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504 Gateway Timeout Errors

Editing was once easy to do when writing and improving a response, now I am encountering 504 Errors that appear to be occurring randomly.

Does anyone else encounter 504 Gateway Time-Out Errors when editing responses, and if so is there a known way around that road block?

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just got one myself

when clicking on 'add new comment', I went back and it worked fine. for what its worth...

It might be due to your

It might be due to your Internet service provider if they use proxy servers in their setup. I'm on Comcast and never have any issues like this at all. Do you have broadband cable/DSL/Fios or dial up connection? Which company is your ISP? Might be related to that as opposed to the DP's server or network. If it was DP related everyone would probably be having the same issue.



I appreciate the effort to add to the possible answers.

I have Warner (Roadrunner) Cable and I have intermittent connectivity on good days, but that has been relatively consistent during my participation on this forum. This is a new problem to me, and the information below (also appreciated) reports other factors that may contribute to this specific problem.


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when your average comment is over 2,000 words, it'll take a bit

etc...your comments appear here daily:

You are going to have a greater occurrence of these than most.

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Hi Jon,

I suppose I end up on that most wordy comment post as well... What is the purpose of it? I saw I couldn't make a comment there. :)

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It just answers the question "where are the longest posts?"

in a short timeframe, for those who might be curious. That's it.

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Thanks Jon

Have a great day :)

Thanks Jon

Have a great day :)

Jon, less wordy comments

Suppose a sound bite worked better in this case, and my effort to communicate to you that this is a new problem was not well communicated by me.

What would happen?

You might confuse this being an ongoing problem with a new problem, and then you might wrongly assume that the new problem was triggered by a word count threshold of some kind?

If the word count was the problem, then why did the problem not occur in all the other offerings, that are not sound bites, that I have offered so far on this forum?

Is that too many words?

Does the message arrive intact?

Is there any accurately measurable progress toward the goal?


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phrasing differently

if you're mostly repeatedly accessing this post of yours:
wherein you and others comment on average small 2k-word tomes, as time goes on, the conversation grows in comments, and it can become over a megabyte of text the server has to send over to you on each page load. It's even more taxing if you're repeatedly editing content on it.

Compare that with the typical front paged post & conversation, whose page source will rarely exceed 300k.

Reduce the # of comments visible per page, and you might see a reduction in these timeouts.

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regardless of the newness of the problem (to you)

I was pointing to a guaranteed known symptom of this problem, as it is not new to me.

Everyone in a position to have made a relevant change has been notified, and we're looking into it.

Thanks for the data point & brief reply.

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