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Support Ron Paul Endorsed Kerry Bentivolio for Congress

Kerry Bentivolio is the Republican nominee for Michigan's 11th Congressional District. He is likely to win the Republican district in November but his opponent has so far outraised and outspent him 2 to 1 as of October 17.

If you can help contribute anything at all, please do so here:

Kerry has been endorsed by Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Justin Amash and Young Americans for Liberty. He has pledged to post an explanation for all his votes on Facebook like Amash.

He is against the federal war on drugs, the Patriot Act, the NDAA's indefinite detention provisions, the wars, and wants to bring home our troops from Germany, Japan and South Korea.

To learn more about his views, check out this interview he did in January:

Kerry also hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. You can find all the Q&As here:

Here he is speaking out against the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA:

If Kerry wins on November 6, he will be sworn in as a Congressman that week serving alongside Ron Paul and Justin Amash because the seat is currently vacant due to Thad McCotter's resignation months ago.

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Kerry needs all the help we can give him.

The Republican establishment has practically thrown him under the bus because he's a libertarian.

He's always described as a Ron Paul Republican

but he is not seeing the help from the Ron Paul community. His opponent has outraised him 2 to 1.

We have a chance to send a Ron Paul Republican to Congress in less than two weeks. Please help out in any you can. Even $5 will help.

Well, he was endorsed early

Well, he was endorsed early on by the Governor and the Lt. Governor and by Congressman Dan Benishek. When Cassis dropped out, Santorum also endorsed Kerry. That probably did help him a little among the mainstream Repubs.

He still needs more donations though, I urge everyone on this site to spare a few bucks for him.

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Independent poll shows Kerry with 8.5 pt lead


The last FEC reports were released yesterday and it shows Kerry's opponent outraising and outspending Kerry 2 to 1.

The American Medical Association's PAC is also spending $228k on a tv ad for Kerry's opponent.

This is a winnable race but Kerry is being outraised and outspent. Please help a Ron Paul Republican win this seat by contributing to his campaign.

Again, if he wins on November 6, he will be sworn in that week! We can send another Ron Paul Republican to Congress in less than two weeks.

Please contribute here:

Kerry's campaign released an ad

Kerry and his opponent

will be at the Novi Public Library on 10 Mile Rd at 7pm ET on Thursday, October 18.

If you live nearby and can attend, please rsvp to the event here:

Remember, the 11th Congressional District has a vacant seat. If Kerry wins on November 6, he will be sworn in within the week.