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Free the Planet by Morning!


I got great news.
Do you know what the most horrifying words a public official will ever hear are?
"I have the name of your bond underwriter and I have a copy of your bond right here. You can either execute the duties of your office faithfully or I can file a claim against your bond. What would you like to do?"
If the official is paid by the county - the bonds are a public record available to anyone at the county recorder of deeds. If it's a judge they are most likely at the state level recorder.
If it's a cop the city hall has them.
[8:05:08 PM] Vincent: Enjoy your freedom. :)
[8:06:04 PM] Vincent: The bond terms specifically say they are to "execute the duties of their office faithfully" - that means constitutionally.
[8:06:14 PM] Vincent: No bond - no work.
[8:06:21 PM] Anon: ((y))
[8:06:28 PM] Vincent: Checkmate.
[8:06:38 PM] Vincent: Spread the message.
[8:07:15 PM] Vincent: Let's work fast and get the word out - we have a country to save.
[8:07:22 PM] Anon: I will
[8:14:59 PM] Anon: we r many....................
[8:15:54 PM] Vincent: ((flex))
[8:16:12 PM] Vincent: With great power comes great responsibility <--- remember that brother.
[8:22:34 PM] Anon: 100% agree ..
[8:38:18 PM] Vincent: ((bow))Thank you God :)
[8:39:00 PM | Edited 8:39:14 PM] Vincent: Okay I hit everyone on my contact list - about 200+ or so... if everyone does that plus hits facebook, twitter etc... we should have the country saved by morning.
[8:39:18 PM] Vincent: Heck the whole world!
[8:39:42 PM] Vincent: Now I'm going to hit up my email list...

Spread the message brothers and sisters :)

Blessings :)

Here is some important information on bonding public officials:

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Excellent job.

How much do your masters pay you to poo-poo anyone that gets close to unlocking your fraud? Yes I agree with you that they are insurance policies. They are insured as long as they honor their oath of office. Have you read the constitution by the way? I'd appreciate an answer to this question before you go on spouting more negative BS but I'm sure you're going to avoid the question.

By the way IF my porch gets dirty you can be sure I'll clean it.

So have you tried it or not?

So have you tried it or not? Answer the question instead of making false accusations about me to try and distract from the fact that you have never tried this and don't know what you're talking about. You made a claim now back it up with some evidence or STFU!

I can guarantee you I know much more about this then you do. Click on my handle here and look at some of the articles I have written here years ago. You see I have actually tried what you are claiming so o know from experience not from just reading some BS on a website. I tried to arrest the bond of the deputy secretary of my state. Tell us what you have tried instead of just regurgitating crap you heard on some conference call or read on some website?

You claim this will save the country and when someone asks you for some evidence of it working you give the tired bullshit answer to go try it and don't ask you for evidence...

I know people have have ended up in prison for going off half cocked on this stuff. So you better know what your talking about when you tell people to try stuff. Most do not have the where with all to research enough to understand how to do things without ending up in jail...

I'll tell you right now that is not going to fly with me around either put up or shut up!

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Am I the only one

with not even a clue what this is about? Not even a clue.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine



Not really sure what they are talking about...

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat


Hey look someone actually lifted a finger to do some work... let's read it and learn something...

Any test cases that we can

Any test cases that we can review for reference?


Sorry no spoon here...

I got you this far. Go pull a bond and call an underwritter. Come back and report please. If you haven't read the constitution you're on the wrong post.

in that case, i'll just chalk

in that case, i'll just chalk it up as more nonsense. thanks.


Can anyone get this to him ASAP?

Even if it's not saved by morning

it's interesting

This is excellent!

Does anyone know more about this?? Anyone wanna take a stab at a process on how we can make this work?

There are TONS of us out there and I'm sure we can raise 10x more hell than we ever did during the primary if this turns out to be true...

We're not trying to raise hell brother...

We're trying to establish Heaven.

It's just like car insurance. Go get a copy of their bond. Then you call the underwriter... it's just another insurance company. Tell them you need to file a claim. They will show you how. Get back to me with details if anyone goes through it. I'm sure it's just like any insurance company. We just didn't know where the bonds were kept until now.

reedr3v's picture



Where are they kept?

How can we find bonds for certain officials? What are the chances the underwriter will just blow us off? Do you have any links about people who have done this or some more details we can act upon?


County Recorder - State Recorder...

Recorder of deeds. Read the post. Depends on the official. It's public information - if you don't know call the Secretary of the Treasury in your state. The insurance company can't blow you off. They have to allow you to file a claim unless of course your claim is frivolous.

They have to "execute the duties of their office faithfully." The bond secures their oath. Their oath is to the constitutions both state and federal... they don't swear an oath to "statutes."


They have to allow you to file a claim unless of course your claim is frivolous.

And that's where they get you. They will simply identify your claim as frivolous.

Drain the swamp!

If you want your freedom...

You're going to do the work to get it. That requires research... follow through and determination. You do not sound very determined. Let's do a little less complaining and a lot more investigating.

They would need to do it in writing.

They have to "execute the duties of their office faithfully." - That means constitutionally.