying to do, but got wise and grew up." What a wise observation and one that I will take to heart. I consider you part of the "new old guard" and I find that so encouraging and promising.

In more ways than one, you also fit into my analogy. In your case, the "Good General's Son." I looked back at many of your comments and some information off this site and find myself in almost total agreement not only with many of your conclusions, but also your thinking and approach in arriving at them.

I noted your defense of and kind remarks about your Dad, his military background and understanding of Ron Paul's stance. I applaud your sabbatical to study for the ministry and would project you doing much good in whatever field you choose. I noted your comments on antisemitism and something you wrote to Tom Woods. Noted your sense of justice and good will among people and, of course, your closing quote.

So, to me you are like the General's Son in a lot of ways. Conjured up a thought I had never really had, ie. going beyond "acknowledging" your right to an opinion and seeing you in my analogy. Have never really said this in a secular sense; however I could go so far as to say I "bear witness" to you and your approach to life on this planet. I affirm it and am thankful. So I want to thank Burning Sirius for what you bring to the DP and, I am sure, to others you meet. God Bless. Nena (a member of the very old guard...been around 64 years.)


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Fonta, please do not fade away. While the DP

is less than it once was, it still may be the best interface between the grassroots and the unawakened world, with many excellent links and commentary and fast-moving useful content.

I hope you will return to post more of your wise and sensitive insights.

Thanks reedr3v

That meant a lot and it is so good to hear from a familiar DP name!
Part of why I went away was a transition that involved a move from California to Memphis/Dallas and all that goes with that. When I came back to the DP after a couple of months away, I hardly recognized it.

There are still a few people whose posts I always used to read. Like yours. I am sure I will discover more. Have a great day and thanks again!


Thank you fonta

I am humbled and grateful to BurningSirus for the article because I loved what those who defended my experiences had to say about the situation. I enjoyed reading what I am saying and doing in other words. I KNOW that I am not alone, though sometimes on DP it feels like it.. and this too shall pass, as every "grassroot" jobber takes their turn attracting people to a consciencely cleaner, instantantous, satisfactorly solution to the rEVOLution, in the name of grassroots.

When it comes to grassroots, I have been grassroots for so long, I see astroturf pretty clearly, and it comes from competing compaigns, and looks like grassroots, but it's not. Once grassroots becomes organized, it becomes astroturf, and from astroturf it advances into a major party or mutates into another organization. "Liberty Movement", for those who missed the rEOLution by choice or chance.

Ron Paul became astroturf with C4L. We organized, we became national delegates, we became seated on committees and running for offices, and some, like Rand Paul, took a high office, and is on the front line, winning liberty for all.

So as far as Ron Paul goes, we are beyond grassroots.. my committee affords places to put signs, advertizing, parades/event participation, phone banking, moneybombs are now part of the GOP lingo. We can create sub-committees to do whatever grassroots wants to do, by showing up and pushing paper. So why be grassroots when you have friends in offices?

The rEVOLution is NOW in the GOP with Ron Paul RepubliCANs Restoring the Republic. Trust me, this is easy in many ways, and it is not easy in many ways too. It's a good fight.

Keep on fighting the good fight, my friend!

You are not alone.... but, admit it: You did cringe. LOL!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I really didn't

I really didn't cring (((((((Nona)))))))) So wonderful to see you! Thank you for being my friend.

I cringe, when I see long time DP posters who I have agreed with many times, and like very much, go in a direction that my experience knows they are set up for another let down.. down and out. Where now, even when I'm down, I'm in, though some here would like to change that.

The Liberty Movement and it's grassrooty astroturf for political chips is like watching a slow motion train wreck, and I Thank Ron Paul for getting me off the train and into the rEVOLution where with patience, fortitude, persistance, reason, and the Constitution offering solutions, we will materialize Ron Paul's message and deliver Liberty for all, from the GOP with LOVE of Freedom.

Excellent post, fonta!!!!

What a pleasure to read a post written with great thought and insight. Great analogy between Miko and The Granger. Couldn't agree with you more. Both of them are outstanding "grassroots" leaders. I know The Granger will certainly cringe when she finds out she's being called "grassroots" and I expect an argument about that from her any time now. LOL But, she certainly cannot be called "establishment" by any stretch of the imagination. Her role in the GOP, to me anyway, is more of a grassroots operative/infiltrator. She does it sooo well! We need more like her.

Glad to see at least one of my favorite members back on DP. There are too many absent from this site and I miss them a lot. Please don't go back into the woodwork.


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Nonna, I Am Confused

I thought restoring the power of the grassroots to the Republican Platform (the New Hampshire Resolution) was considered a good thing and the reason for local involvement.

Laughing, I must have been away from the DP too long. Didn't know "bottom up" grassroot activity had a bad connotation. Sure didn't want to make Granger cringe. Hopefully she knows what I meant. And, perhaps given the NH Resolution "grassroots" in this context is okay.

Thank you for reading and commenting Nonna. And thank you for who you are...special!


Not to worry, fonta.

I understood that you meant "activity" in a direct, political sense, and we are in agreement about that. The Granger has a different perception of grassroots activity, linking it to useless sign waving and such. It is her perception of "grassroots activity" that will make her cringe, not what you wrote. LOL

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Someone PLEASE Explain

...I am not trying to bump my post. I have not posted on the DP in a long time and I am very confused. Someone...or mechanism...inserted links in my article to ads. How and why? Is this the new norm.

That does not seem right. What if I don't approved of the ads that are linked in the body of the article and, yet, it is as though I inserted them.

Okay, this is now an edited. The red words "religion" and "plan" that went to ads have now gone away but were there before. LOL...what happened. anyone know?


I have no explanation

for what you experienced. For salient words in a post to trigger ads that might appear on the side (in the "ad section") would be one thing, but I agree that it would not be right to have a direct link within a post itself. FYI, by the time I came across this post any such links had been removed. One of life's many mysteries! P.S. Thanks again for the post, and I wish we'd see more of you here. :)

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Thank you, fonta, for

this thoughtful post. My appreciation is two-fold. Thank you for bringing the story of Mikko to my attention. I've had growing concerns about what I've seen as too many conflicts of interest for me to feel comfortable with America giving to Israel, albeit an ally, unconditional support, especially unconditional military support. And although I have registered some of my concerns here via posts and comments, I've never done so without serious mixed emotions of a nature that, apparently, Mikko has addressed. I'm not a true pacifist, I guess. I do believe in just, i.e., defensive, war. Nonetheless, one reason I came to feel as strongly as I have towards Ron Paul is his goal towards PEACE.
I plan to now watch The General's Son. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=c4Zfn...!) Secondly, I think the analogy is fitting. Going by, admittedly a shorter time frame, from my own conversations with The Granger as well as dialogues I've read involving others, while I myself have chosen to not be active within the Republican Party (after a brief time of attending meetings), I appreciate the efforts of those who do. I agree: there are many paths to truth and change.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir



November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Thank You Pollman

...I should have included the link. : )