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Report: Iran Plotting to Spill Oil in Strait of Hormuz

CNBC: Iran is secretly planning to spill oil into the Strait of Hormuz as revenge for Western sanctions, according to Der Spiegel.

The German news weekly claims to have spoken to Western intelligence sources who say they have obtained Iran's classified report on the operation, which has the potential to create an environmental disaster.

Code-named "Murky Water," the plan allegedly involves steering an Iranian supertanker, capable of carrying hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil, onto a rock.

According to Der Spiegel:

"The goal of the plan seems to be that of contaminating the strait so as to temporarily close the important shipping route for international oil tankers, thereby 'punishing' the Arab countries that are hostile to Iran and forcing the West to join Iran in a large-scale clean-up operation — one that might require the temporary suspension of sanctions against Tehran."


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I see.....

the AIPAC rumour mill is going full blast again. I guess they decided to put Netanyahu back in the closet after they got laughed at by the whole planet.

The New Great Game

I was shocked to see an excerpt from this documentary on CBC primetime news last night. There is nothing new in it for DP readers, but the very fact that it aired in primetime seems to indicate that they are getting the public prepared for something. It even admits point blank that we went into Libya to push the Chinese out of there.



that'll teach us.

WANTED! Disparately wanted! Need writers of mass destruction.


      At least minimal literacy.
      English & German desired.
      Able to make up code words.

    Able to write about mass destruction in complete sentences.

      Willing to pay "French Literature" rates.

Mass propaganda firm seeks writers for impending dire straights.

Apply in person @ Strait of Hormuz.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I'll go with Scott Ritter

and his warning to lay off Iran..Iran has been taunted and bullied for so many years. I would not hesitate to think that they have for years been planting sleeper cells in many strategic places to be called on if any of the treats from the west finally came to fruition.."Pick Your City" was what Scott said..What does he know that we don't? Blowback can be a real bummer..

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I smell Taurus Excretes!

Im pretty sure that is what it is - Taurus Excretes.

If this was to happen, there is no way it would be Iran who did it. Any little plan they can think of at the moment too demonize Iran in the eyes of the world will do.

This news is real, I heard

This news is real, I heard rumors about Iranians making a job offer to Francesco Schettino, the former captain of the Costa Concordia luxury cruise ship.


but is it real, or is it Memorex? I go with Memorex...

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If I was a leader of Iran and

If I was a leader of Iran and my country was bombed by the us or Israel, I would spill plenty of oil when I used my submarines to sink every oil tanker that tries to go through the strait for years to come. I think that all these war hawks are pretty naive if they think the Iranians will not find a way to retaliate. Gas could hit 10 dollars a gallon after the war.

That is why

you would never be elevated beyond posting comments.

Idiots can indeed be elected as president, but not those who are naive to the point of being suicidal. With all your elaborate thinking you forgot about Iranian people who would pay the price as they pay now.

Do you think that iran is

Do you think that iran is going to sit back and do nothing if they are bombed? If they are already being bombed, what do they have to lose?

Depends who does it

If Americans will do the attack with their usual occupation, the leaders will fight to protect/prolong their own lives.

If Israel will do a clean strike (w/o collateral damage, secret prisons, torture, cash to warlords, etc like it had done before in Syria and Iraq), mullahs will do two things 1) they will use their proxy Arabs in Lebanon and Gaza to fire rockets; 2) they will use they secret service to assassinate Israelis around the world.

Rather than that the mullahs & the dwarf wont do much if they want to stay in power and live.

They should just pay bp to do it

as they have a lot more experience

iran to unleash zombie plague

iran to release winged monkey suicide bombers

iran threatens someone

Can't blame 'em.

Sanctions are an act of war.

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I don't believe this either.

I don't believe this either. If it happens, I'd think the U.S. was responsible. I hate to think that. Isn't Iran one of the last 3 or 4 countries that doesn't have a central bank running the economy? Think I heard that somewhere not too long ago. Ironically, the last ones are supposed 'enemies' of the U.S. .... Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and recently Libya was one (until Khadafi's death). Seems to me that this is all about control. And looks like those in control don't care about anyone but themselves. They don't care about destroying the environment, killing our soldiers, or killing countless innocent civilians. It just sickens me.

Yeah... sure...

This sounds more like a way to cover up for the premeditated events to unfold. Hit one of their ships causing them massive losses then blame them for doing it on purpose.

I call BS on this report.

There is no reason that Iran would take this action. I am supposed to believe that they'd spill millions of dollars in oil into the gulf to pollute their coastline, and destroy fisheries in the gulf (which employ plenty of Iranians too)as some sort of revenge against the US and the west? I don't see why it would affect the west in any material way, so I don't see how this would be any sort of retribution at all. Maybe if they wanted to spill it in Chesapeake bay or something like that which would actually affect us......that'd make more sense.

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Well, if they did spill a bunch of oil

It sure wouldn't be measured it dollars. Gold ounces, rupees, anything but dollars.

Der Speigel can go into the trash with Drudge and NYT.

More likely this is a threat from on high that oil will be spilled in the Gulf and the MSM will blame Iran.

Any War with Iran will be an Environmental Disaster. Devastation of power generation, schools, factories, water treatment plants, roads and infrastructure with conventional and depleted uranium weapons.

Just ask Iraqis about the action of their invaders and occupiers. Ask them about the loot taken.

Free includes debt-free!

I agree, destroying their own

I agree, destroying their own waters and land make no sense as a revenge tactic. "I'll show them, I'll shoot myself in the foot!!"

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

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Iran under attack

Well, when you're cornered, and everybody in the world is out to get you, what can you do?

I remember in the '60's, early '70's, Iran was one of our best friends - or maybe that was because of the Shah.

But the plain fact is, Iran has never attacked anyone - EVER!

I hope the Paulians don't get caught up in the feeding frenzy.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Remember, the shah was just a

Remember, the shah was just a puppet installed by the USA after the CIA overthrew the democratically elected govt of Iran in 1953. The Iranian people have not considered us friends since.

Iran was one of our friends

Iran was one of our friends back then. The US even did a lot to help make sure Iran's nuclear program got off the ground and was successful.


The "United States" and its "Help"

The US even did a lot to help make sure Iran's nuclear program got off the ground and was successful.

Ohhhh, man, the blatancy of how the world works.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Iran plays the same game

as Saddam Hussein did. Saddam also thought that filling out trenches with oil and putting them on fire wont drive him in a rathole. It is mostly done to keep domestic morale high.

Iranian president had boycotted his own mullahs for more than a week after the mullahs had appointed security service chief in president's cabinet. Mullahs play cool by not alienating the domestic poor for whom Ahmadinejad had created public work projects. Otherwise, the mullahs would had replaced the dwarf long ago.

I hope Iran does not run into

I hope Iran does not run into Israeli torpedoes oops I mean rocks.

Don't know how true this is

but nothing would surprise me, when you corner an animal and keep closing in on it, eventually it will bite back. That's whats happening with Iran, our sanctions have devastated their economy, they're having wild currency fluctuations and drops- we are causing the starvation of innocent Iranian men, women and children. Shame on us.

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We? Well, it's time to

We? Well, it's time to differentiate between them and us.

them: United States government (members) and government's private contractors, but really it's who controls the US government and those contractors.

us: United States' citizens.

We the US citizens aren't causing starvation in Iran or elsewhere.

Trevor, let's you and I differentiate ourselves from the government.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.