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Ron Paul Almost always gets a Mention on this DC Metro Area Drive Time Radio Broadcast

In this segment from yesterday the host and guest discuss whether the unemployment rate was politically manipulated


Ron Paul is defended in this segment

Ron Paul and the Federal Reserve are discussed in this one:

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Live with Louis, eh?

Good to know, thanks for posting!

Like Ben Swann on a LOCAL fox affiliate

this CBS local radio broadcast covers more than just the two party talking points

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Focus on local work,local news,local issues

Take care of yourself friends and family then who needs a big federal government?

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It's a weekly CBS one hour radio show

The Ron Paul ethos clearly comes through every Monday morning at 9am EST

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Local is more important than national

Its a paradox that we support Ron Paul for President, a person who advocates local government and personal responsibility.
Supporting local businesses, radio, media etc should be more important than watching CNN or voting for Romney or Obama

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