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Free the Planet by Morning!


I got great news.
Do you know what the most horrifying words a public official will ever hear are?
"I have the name of your bond underwriter and I have a copy of your bond right here. You can either execute the duties of your office faithfully or I can file a claim against your bond. What would you like to do?"
If the official is paid by the county - the bonds are a public record available to anyone at the county recorder of deeds. If it's a judge they are most likely at the state level recorder.
If it's a cop the city hall has them.
[8:05:08 PM] Vincent: Enjoy your freedom. :)
[8:06:04 PM] Vincent: The bond terms specifically say they are to "execute the duties of their office faithfully" - that means constitutionally.
[8:06:14 PM] Vincent: No bond - no work.
[8:06:21 PM] Anon: ((y))
[8:06:28 PM] Vincent: Checkmate.
[8:06:38 PM] Vincent: Spread the message.
[8:07:15 PM] Vincent: Let's work fast and get the word out - we have a country to save.
[8:07:22 PM] Anon: I will
[8:14:59 PM] Anon: we r many....................
[8:15:54 PM] Vincent: ((flex))
[8:16:12 PM] Vincent: With great power comes great responsibility <--- remember that brother.
[8:22:34 PM] Anon: 100% agree ..
[8:38:18 PM] Vincent: ((bow))Thank you God :)
[8:39:00 PM | Edited 8:39:14 PM] Vincent: Okay I hit everyone on my contact list - about 200+ or so... if everyone does that plus hits facebook, twitter etc... we should have the country saved by morning.
[8:39:18 PM] Vincent: Heck the whole world!
[8:39:42 PM] Vincent: Now I'm going to hit up my email list...

Spread the message brothers and sisters :)

Blessings :)

Here is some important information on bonding public officials:

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can you simplify this?


Most important

Most important read!!!!

There are a few more things worth noting regarding the DUN & BRADSTREET listing service:
D-B is a financial rating service for both ‘public’ and ‘private’ corporations.  Utilities and municipal bond ratings would come under D-B perview for certain.  It just really never occurred to me years ago when doing litigation discovery, research and analysis, and ‘stoructured settlements’ that there was seemingly anything incoherent with that fact that municipal and utility bonds are integral to D-B rating services.  I never ever stopped to think about or scrutinize that fact, yet alone allow my deliberation and research skills to ‘wander’ or ‘wonder’ into research that would have disclosed what we recently found.  Part of the ease of discovering the complex web of inter-related inter-locking CORPORATIONS had to do with ease of electronic research over the internet.  Years ago, if one wanted to search anything within any of the rating services, including “Moody’s”, Standard & Poors, and Dun &  Bradstreet, + others, one would have to either have to be a subscriber to the service in order to manually expedite their search-rating results, or, one would have to pay a fee and cause a search to arise.
D & B ‘ratings’ are effected everytime a ‘public hazard bond’, or ‘surety performance bond’, or ‘indemnity bond’ is complained against.  An ‘administrative complaint’ is usually all that it takes to cause a ‘tag’ or book entry to be made on any particular bond.  Any particular bond, once complained against three or more times, causes a change in underwriting bond ‘risk’.
For bonded Bar attorneys, who in many cases may also be appointed, commissioned, or elected to ‘public office’ as ‘Judge’, ‘Clerk of Court’, etc. when/if their bond is complained against for good and reasonable cause, their bond may be ‘pulled’, and due to loss of effective bond or ‘suretyship’, they cannot ‘practice’ or ‘discharge’ the duty of the office held, or occupied.  In short, the bond maker-issuer is the bonding party for the benefit or on behald of the ‘bondee’, ie. the purported ‘public officer’, ‘employee’, or ‘official’.  This would extend as well to all other ‘public employees’ and ‘agents’-‘agencies’, etc.
Every ‘person’ being bonded has a Dun & Bradstreet ‘bond rating’.  At least it is reasonable to assume such.  Once three complaints are filed against any bond, assuming they are with merit and well supported by fact and ‘law’ of the ‘breach’ of fiduciary duty, the bond is most always pulled or revoked.  The ‘servant’ at ‘risk’ by assuming the responsibilities of operating in any ‘official capacity’ or by ‘employment’, can no longer be underwritten as a ‘no risk’ or ‘low risk’ contract. 
One incident of ‘breach’ or operating ‘ultra vires’, or ‘without the law’, causes the ‘immunity’ provisions of the written ‘law’ to cease to be effective, because when one violates the law as a ‘public servant’, one’s immunity blanket ceases to apply, thereby leaving the insurer or bondsman or bond issuer exposed to the liability arising from the servant’s acts, which under any ‘breach of law authority’ causes or gives rise to an ‘injury’ which is a civil or criminal commercial liability.
Everything, whether civil or criminal or martial, is a matter of ‘commerce’, and admiralty law is the venue and jurisdiction by which disputes in/of commercial nature are resolved in truth and fact.
All writings of the United States of America and of the UNITED STATES, or any other ‘government unit’ are forms of making an ‘offer to contract’.
There is no written matter of material fact or issue of fact that is ‘law’ which is not bonded.  There is no ‘office’ or function of ‘civil service’ or ‘public’ function that is not bonded. If the bond is not in existence, the bondee is ‘exposed’ and without ‘coverage’ by any ‘surety’.
Therefore, there is no ‘guarantor’ behind the agent, officer, official, or employee having ‘exposure’, by ‘assumption of risk’, of a material breach or injury in fact by the bondee [person being bonded or insured]. This leaves the person under taint or cloud of operating ‘in the public interest’ without the constitutionally and statutorily required bond, and therefore, in tacit violation of the constitutions and statutes under the scheme of ‘law’.  “Law” applies first and foremost to government, its employees, officers, and agents.
In today’s rogue ‘doctrine of necessity’ ‘de facto’ environment, research has proven and documented that no person, performing as an ‘officer of the court’, being an alleged ‘judge’, being a ‘Bar attorney’ of the ABA or the Federal or State Bars, has a bona fide Constitutional Oath.  The Bond that is supposed to be in existence sits atop the Oath.  The Oath is not merely ‘incidental’ to the ‘office’ as has been ruled in some States by their corrupt court “officers”.  The Oath is what imparts lawful and legal authority to the man/woman coming into ‘holding’ a ‘public office’ and becoming a ‘public official’.
A public servant having no proper Oath cannot have a proper Bond to encompass or include those risks associated with the ‘office’, ‘discharge of fiduciary duty’ of the office, and the various levels or elements of ‘law authority’ underlying the office.  Hence, one may take an Oath to any office of the incorporated State, or the UNITED STATES, and not take a preceding Oath to the unincorporated de jure state or United States of America, and operate non/un constitutionally, which is all that has been going on for years, but which was not known or understood as being a material breach to the People of the State/state, causing or giving rise to material injuries in fact as a consequence of operating ‘ultra vires’, ie. outside the corporate charters and ‘trust indentures’ which create the office in the first place.
In the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, not one judge has taken the necessary Oaths of office, which include the organic ‘state’ de jure republic oath for “North Carolina”, and the subsequent and inferior or ‘lesser’ oath for the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA.  The latter ‘public entity’ has federal character, a Federal Employer Identification Number, a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is a federal ‘instrumentality’ of the CORPORATE ‘UNITED STATES’, and the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, under definition of 28 U.S.C. §3002(15), AND 26 U.S.C. §§7701 (a)(9) and (10).   This documented fact pertains to every judge in every State court, but also applies to most every other ‘public official’ or ‘law enforcement officer’.
I cannot address what other State public pretenders and ‘District Attorneys’ or “Prosecutors” do when bringing a criminal complaint against any “natural Man or Woman”, which includes CORPORATIONS [YES, they are both the class of ‘person’ under statute ‘law’ definition], but in the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, when it is the bringer of the action, the People of the State are never brought in as ‘party to the action’.  Only the CORPORATION/DEBTOR name is found on the Criminal Complaint or Information form.  Only the corporate State is present in the courtroom, trying a case before a CORPORATE JUDGE.  There exists a complete breach and break from the Constitution of North Carolina, because the People of the republic North Carolina and their ‘law’ are not present in the action nor party to it.  They are not in the courtroom, nor are they acting through any ‘officer’ of the People, as ‘District Attorney’, which Office alleges to be a ‘servant of the People’.  It is NOT.  Event the DA does not have the mandatory and proper Constitutional Oath as condition precedent under NORTH CAROLINA GENERAL STATUTES, which clearly state at Chapter 11, Section 11, there shall be two Constitutional Oaths taken.
Absent performance according to that bonded STATUTE regarding bonded Oaths, leaves a clear and certain risk-liability issue for the Bond maker-issuer.  Some bonding agent has bonded the Statutes and other writings of the law of the State.  Some bond issuer has bonded State ‘employees’, ‘officers’, and ‘public officials’.
Some bond issuer has, therefore, “underwritten” risk on the basis of having full knowledge that there exist no Constitutional Oaths beneath the CORPORATE OATH.   One cannot but presume that the bond issuer-maker has full disclosure; after all, ‘they’ have been registered within each State Department of Corporations, do business in all ‘States’ and DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, and are presumed to know the “LAW”….including the “law of the land “, which under their “UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE” and all secondary ‘Civil’ or ‘Criminal’ Codes, would find itself to be in harmony with their legislative jurisdictional ‘statutes and implementing regulations’ at U.C.C. 1-308, 1-207, and 1-103, wherein All Rights are Reserved, and the U.C.C. states that it is harmonious with ‘all jurisdictions’, which would include the jurisdiction of the “law of the land”, ‘common law’, and the various common law Constitutions of the underlying several de jure republic ‘states’ of the American union, aka, United States of America.
Why would any bond underwriter knowingly underwrite these CORPORATE STATES, UNITED STATES, all of their ‘sub-corporations’, agents-agencies, instrumentalities, and their ‘law authority’ found in their various ‘writings’, private ‘laws’ etc., to operate a ‘public’ or ‘municipal’ construct as if it were ‘lawful government’, but knowing that it really is not?  The underwriters of bonds, therefore, could not allege any defense against a massive intake of related claims by private inhabitants of any of the States or UNITED STATES who have been “compelled” under duress, extreme duress, or risk of extreme duress and prejudice of ‘seizure’, ‘confiscation’ ‘impound’, ‘occupation’, ‘detainment’, or injury or termination by any means of potentially lethal force?
Everyone who has ever been inside a State of North Carolina administrative or judicial ‘law’ proceeding, or been before any ‘clerk’ or ‘judge’ of same, or been prosecuted by any County District Attorney within said State/STATE, has been within a “brutum fulmen“:
Black’s Law Dictionary, 4t Edition:  “brutum fulmen“:  “An empty noise; an empty threat.  A judgment void upon its face which is in legal effect no judgment at all, and by which no rights are divested, and from which none can be obtained; and neither binds nor bars anyone.  Dollert v. Pratt-Hewitt Oil Corporation, Tex.Civ.Appl, 179 S.W.2d 346, 348.  Also, see Corpus Juris Secundum, “Judgments” §§ 499, 512 546, 549.
The “Office of Sheriff” is a most important link between the People of any de jure republic ‘state’ and the Courts, and Offices of the State.  However, it has been discovered that many Sheriffs do not, as Chief Law Enforcement Officer of any local ‘county’ or County, have a bona fide prior or ‘precedent’ Constitutional Oath to their respective republic state.  Or, they may have taken a bona fide Constitutional Oath, and then disclaimed or disavowed it immediately henceforth by taking a CORPORATE Constitutional Oath.  “A man cannot serve two masters”.
This same “axiomatic” principal applies to ‘officers’ of the United States as well.  How can the newly ‘sworn’ Attorney General of the UNITED STATES, OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERAL [a federal corporation] take a Constitutional Oath to the United States, or UNITED STATES, and be held to such an Oath as ‘liable’ for his/her breach of fiduciary duty to the people of the United States of America, or to the franchise corporate trust estate ‘citizens of the UNITED STATES’, when the office ‘holder’ enjoins by contract to the ‘international purposes of INTERPOL’, under its Constitution [charter-contract] at Article 30  shortly after taking said Oath?  Article 30 is quite explicit in meaning and intent.  If one understands the “international purposes of INTERPOL” and all other ‘international agencies’ was and is to ‘establish a financial dictatorship within the United States/United States of America’ for the benefit of undisclosed third parties, under jurisdiction and authority of the IMF-U.N, then all of the lower level ‘breach of duty’ by lack of proper Bond and Oath issues would begin to make clear sense.
In short, all alleged ‘public servants’ are serving ‘public policy’ and ‘public administration’ of the ‘laws’ and enforcing those laws to protect the CORPORATION, to the disinterest and detriment of the People, whom have been ‘captured’, ‘searched’, ‘seized’, ‘boarded’ as with a ‘vessel’, and which People have been placed into ‘warehouse storeage’ as ‘human capital’ and ‘property’ of the de facto King or “Sovereign”, which/who has conquered and occupied the Office of the People, and subverted and subordinated it into an Office of Inquisition for YOU KNOW WHO!!
Lacking mandatory Oath, creates liability against the bond of the STATE, and every officer-agent-employee who has come to be ‘employed’ thereby.Breach of any underlying writing of the STATE, or State, or state, as an offer to contract in admiralty venue, is a certain “injury in fact” giving rise to a “material injustice” and resultant ‘liability’.  There is no longer any question about ‘risk analysis’ or ‘damage assessment’.  The only real issue is “HOW MUCH IS THE INJURY WORTH”?  WHAT PENALTIES should be compelled above the mere “pecuniary” or monetary ‘relief’ to be sought?    Treble damages?  Punitive damages?  Civil or Criminal or BOTH?
If Oaths and Bonds have not yet been ascertained for all relevant federal and State officers, agents, and employees, they should be compelled by FOIA request or subpoena duces tecum  immediately so that the elements of contract and breach of duty by these ‘public servants’ under mandate of relevant Constitutions, statutes, regulations, etc., including the U.C.C. in Admiralty venue can be comprehensively determined; then, a resultant ‘cause of action’ constructed accordingly.
It is further axiomatic that:  “Where a liability in equity arises due to injury by any party, and that party does not also provide a “remedy” for said liability, the injured party has the right and standing to create his own remedy”(Which would provide the secured right to seek Article III sec. 2 remedy for the deprivation of Natural Rights by way of a Title 18 USC sec 241 in the United States Court of Federal Claims.) This would n0t be a Title 42 USC proceeding for the U.S. citizen or person of diminished corporate status.
Persons without proper Oaths do not and cannot have proper Bonds OR satisfy the necessary requirements to “hold” a bona fide “Office”, by ‘commission’, “election”, or “appointment”.  In short, an ‘Officer’ or “Office Holder” cannot but ‘occupy’ the office under false and misleading pretense, misrepresentation, and FRAUD, which strips the ‘individual’ of ‘law authority’ and ‘immunity’ under well-seasoned law of the land and sea.  Brutum fulmen!!   Bonds that are attached to such juristic ‘persons’ are subject to claim and lien, after “adequate assurance of due performance” has been found lacking pursuant to U.C.C. 2-619.   A proper Oath and Bond are but two of the three primary “poles” of “Office” [Oath, Bond, Commission].  One cannot act upon being ‘duly appointed’ or ‘duly elected’ or ‘duly commissioned’ simply by INCORPORATION and CORPORATE ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS.
NOTICE: CORPORATE ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS aka “Administrative Procedures Act” lacks any bona fide Constitutional nexus and is without “lawful authority”, and thereby, has no nexus to the Constitutionally protected ‘Right’ of substantive “Due process” for the natural Man or Woman.  Hence, any presumptive act or action taken against any natural Man or Woman by any oath sworn corporate ‘official’, ‘officer’, agent’ or ‘employee’ lacking such nexus is subject to CLAIM and/or COUNTER-CLAIM in a Chancery venue and proceeding.  The claim, once perfected after ‘exhausting administrative remedy’ is brought against the Bond and the DUN & BRADSTREET rating of that CORPORATE PERSON will be affected as a consequence.  The idea is not to seek an illegitimate claim for merely punitive or monetary purposes, but to seek claim on the basis of protest, dispute, redress, relief, and ‘remedy’ to restore you as to being made whole once again from the damage that has been maliciously exercised for the purpose to profit off your commercial value in total disregard and summary denial of the pre-existing accessible remedy provided out of necessity and thereby operation of law to avoid the circumstance of unjust enrichment of private and public parties, both natural and fictional.

Shannen Jackson
National Director of
Auditing and Lawful Resource
Projaris Management, LLC

How about examples?

I think Bill of Rights injuries exemplify the potential POWER in this knowledge.

So far there is an unresolved (I have not see the remedy yet) case of a couple being illegally searched and seized on video tape from the "public servant" camera on that person who searched and seized, and did not shoot the dog thankfully.

Will the victims be advised as to how to, at least, make a claim against the perpetrator of the illegal search and seizure?

If I do find myself having to carry a gun and my gun is illegally taken from me, by a "public servant", can I, at least, get the person who perpetrates that crime upon me to answer for that crime by, at least, me making a claim upon his bond, if that were to happen?

Why would this employment of their own laws not be worth doing for us who are so far subject to their laws in a very negative sense as their laws so far manage to remove our power from us so that they gain power relative to us?

Why can't this turn that flow of power the other way and do so before tomorrow morning?





What about all those Rape-i-scan devices that injure people who are subjected to such illegal searches when we are ORDERED to appear in courts, or when we travel by way of commercial plane?

What about finding the bonds on people who cattle prod victims through those illegal searching devices that may, or may not, contribute to radiation exposure, thereby causing even more injury on top of the Bill of Rights infractions?


Thanks for asking, I want to know, too!

These folks ABSOLUTELY have the will and moxie to fight this as sovereigns, but they could use HELP. We are trying to pull together a "legal options team" and would be most grateful for any advice!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Put me in the game coach!

Add me on skype please "vinceableworld"

This Saturday

1:00 Mt time - we'll try to skype you into the meeting.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to help.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Helping you helps me.

I'm pretty selfish. I just have a much broader view of what's good for me. Did I miss your call? I have no contact request yet...


Marcela is finalizing things, we were hoping to bring you in on the entire conversation, if you have the time and speaker phone. I will be taping the entire thing, I can send you video and you can comment by email if you like, too.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Keep pounding this topic home; they will eventually awaken

from their government coma. I wanted to add more information to your post, for others to see, that the emperor truly has no clothes.

These supposed gov't officials (tax collectors, judges, DA's, AG's, police officers, etc.), are nothing more than private contractors engaged in tax fraud and embezzlement of public funds by impersonating true public officials - that are accountable to the public.

The BAR attorneys have no authority to represent anyone in these courts other than public officials and employees of their corporation.


Thank You for the support you've provided me in my threads, I will return the favor anytime I can. We must work together to spread the truth; to help the public understand they really are in control, and private contractors impersonating public officials is a very serious crime.

South, and RPvGoldmansachs -I'd love your input, too.

What should Bear and Marcela do? They fought for the right to travel, sort of small potatoes compared to what they face now.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I left you a comment (or two actually) on that thread:


The State is assuming an beneficiary position in their trusts, and they are being put into the trustee positions; the judge in the administrators seat.

They need to watch all of Dean Clifford's seminars to understand how the State/Feds are presuming to control them through their Certificate of Live Birth that the STATE created. He who creates owns :)

I posted them all in this comment. Watch "Both Sides of the Story" first, then watch the others so they can understand how Trust Law is being used against them in the courts.


deacon's picture


do they travel freely now?
or have they accomplished that?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Yes and no.

They got all the charges dropped, nothing on their record at all. But they wound up getting their car tags, they felt like they would be targeted constantly if they were to keep pushing. They were new to the area, and they were WAY ahead of the curve on attempting this, had very little support for what they were trying to do.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

"We must all hang together,

"We must all hang together, or surely we will all hang seperately"

One of the first things that we implimented in our study group is that NO member goes to court alone, not even to file paperwork!

It makes judges unconfortable to call a case for trial and see that 10-20 people are still in the pews and that they are taking notes.

Also, ANYONE can make a statement of bias and order the judge to step down. It does not have to come from the 'party's' up front.

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a friend

turned me onto this,link,i haven't had a chance
to check it out yet,

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

YOUR the other s.o.b. I am

YOUR the other s.o.b. I am trying to get hold of!!! Glad you chimed in. And the afor going statement was made out of GOOD seniment. Let's hook up! Damned I have some info to share, but can't share here yet. E-mail me @ dallascounty (at) live dot com. I beleive I can put some wind into your sails. I know you can put some into mine.

YOUR servant for freedom, Clay Carey

PS My contact info here does NOT work. That e-mail was hacked about 3 yrs ago and if I change it I loose my 'life/time' here.

Brothers in arms

I pledge my my life, (have no fortune left) and my sacred honor in defense of our liberties.

Ditto. One can only be driven

Ditto. One can only be driven so low and then, when cornered, has no choice but to turn and start fighting back. As a nation, we hit that point in 1933. As a people, we hit that point in the 1960's, as a living soul, I hit that in 1965 (the day I was born). It IS a matrix, and sadly, most are not 'awake'. I pass information from one 'Neil' to another, but I am afriad it is to late. I am in no shape to fight. I can supply a few who can. I can continue to teach, and that is what I do. I tell the curious that I am an 'activities director', and I like what I am helping to activate....I win one soul at a time....to the Constitution and FREEDOM.

Off topic, but wanted you and

Off topic, but wanted you and others to see this and hear your opinions. I would like to add you to my e-list.

From my e-mail today:

<< I had a friend in the DP went to court yesterday on a BS public drunk charge - the cops came to his house and arrested his wife, then him. So he went to "court" and his name was called... he said - I am the living beneficiary of that estate - the judge said ok - we will take your case in 15 min... They start - she calls the STRAWMAN - he replies I am here for that matter as the living beneficiary of that estate - she again asks if he is MICHAEL P - he replies I am the living beneficiary of that estate and here for that matter if you wish to call me a name you can call me Michael. She asks him if he has the birth certificate bond for the estate? He does and hands it to the bailiff - he stands behind the bar at all times and never enters the ship - and she examines it. She then calls to prosecutor and confers with him - after 2 min she asks him how he intends to proceed... he says - NO PROSECUTORE - and she says very well - she then says STRAWMAN this case is NO PROSECUTORE and you are free to go... and Michael - you are free to go as well... WOW - this is working - you must know who you are - and how to conduct yourself in "court" and this is just the beginning...

End of e-mail

Thank you for the info you have provided.

Consider Him Lucky

I have seen others do the same and be completely ignored intimidated dragged into the bar and cited for contempt etc...

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!


The day I went to court with a couple of sovereigns, they were not quite as "up to speed" so it did not go quite that smoothly, but it was OBVIOUS the judge was VERY uncomfortable, and treated them differently from anyone else being called.
DO NOT JUST DISREGARD THIS INFO, folks. There is LOT of mis- and dis-information, but there is SOMETHING to this, and it is important enough to keep the mis- and dis-info agents hopping.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Excellent job

The courts are operating in TRUST LAW. Everything the layman thinks that is going on in that court is just an ACT so that you don't know that.

You are presumed to be the TRUSTEE of the trust. When in fact you are the Executor/Beneficiary. What this man did was very uncontroversial since he did not mention the Executor part. I've learned something here.

If you do not know this stuff... the TRUSTEE in any estate contract is the one who must perform. The JUDGE is sitting up on the bench occuping the office of EXECUTOR - the PROSECUTOR is claiming to be the BENEFICIARY.

When you occupy the office of the EXECUTOR/BENEFICIARY the prosecutor has NOWHERE TO SIT. The JUDGE then becomes the TRUSTEE and much carry out your orders (hence his orders were carried out).

Private message me - it will go to my email box.

Just a side note for others who are not up to speed on this:

Yes, you are the beneficiary of the estate; what estate is that? When your mother signed the original Record of Live Birth, there was NOT a registrars signature and state seal embossed into the document.

The hospital sends the ROLB your mother signed to the state registrar. This is where they 'split the title' and create another document called the Certificate of Live Birth (He who creates owns), which the creation of a new estate; a dead estate.

The registrar is the court of probate; probate deals also with estates of the DEAD; as in the all CAPITAL letter spelling of your name on the drivers license, credit cards, utility bills, etc. Sometimes the name on the Certificate of Live Birth is in both upper and lower case; does not matter - it's a new document created by THEM.

They send you this new Certificate of Live Birth in the mail and Mommy and Daddy teach you from an early age, that this is YOURS; your true identity. You use that document to get a drivers license (cannot get one without it, because unless you're an employee of their corporation, you are not even eligible for one); to get a social security card, etc. So basically you're running around town using a document THEY created as a means of identity to get other documents. Unbeknownst to you, this is actually a foreign ID badge; your papers to be able to work on this land mass called America for a foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES.

All employees of the UNITED STATES are foreigners. Once they take a job with the foreign corporation, they are no longer privy to the Inherent Birth Rights of being born here; it's just one of the 'perks' of being employed by THEM. You are now obligated to their own internal statutory rules-codes-regulations and ..... Income Taxes.

When you walk into court, the court clerk has already (prior to the fact) assigned the judge as the trustee of this estate. When he/she calls the estate name (name on Certificate of Live Birth), and you jump up and say "Yes your honor, that would be me" ...... You just contracted with the court and recognized the judge as an authority figure of this proceeding, or the EXECUTOR. The judge now takes off the trustee hat and hands it to you; he takes your beneficiary hat and hands it to the state prosecutor, and guess which hat puts on himself?

Yep, he's now the executor or administrator of that estate, and since you're now the trustee, he's going to rape you of all he can and award it to the state, as they are now the beneficiary.

To keep this from happening, it may be a good idea when the judge calls your name, to say "I'm here regarding this matter", and I just want to get one thing on the public record; are you (to the judge) a public servant? Of course he/she is, and that makes them the public trustee, and you let them know that you are assigning them as the trustee of this matter and request he/she discharge this matter.

It's all commerce & trade of human resources; that human resource is you.

Remember: You own nothing but control everything. You do not own the estate they created in your behalf (for themselves to profit from), but you do control it.

You are the only person in that courtroom that can acquire a certified copy of the Certificate of Live Birth short of a court order; that is your proof, and it's an ace in the hole to remember.

When you go to court, it is nothing but a shareholders meeting for that name on the Certificate of Live Birth. The judge is the trustee; you are the beneficiary/administrator/executor - and in that proceeding, you are the Director who appoints trustees to perform in favor of the estate.

There is a lot to this, but it's not that difficult to understand if one is willing to put a little time into study. I would suggest anyone who wants to understand this topic better, click on my name and see other posts I've made pertaining to this issue and you'll come across a seminar series by Dean Clifford called "Both Sides of the Story". Watch that first, then watch his other 5 or 6 seminars on Trust Law and how to enforce your Rights.

PS. Thank You for bringing this thread and subject of the estate up. I've been pounding this home for a long time on this forum, and people just can't, for some reason, come to terms with the fact of how they are controlling you is through Trust Law and treating you as the trustee in the shareholders meeting (court case).

Every time I've brought this up in the past, it's gotten swept away to "Off Topic" ....... when in all due actuality, it's the "Only Topic" that people need to study to set themselves free from this out of control foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES.

Keep on posting-it will eventually set in. We will have to continue to fight the trolls (BAR shysters and gov't trolls) on any thread of this nature, because the Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies.

These people know we are onto them and their scheme, so they are doing damage control by invading these threads and causing confusion.



Is that the genuine article?

I don't have a lot of time, so I want to focus in on the most efficient path.

Many people I meet are so far off track that they refuse to even consider any triage concerning "doing the right thing", and therefore they are like ducks in a pond, and they are painting targets on their backs, each moment that they exert effort to gain anything: they are raising their "take what I have" neon sign on their backs.

Shoot me please?

Hi, I am worth a lot, steal from me?


Hi, I am worth a lot, where is my place in the Organized Crime made Legal Play Act?

As the pendulum swings further into Despotism (Legal Crime) the demand for this type of knowledge (how to do the right thing) will increase, more than farming knowledge, more than "survival" knowledge, because the bottom line can never be any different in any case, the books have to be balanced accurately, somewhere, sometime, without which each individual is feeding off each other individual for the last morel of a rapidly diminishing return on malinvestements.


Sorry, I started watching Dean Clifford

Sorry, I started watching Dean Clifford http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-0LPyo92wc and didn't like the way "Jesus looked" or spoke, so I didn't watch it. I suppose I like the looks and speech of Carl Miller better so I will spend some time later. Thanks Joe. I guess I have gone from spoon feeding to expecting you to regurgitate like a bird or dog, sorry about that. I will try to be more independent.

That's a shame you did not watch the seminar because of the

way Dean Clifford "looked" or "spoke", because I was listening to a show where Dean was the guest (Angela Stark's talkshoe - myprivateaudio.com) and Carl Miller jumped on the call and said something to the effect of:

"I really like your information; you teach some good stuff kid"

I think Dean even taught Carl some things about the estate that he didn't previously know.

You are doing yourself a disservice by not watching that seminar in it's entirety (Dean Clifford - Both Sides of the Story) on YouTube.

What government has done is figured out how to fraudulently administrate our estates (meddle in it) and steal from it.


To the poster above, yes this is the real deal. It's all about the estates, and your Certificate of Live Birth is an Office they created and they are 'assuming' that because you 'occupy' that office, that you are performing some function of government within that office.

The only problem is: They aren't paying you to perform within that office; if they want you to perform some function of gov't through that office, then you are entitled to be paid for your time.

You were never supposed to figure that out though.

The way he looked and spoke

is an inside joke. Anyways, the other reason I didn't finish watching is because Josf's question regarding whether the video was the real deal had not been answered, so I did not feel the need to potentially waste my time.

Please check your

Please check your e-mail.

Thank you.

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if he did that

he might find 2 from me :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence