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Has anyone else received this email about the Johnson campaign

I received this today does anyone know if there is any truth to this? I hope it's not true but wondered if anyone else has looked into it.


Dear Fellow Libertarian,

What in the world is going on?

Governor Gary Johnson's campaign has raised - and spent - more than $2 million yet has not a single TV or cable news ad!

Johnson has even received over $340,000 in Federal matching funds.

Johnson's campaign has no network TV ads, no cable ads, no Facebook ads, no Google ads, no real radio ads, no headquarters no voter mail, no paid staffers other than some guy named Charles Frohman who is paid a measly $2000 a month.

His Campaign bank account is empty. Where is the money going?

The official campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission show 90% of the money raised has been paid to a company owned by Johnson's campaign "Senior Advisor" Ronald Nielson.

You can get Gary Johnson campaign materials like T-shirts, bumper stickers and yard signs - things the Romney and Obama campaign give out for free - if you want to BUY them from the campaign.

What kind of a campaign is this?

Johnson talks a lot about the need for transparency in government. Where is the transparency in his campaign?

Gary Johnson's campaign finances are about a transparent as the Federal Reserve bank!

The official spending reports the FEC requires don't show anything - other than huge payments to Johnson's consultants.

The GaryJohnson2012 website says the campaign has raised $635,000 to "put the campaign on TV". So where are the TV commercials? Isn't this false advertising? Some contributor should sue!

How much is "former Republican" Roger Stone being paid? The FEC reports don't say but you can bet it's plenty. This mercenary doesn't come cheap. Are Stone and Nielson splitting the money and leaving Johnson's campaign bankrupt?

According to the most recent Federal filing the campaign bank account is virtually empty! Where did the money go?

The Green Party Candidate Jill Stein is has TV ads on CNN and MSNBC and she has raised far less money than Gary Johnson.

The campaign ran a handful of radio ads on libertarian radio programs. How much did they really cost ? Who knows? Johnson's campaign fiance reports don't say. Don't listen for a Gary Johnson radio ad on Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin - you won't hear one.

Don't look for radio or TV ads in the swing states like Nevada, New Hampshire, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia or even New Mexico. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate has ads on the air in some of those states but not Gary Johnson.

We in the Libertarian Party did not nominate Gov. Gary Johnson so his Republican consultant buddies can rip-off Libertarian donors and line their pockets.

How can Governor Gary Johnson have an impact in this election and put the Libertarian Party on the map if his top advisors are going to pocket all the campaign money? How do we score if the campaign never gets on TV ?

Where the $2 million dollars go? Ask Gary Johnson next time he has a Town Meeting. What has his campaign spent $2 million on?

The Libertarian Party paid to get Johnson on the ballot in 47 states! The Libertarian Party has let the Johnson campaign mail it's donor list.

Why should any libertarian or Gary Johnson supporter give another cent if the money is just going to be stolen? Governor Johnson talks a lot about ethics and integrity. Where is the integrity in ripping off your own campaign donors?

How does Gary Johnson justify a campaign that takes in $2 million but never buys any media? How does Governor Johnson justify campaign filings that hide his expenditures rather than report them?

What ever you do, don't give another penny to Gov. Gary Johnson's campaign. It will just end up in the pockets of Johnson's "advisors"

Lee Wrights and Bill Still and Karl Denninger tried to warn us. The great Libertarian opportunity of 2012 will be squandered.

What a pity.

Eric Stevens
Twinsburg, Ohio

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Fake Person, Fake Email and Fake Facts

Gov. Johnson and everyone at his campaign have tirelessly distributed hundreds of thousands of free yard signs, bumper stickers and pieces of campaign literature; they have organized hundreds of rallies, van tours, media appearances and events; they have produced and aired audio and video commercials; they have fought off a dozen legal challenges by Republicans trying to bankrupt the campaign. Gov. Johnson has run a first-class campaign on 0.1% of what the Republican and Democrat candidates have spent. The idea that anyone is getting rich off this campaign is not only the farthest thing from the truth, it's extremely insulting to everyone sacrificing so much in the name of liberty.

This email is from a fake person, from a fake email address. It is libelous, which is perhaps why the author chose to hide his or her real identity. Don't be fooled; the liberty movement is gaining traction and is under attack by unscrupulous people. They will stop at nothing to keep us down.

New Mexico

The campaign is running radio ads in New Mexico, so I don't know what the letter writer is talking about.

I received a free "Gary Johnson 2012" bumper sticker. That is

more than I ever received from the official Ron Paul campaign. Also, Johnson has bee strategically positioning Internet ads and making rounds of University campuses. That seems to me to be $2M well spent.

This guy discusses the finances

while avoiding common sense.

2 million dollars. The GJ campaign has raised 2 million dollars. That might be enough to run ads in one or two states.

How much did the RP campaign raise? Nearly 20 million dollars.

So I think the real question isn't "where is this paltry amount of money going?" but "how can we expect ads to be run with this small amount?"

according to some on here most of

gj's budget would have to go on hiring shills to post on the daily paul.


"According to some" based on...what? Hunches and guesses?

You might find this hard to believe, but there are some RP supporters who like GJ.


everyone is so sensitive on here.

I don't find that hard to believe at all. Notice I said 'according to some' not 'I think': that's a clue. I was making fun of the minority of very angry supporters who think the only people like gj are the people arrived recently. Stop lashing out wildly, I'm on your side.


Dear Eric...

The very first thing you will see at http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/ is a whole host of television ads if you just let them play. Some pretty good ones too I would say.
The problem is most likely in getting the air time right now...already. Have you noticed how many Obama and Romney ads we are seeing for like the last several weeks here in Ohio? I mean...WOW!
You know those two purchased most of the available time they could.
And it is only going to get worse, because Ohio is some kind of a major "swing" state from what the media is telling us, and the local faux TEA party groups...who oh-by-the-way see Romney as some kind of TEA party candidate now. (er-HEM!) and Hmmmm? (scratching my head)
FYI: Governor Gary Johnson will be holding a campaign rally right here in NE Ohio on November 2nd in Streetsboro at the Stringz & Wingz ZPLEX in the Streetsboro Plaza. Full details are available HERE: http://www.meetup.com/Gary-Johnson-2012-Northern-Ohio/events...
And go something like this...

Governor Gary Johnson Ohio Campaign Rally
Friday, November 2, 2012 7:30 PM
Stringz & Wingz ZPLEX
1543 State Route 303
Streetsboro, OH.

Get directions and print out a MAP available in this listing
- ZPLEX in very corner of Streetsboro Plaza

Governor Gary Johnson All Ohio Campaign Rally

STARTS at 7:30

MEET AND GREET EVENT (Donation and RSVP required)
STARTS at 6:00 PM for all who wish to meet Governor Johnson

ZPLEX inside Stringz & Wingz 1543 SR 303 Streetsboro OH
Are you tired of the bi-polar politics? Are you tired of hearing the same tired old talking points being made over and over? Then come out and hear a two-term Governor who has some fresh ideas!

Come join us in hosting the Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States Gary Johnson! He plans to speak about his current campaign, and much much more!

This event will take place at the ZPLEX inside Stringz & Wingz

Line up: TB announced - More to come

This event is not to be missed. Best part? IT IS FREE!

Stringz & Wingz is located in the very corner of the Streetsboro Plaze just to the right of the Save-A-Lot store.

So spread the word about it and come on out.
Just a short drive down the road for you.


rounding it up to 3 million

you won't get much on network tv for that.

I know there have been Gary

I know there have been Gary Johnson radio ads in Florida.



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What are this Eric Stevens

What are this Eric Stevens credentials? It's hard to spend money on tv ads when you have to spend it in legal battles just to retain ballot access.

Republican lawsuits

Republican operatives tried to intimidate and/or bribe them into committing perjury including flashing "FBI" badges.


Sounds fishy to me

We had GJ in Richmond last week for two campaign appearances. There were hundreds at each event. We must have distributed more than a hundred yard signs and other materials. All free of charge to anyone who promised to use them. I also got a t-shirt but they were given to volunteers. I have heard complaints earlier about the difficulty of getting materials. But that was solved a few weeks ago.

Dont know particulars about who got paid what. I suspect that payments to "Ron nielsen" mean hIs company. I do know he has vastly expanded his paid staff. What I do know is some of RP's campaign expenditures would not withstand close scrutiny. Or you ok with Jesse's fees.


I was thinking about donating but this stopped me in my tracks

I donated till it hurt with Ron and I'm not going to be so quick to dole out the cash this time till i get some answers.


I donated till it hurt with Ron?

And you had no problem how that money was spent or turned over to C4L? Benton, Tate and others?

Fellow Hoosier, we have only 3 pres, candidates on the ballot. Why try to endorse Jill Stein, she's only a write-in in IN?

If you are a true Hoosier liberty supporter, will you support Andy Horning for US Senate? Or Rupert Boneham for Governor?

I had plenty of problems with how that money was spent as well.

And I will be voting for every libertarian on the ballot as I have now for the last two election cycles. Mean while registering as a republican and becoming a delegate to at least try to change something. That being said obviously you knew how the money in the Paul campaign was being spent by admission, so what brings you here? Now how is the Johnson money being spent regardless of how small the amount is or should we wait till we hit 20 million then ask. All I hear so far is speculation. I asked a simple question if you don't know the answer then just say so.


C_T_CZ's picture

If you have alignment with Gary on issues....

By all means, be careful how you donate your money. I sure am careful about my own donations.

I donated $50 to Gary Johnson two months ago, and another $50 this past month, as well as slightly smaller donations to Justin Amash, Tisha Casida, and Kerry Bentivolio.

I suggest the letter writer has ulterior motivations. Go to Gary Johnson's website and look at his issues:

If you find alignment with his stances, and if you want to encourage those policy positions moving forward, I respectfully suggest giving Gary Johnson consideration for your donations.

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Letter writer sounds totally disingenuous

Gary Johnson is a fiscal conservative and has given none of us any reason whatsoever to question his campaign finances. In fact going by his record as Governor, he is extremely trustworthy.

The letter says that we all should "Ask Gary Johnson next time he has a town hall meeting, where donation money goes."

I respectfully suggest to the letter writer that Gary Johnson has had at least three (3) public, widely advertised town hall meetings where anyone can ask of him any questions they please. If the letter writer is not motivated enough to go ask these questions to Gary himself, I suggest the letter writer has ulterior motivations at play.

The letter writer flippantly throws around words like "stolen", just like media pundits threw around the word "racist" when discussing Ron Paul. And we all know how disingenuous that was...

rEVOLutionary Advertising Corps
It's Better Than Sitting On Your Rump Doing Nothing™

Gary Johnson is a fiscal

Gary Johnson is a fiscal conservative



Oh, but those tax breaks were worth it. Never mind the inherent cronyism in that policy - New Mexico is the "second Hollywood" thanks to Gary, and that's all that matters.

I don't play, I commission the league.

You mean Gary is responsible

You mean Gary is responsible for Breaking Bad? Win!

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Bumping again...

cause the Johnson supporters are downvoting without addressing...

Denise B's picture


For some good questions I'ld like to see answered.



That's just the harsh truth....

and it needs to be said. Good to know that some of my fellow LP members still have principles.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Legal fees?

Gary Johnson is fighting legal battles, to not only keep his name in all 50 states, but to be allowed into the debates. Those are battles that no other 3rd party candidate is fighting. That would be my guess.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

legal fees

I think the Libertarian Party is supposed to be responsible for all costs (including legal fees) associated with ballot access.

It's possible the LP ballot access fund may not have had a substantial enough total to fend off the GOP's legal challenges, and the LP borrowed it from the Johnson campaign account.

If you don't trust donating your money directly to the Johnson campaign, donate it to the LP instead. The LP has an interest in Johnson getting 5% of the vote in order to greatly reduce their ballot access burdens in 2016. Whether Johnsons campaign team decides to run their own ads or not, the LP will run their own GJ ads if the finances are there.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

GJ will get lots of money from the corrupt Pennsylvania GOP

They will have to pay all his court costs after he won the 9 week long battle to be on the ballot.

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