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Please vote in this poll. We have to even the playing field with all of the Giuliani "spammers" who have voted.

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Current Results:

Who won the third GOP presidential debate?

Rudy Giuliani 44%
Mitt Romney 14%
John McCain 13%
Ron Paul 13%
Tommy Thompson 5%
Mike Huckabee 4%
Tom Tancredo 3%
Duncan Hunter 2%
Sam Brownback 2%
Jim Gilmore 1%

Total Votes: 68,212

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I'm not surprised that Rudy Toot Toot and his Merry Band Of Followers are leading in the AOL POLL. I would be shocked if they weren't. Everytime I posted or left a message when I was an AOL member that was even vaguely opposed to the war in Iraq or dared to question the present leadership in our country, I was either blocked, or kicked off line.
So why should I trust this poll? If the truth were known, it's probably another censor job, (similar to 'hatchet' job) on Ron Paul, just wearing a different mask.

AOL Poll easily "spammed"...

looks like someone in the guiliani camp figured out that deleting their browser cookies allows one person to vote again.... and again... and again... I'm tempted to respond by out-spamming them off the chart (I could sit here all night, by 5am you'd need a ouiji board to find him on that poll :-) but I'll just take satisfaction in the fact that our support for RP is genuine, and the guiliani camp is running scared....